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Smart Manufacturing Author of this article: Jianhui 2023-12-26
Join cooperation and achieve better results
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Beijing Zhongchang Shiji Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing。

Under this strategic cooperation,Diaoyutai MGM Group's hotel will fully adopt a new generation of platform solution,Including the new generation of cloud platform hotel information system, Shiji Enterprise Platform,Shiji Cloud Pos (Shiji Cloud Pos), etc.。

Where,The multiple core value points provided by the stone -based enterprise platform fully meet the 188bet online sports bettingunique management needs of luxury hotels。It can build a single identification system for guests,Help Diaoyutai MGM Group's hotels with a better service and guest experience for consumers; technical advantages of the microservices architecture,Make the hotel's technical application easily customized to meet your own needs,and realize the height integration of other systems and platforms,To achieve the purpose of improving hotel operation efficiency and optimizing the management process。

Kevin King, chief operating officer of Shiji Group, is looking forward to the cooperation: & ldquo; We shared the future vision of the digital transformation of the hotel with the Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group,It will be committed to improving the guest experience as the core,At the same time, improve hotel operation management efficiency and employee satisfaction。And our new generation 188bet online sports bettingcloud PMS and cloud POS solutions will help hotels to achieve this goal。& rdquo;

George Yang, senior vice president of MGM Group, said: & ldquo; I look forward to the two parties with this strategic cooperation as a new starting point,Strengthen collaboration,Give full play to their respective advantages,Join cooperation and achieve better results。& rdquo;

This strategic cooperation marks another successful landing of the Shiji Enterprise Platform in the field of high -end hotel brand。

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