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Sports Author of this article: Jianhui 2023-12-14
Ice and snow sales increased by nearly 3 times year -on -year
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With the winter vacation and New Year's Day,,Double 12 again & ldquo; Travel & rdquo;。

Flying Pig data display,This year's Double 12 event product sales increased year -on -year,Ice and Snow Tour and Island Tour become the most popular travel products,Transaction accounting for more than 20 %。Where,188bet Online Sports Betting and CasinoThe sales volume of the ice and snow travel activities increased by nearly 3 times year -on -year,Changbai Mountain、Beida Lake、Yabuli、Chongli、General Mountain, etc. is the popular destination of ice and snow travel。The sales volume of the island tour products increased by about 1 times year -on -year,Domestic Hainan and Semporna in Malaysia、Phuket in Thailand is the popular destination of the island tour.。


Flying Pig Double 12 Ice and Snow Travel Products increased by nearly 3 times year -on -year

Hotel package without price increases on weekends and holidays、Paradise Play Package with richer equity、Travel date covers the international air ticket cards that have been covered for nearly half a year.。The rhythm of the reservation nuclear sales is further accelerated,& ldquo; Double 12 stocks a ticket card,It happens to be a city flight that wants to go,Hurry up and make an appointment,Go this weekend。& rdquo; Mr. Qian who works in Shanghai told reporters。

Outbound tourism products during the winter vacation and the Spring Festival also ushered in the peak of stock stocking。Flying Pig data display,Double 12 Outbound Tour Activities for Transactions account 188bet appfor more than half,Sales increased by 93%year -on -year,Japan、Korea、Malaysia、Thailand、New Zealand, etc. are popular overseas destinations。

Following Double 11,Double 12 Tourism Promotion Continuous Hot Selling Digesty,& ldquo; Travel & rdquo; I have rely on its higher cost -effective、Flexibility and richness,Leap into one of the main tourism consumption models,Become an important trading target outside the specified date of travel。Tourism companies can also use & ldquo; Travel & rdquo;,Innovation and rich travel services,And with the help of promotion and stimulation and lock potential needs,Increase income for off -season customers。

A few days ago,& ldquo; 2023 China Tourism Group Development Forum & RDQUO; above,Flying pig & ldquo; Travel & rdquo; consumer model is rated as 2023 tourism entrepreneurial innovation industry integration demonstration case。

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