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The conference of the "Dahai Dao International Expedition Park Project" was successfully held in Beijing

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Exploration Park projects jointly invested by the Hami Municipal Government Investment Platform and the China Exposite Association's subsidiary、Operation。

This conference was co -sponsored by the China Expedition Association and the Hami Municipal People's Government,Invite the Ministry of Culture and Tourism、The relevant departments of the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau attended。


Sun Tao, Secretary of the Hami Municipal Party Committee, welcomes a welcome speech

Sun Tao, Secretary of the Hami Municipal Party Committee, said:

& ldquo; Release of Daitao International Exploration Park Project,It is both a leading breakthrough in the continuous deepening of pragmatic cooperation with Hami City and the China Expossed Association,It is also supportive、The iconic results of mutually beneficial and win -win results,It will definitely become a new milestone in the development process of the Hami Cultural Tourism Industry。

The cultural tourism industry is one of the six leading industries in Hami,Play an important fulcrum in the process of Hami Modernization。The convening of this conference,It is not only the historical origin of the extension and expansion of the sea -road scenic spot、The useful practice of cultural connotation and the value of the times,It is also a major measure to further play the role of the cultural tourism industry in the high -quality development of the economy and society。

We will rely on the carrier of the Dahai Dao International Exposure Park project,Adhere to government guidance、Social Investment、Principles of market operation,Collect industry resources、Strengthen communication and collaboration,Promoting advantages complement、Mutual merge、Market interoperability,Efforts to realize mutual empowerment、Achievement of each other,Strive to turn on the "highlight time ' of Hami adventure tourism,Going out a tourism industry to catch up and leap out、The road to innovation of the value of full chain value,Perfect empowerment of high -quality development of Hami economy and society。& rdquo;


Member of the Party Group of the Culture and Tourism Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region、Deputy Director Yu Jie speech

Member of the Party Group of the Culture and Tourism Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region、Deputy Director Yu Jie said in his speech:

& ldquo; Daitao International Exploration Park Project,It is an important measure to implement the "Several Measures on Release of Tourism Consumption Potential Development and Promote the High -quality Development 188bet appof Tourism",It is also implementing the State General Administration of Sports、The Ministry of Culture and Tourism '"Follow the event to travel' specific practice,Traveling to the development of characteristics,It is important to enhance the high -quality development of Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Industry。

Hope Hami takes this as an opportunity,Further excavate characteristic culture and tourism resources,Create more classic adventure travel products,Fully strive to make the Sea -Dao International Expedition Park into an international level、Chinese style、A fine project of Xinjiang characteristic。& rdquo;

& ldquo; Daitao International Expedition Park & ​​rdquo; It is China's first international expedition park,The "International Expedition Park Design Specification" issued by the China Expedition Association as the reference benchmark,Co -invested by the Hami Municipal Government Investment Platform and the China Exposite Association's subsidiary institutions、Operation。

Beijing Turkic Planning and Design Company, which jointly undertakes the project concept planning with the China Expedition Association, has a detailed release of the ecological protection situation of Daitao International Exposure Park & ​​ldquo; & ldquo;。

& ldquo; Dadao International Exploration Park & ​​rdquo; planned area 4961 square kilometers,Located in the East Gate of Xinjiang & mdash; & mdash; in Hami City,About 50km,About 400km from Urumqi City,superior geographical location; Beijing、Chengdu and other places in many places every week to fly directly to Hami flights,Convenience of traffic。

& ldquo; Dadao International Exploration Park & ​​rdquo; Sitting in the world's largest area、Type the most complete、The tall and magnificent world top Yatan landforms and landscape clusters and the world's most dense pterosaur stone enrichment area,It is the only uninhabited area in China,and adjacent to Lop Nur,The advantages of the field resource advantages,It is an important natural heritage and unique cultural resource for humans that cannot be renewed。

& ldquo; Dadao International Exploration Park & ​​rdquo; Project planning is closely grasped in China's outdoor expedition industry.、Low penetration rate、Excellent opportunities with huge development potential,Fully leverage the value of field domain,Development mode with the minimum intervention of natural features,Use the advantages of viewing the geological resources in the venue,implanted & ldquo; adventure+& rdquo; industrial construction mode,Utilize the expedition of adventure,Targeted resource experience value,Construction of pterosaur research exploration、Dunes off -road play、Yadan Expedition Experience、Gobi Habitat Exploration、Five major theme partitions of professional 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoadventure headquarters。

& ldquo; Daitao International Exploration Park & ​​rdquo; Planning adopts the development mode of minimum intervention for nature,Maximum protection venue native、Dead、Mysterious trait,Introduction to high quality、Low -influential adventure activity system,Investment in the core resource maintenance of the revenue background。

& ldquo; Dadao International Exploration Park & ​​rdquo; in the space layout,Construct a perfect & ldquo; grading protection、Hierarchical development & rdquo; strategy,To protect ecological resources、Climate Resources、Geological Resources、Cultural resources and primitive and desolate uninhabited atmosphere are important prerequisites,Based on protection,Careful development。


Han Bo, chairman of the China Expedition Association, released & ldquo; Daiso International Expedition Park Construction Project and Operations & RDQUO;

The chairman of the China Expedition Association Han Bo is authorized to release the content of the construction project and operation ideas of & ldquo; Dahaido International Expedition Park & ​​rdquo;,The essence of adventure、The significance of the Explorer of Dahai Dao International Expedition Park,Do the following explanations:

& ldquo; What is an adventure? Exercise at a risk place、Travel、Examination、Leisure、Camping is adventure。Study by the China Expedition Association,Adventure can be based on different risk coefficients,From level 1 to level 9。Among them, level 1 to 3 is experience level; level 4 to 6 is a professional level; level 7 to 9 is the limit level。As long as people who are basic healthy,All are explorers。So,There are no people who cannot adventure。

