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Research Education Author of this article: Jianhui 2023-08-09
Online and offline force to meet the cultural needs of consumers
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During the summer vacation,& ldquo; Museum hot & rdquo; received high attention,It is difficult to find a vote of major well -known venues。At the same time,Natural museum showing the unique local style、Anthropology Museums such as the change of social life and other characteristic literary venues,It is relatively sufficient due to ticket inventory、The collection of collections is clear,Become a consumer summer cultural tour & ldquo; treasure place & rdquo;。

Meituan、Data of the public comment,Since July,& ldquo; Niche Museum & rdquo; Keyword search volume increased by 935%year -on -year,Raiders' notes increased 224%。Multi -measures of cultural and universal venues in various places,Online operation and digital capabilities of the Internet platform,Further optimization service,better meet the viewing needs of the audience。

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& ldquo; Tourists and friends,Do you have Shaanxi fruits you love? Whether it's Zhou Zhi's kiwi,Still Luochuan's Red Fuji,Thanks to the rich soil quality of Shaanxi。The tan soil in front of you,called & lsquo; Lou Tu & rsquo;,It is a dense cultivation 188bet app downloadsoil,It is mainly distributed in the Guanzhong Basin and Wei River in Shaanxi。& rdquo; inShaanxi Natural MuseumNatural exhibition hall,Explaining Wang Zhixing introduced the geological specimen of the collections。

& ldquo; Tickets are not nervous,Use with buying with,It can be said that it is a three -dimensional Shaanxi geography textbook。& rdquo; early August,Ms. Zhou from Chengdu came to Xi'an to travel,After seeing the recommendation of the popular comment netizens,Specialized to visit Shaanxi Nature Museum。


& ldquo; Magic Qinling & RDQUO; Antelope specimen and simulation ecological environment picture source in the exhibition hall Source: Shaanxi Natural Museum

Shaanxi Nature Museum is located in Xi'an,Hidden more than 20,000 specimens,Time span of nearly 3.7 billion years。

Geological Vientiane exhibition hall is & ldquo; Three Qin earth & rdquo;,Various soils、Mineral gems are distributed on geographical sand tables in different cities。Enter the magic Qinling exhibition hall,Green eyes、The scene where animals and nature live in harmony with nature jump in front of you,& ldquo; Qinling Sibao & RDQUO; Zhu Xi、Big Panda、Specifications for rare animals such as golden monkeys and antelopes are lifelike,Attract tourists to stop。

Recently, the museum has opened the summer unclea museum mode,From July 1st to September 3rd, it will be open normally,It also launched the four treasure guards、Public welfare courses such as insect mobilization,Visitors in different places can register for free to participate。

188bet Online Sports Betting and Casino& ldquo;,Chan Ruo Yunxia,by & lsquo; Nanjing Yunjin & RSquo; Beautiful to。& rdquo; & ldquo; Museum hidden in Chinese gardens,It looks like walking into the Grand View Garden in the Dream of Red Mansions。& rdquo; Public comment,Many netizens wrote down to visit Nanjing & ldquo; Jiangning Weaving Museum & RDQUO;。


Ming Wanli Emperor Peacock Feather Makeup Flower Gauze Material Picture Source: Jiangning Weaving Museum

Nanjing Jiangning Weaving Museum is a modern museum built on the Jiangning weaving site in the Qing Dynasty,from the famous architect、Mr. Wu Liangzhang, an academician of the two hospitals, takes the design。& ldquo; Jiangning Weaving & RDQUO; It is an official organization that specializes in the production of royal and official forging in the Qing Dynasty。From Kangxi to Qianlong period,Jiang Ning Weaving has gradually become the house of the emperor's southern tour,Witness the vicissitudes of the Qing Dynasty from prosperous and declining,I also witnessed the early growth experience of writer Cao Xueqin。

 & ldquo; Humanology Museum & rdquo; Create an immersive consumer experience

Song Li's Jokhang Temple、Busty Batsu Street、Mysterious painting statue ... Walking on the cyan stone step,It seems to be in a beautiful Tibet。

This scenic area full of Tibetan cultural atmosphere,Not in the distant Qinghai -Tibet Plateau,but the corner of the North Garden of the Beijing Chinese National Museum。About 5 minutes by drive from the Olympic Forest Park,Hidden in the form of open -air recovery、Favorites and display 56 ethnic culture in China、Cultural 188bet online sports bettingrelics、Anthropology Museum in Social Life。& ldquo; One day to view Jiangshan Wanli,Different names。& rdquo; Jilin tourist Mr. Du sighs again and again。


Beijing Chinese National Museum Tibetan Cultural Area Picture Source: Interviewee provided

According to Mu Jing, director of the Social Education Department,To restore the cultural form of multi -ethnic nation,Museums of 56 ethnic groups in the garden are restored to construction at a ratio of 1 to 1,Some buildings are construction of original buildings,Taking the Dai Cinju Courtyard as an example,Each building material comes from more than 1,800 kilometers away.。

Dai Drum Tower、Hani terraces、Panglong Dieshui Waterfall and other natural humanistic landscapes are everywhere,Visitors can immerse themselves experience the cultural and social life of various nations。During the summer vacation,靛 Blue Zharan、Carving printing、Jumping bamboo poles and other projects are welcomed by parent -child families。

A few days ago,The State Administration of Cultural Heritage issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Museum's Summer and Other holidays",Requirement of strengthening service supply,To meet the needs of public visits to a greater limit,Improve the reservation and visit the level of refined management。

The Shaanxi History Museum provides visiting delay services for young groups every Wednesday afternoon,Many times on campus、The community holds & ldquo; mobile museum & rdquo; activity。To cope with the summer reception peak,From July 29th to August 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casino31st,The Gansu Provincial Museum will be extended from 17:00 to 18:00,Analysis of the appointment data of Meituan,Effective deployment of resources in the museum,Full response before the peak of tourists。

Relying on the living service platform multi -format、Touching ability for tourists across the country,Thousands of museums pass the Meituan、Public comment and other online platforms show diversification、High -quality supply。True evaluation based on tourists,Meituan launched & ldquo; treasure hunt museum & rdquo;,Help consumers in nearly 300 cities,Find less people、Good and interesting & ldquo; Museum good place & rdquo;。

Lu Mengxi, Dean of Meituan Cultural Tourism Research Institute,The continuous heating & ldquo; museum hot & rdquo;,reflects deep cultural self -confidence。Industry participants continue to innovate supply,Optimized service。Online and offline force,better meet the cultural needs of consumers。

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