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Smart Manufacturing Author of this article: Jianhui 2023-12-12
Accurate matching user needs, provide service with demand
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December 11,& ldquo; 2023 China Tourism Group Development Forum & RDQUO; above,Malaysia & ldquo; You Yun & RDQUO;。& ldquo; You Yun & RDQUO; System is a full -link digital platform that focuses on serving small and medium -sized travel agencies,Help travel agencies to improve quality、Treat reduction、Efficiency,Quickly adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition,Transition to a new type of tourism service provider。

It is understood,After a year of R & D and closed test,The independent innovation of horse honeycomb & ldquo; You Yun & RDQUO; SaaS system covers from supply chain to content creation、188bet app downloadProduct Design、Itinerary management、Sales customer service、Order Management、Functions of financial management and other aspects,Data in each link are precipitated and circulated in the system,Only through one system,Travel agencies can realize & ldquo; product design-order generation-group order arrangement-contract signing-funds collection & rdquo;,You can also provide a travel agency to provide a travel agency landing service supervision、Flexible employment in the off -peak season and support chain financial support。

& ldquo; In fact, traditional travel agencies are also using SaaS systems on the market,But ecological closedness is common、Disposter、Multi -platform systems that are not connected to Unicom,​​Can't bring real efficiency improvement to travel agencies。& rdquo; Ma Honeycomb & ldquo; You Yun & rdquo; Platform product director Zhao Qing said,& ldquo; The cloud system from the beginning of creation,It is intended to build a new tourism ecosystem,In the ecology,Ma Honeycomb is more like a & lsquo; 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinohematopoietic center & rsquo;,Relying on its own & lsquo; content+transaction & rsquo; advantage and digital ability,Putting customers and industrial resources,continuously exported to partners。& rdquo;

In addition,As China's largest tourist community,A large number of travel experts who love to play in the horse honeycomb APP,Analysis of multi -mode data,& ldquo; You Yun & RDQUO; The system can master the changes in the travel preferences and consumption trends of young people in real time,and further refine the most popular travel elements of consumers,These analysis and research results have pushed to the corporate side,Make travel agencies more accurately match user needs,Provide service that changes with demand。

November 2023,The Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the "Domestic Tourism Promotion Plan (2023 & mdash; 2025)",Further proposed to promote travel agencies to accelerate cross -border integration and online and offline integration,Promote digital transformation of travel agencies according to 188bet online sports bettinglocal conditions。Deputy Dean of the School of Tourism Science, the Second Institute of Foreign Languages,Director of the Digital Cultural Tourism Research Center, Professor Deng Ning said,& ldquo; You Yun & RDQUO; Industrial Platform obtained & ldquo; 2023 China Tourism Group Development Forum & rdquo; recognition,It is the government level to promote and implement the digital policy of travel agencies。

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