Why should humans explore? The purpose of traditional Chinese adventure is to send love in landscape,To achieve the ultimate goal of the unity of heaven and man。Modern Chinese Expedition,First, curiosity and exploration of nature; second, cognition of your own ability,Find your own potential radius,To strengthen the inner construction and spiritual development,Habites that finally find the body and spirit of the flesh。So,Adventure is actually a philosophical proposition,It can answer the three ultimate questions of life: Who am I? Where do I come from?
& mdash; & mDash;,You can find all the answers to these questions。

After 3 years,The joint efforts of everyone here,Dahai Dao International Expedition Park should have become the paradise and promised place of the explorer。At that time,Whether you are at a high time of life,Need to celebrate; or your sad moment,Need to reflect; whether you and your family、Lovers get along,Still need to think about it。You will say: Let's go,Go to Sea Road & Hellip; & Hellip; & RDQUO;

& ldquo; The core value concept of Daodao International Exploration Park & ​​rdquo;、Environmental protection、Security。


Dai Rong, deputy director of the Hami Ecological and Environment Bureau, 188bet sports betting app downloadreleased the "Research on Evaluation and Protection and Research Research on Hami Goriti Ecological Survey and Repair"

Deputy Director of Hami Ecological and Environment Dai Dai Dai Rong said in the release of the "Research on Evaluation and Protection and Repair Research on the Goriti Ecological Survey and Protection of Hami City":

& ldquo; Hami City takes the implementation of Gobi ecological environmental protection repair as the entry point,Practicing the concept of green water and green mountains is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan,The relationship between high -quality development and high -level protection accurately,Persist in development in protection、Protection during development,The highly planned modernization development of the harmonious coexistence of people and nature。Taking the sea scenic area as the pilot,Carry out desertification governance related work on the basis of the relationship between scientific and reasonable coordination and protection,Further understanding the bottom of the family,Compiled ecological protection and restoration schemes in the Sea Road area,Formulate ecological protection measures in the sea area。

Hami Needa Ecological Environment Survey Evaluation and Protection Repair Plan has passed expert review,Among them, Gobi land covers type characteristics、Rich Landform Types、The protection of the gravel layer、Ecological environment quality、Biological Diversity Investigation、Artificial Repair Technology、Ecological security pattern and other related research results provide important scientific and technological and data support for the development of the OEM International Exploration Park Project。& rdquo;

At this conference,Chairman Han Bo, chairman of the China Expedition Association, to the party group of the Hami Municipal People's Government、Deputy Mayor Hu Dongming awarded & ldquo; Daitao International Exploration Park & ​​rdquo; plaque,Sigs & ldquo; Dahai Dao International Expedition Park & ​​rdquo; The project is officially launched。


Chairman of the China Expedition Association Han Bo to the Hami City Government Party Group member、Deputy Mayor Hu Dongming issued & ldquo; Dahai Dao International Expedition Park & ​​rdquo; plaque

Famous Explorer、Vice Chairman of the China Expedition Association Lei Diansheng,Xu Ming, chairman of the China Exploration Association's Oceani Branch Xu Ming, issued & ldquo; China Exploration Association's Ocean Road Branch & RDQUO; Plastic。


Vice Chairman Lei Diansheng of the China Expedition Association Lei Diansheng to the Chairman of the China Exploration Association Xu Ming, Xu Ming, awarded a branch plaque

& ldquo; Daitao International Exploration Park & ​​rdquo; except low carbon、Environmental protection,Maximum protection of ecology,Safety and guarantee is also a highlight。

Social phenomena that frequently occurred outdoor safety accidents,To effectively reduce the incidence of accidents,Let the majority of adventure、Scientific candidates can get rescue in time when they are 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoin danger,The China Expedition Association has developed the "China Outdoor Early Warning Rescue Mutual Assistance Platform"。

"China Outdoor Early Warning Rescue Mutual Assistance Platform" includes real -time traces of personnel、Track tracking、Safety warning、Map maintenance、Intelligent scheduling、Car tracking、Emergency rescue response and other core subsystems,Based on & ldquo; empty heaven integrated & rdquo; communication technology,Smart terminals worn through outdoor activity participants,Getting positioning and physical signs,Possibly the possibility of providing security and real -time emergency rescue。

& ldquo; Daodao International Expedition Park & ​​rdquo; will be the first domestic field for outdoor safety management for outdoor safety management,Perform an early report on the adventure、Management in things。

from the Ministry of Culture Tourism、State Forest Cao Bureau and other State Ministry and Commission Related Business Department,Xinjiang Literary Travel Hall、Xinjiang Sports Bureau and Hami Municipal Committee、Leaders of the Municipal Government,Han Bo, chairman of the China Expedition Association Han Bo, jointly opened the "China Outdoor Early Warning Rescue Mutual Assistance Platform & Bull; Hami Duan",Outdoor enthusiasts for entering & ldquo; Outdoor International Exploration Park & ​​rdquo;。


The leaders of the meeting jointly opened the "China Outdoor Early Warning Rescue Mutual Aid Platform & Bull; Hami Duan"

China Expedition Association and Hami City Government,It will be in the Ministry of Literature and Travel、Division of Natural Resources、Under the policy guidance of government departments such as the State Forest and Cao Bureau,According to the "International Expedition Park Design Specifications",Construction of the Observatory International Expedition Park into a world -class professional、Security、Specification、Features of adventure,Help the high -quality development of the national adventure tourism industry。

To practice & ldquo; Harmony and nature symbiosis & rdquo; concept,Wake up the environmental protection awareness of the whole society; practice the "Naya Declaration",Caring Earth、Green Expedition,China Adventure in & ldquo; 2022-2023 New Year's Eve crosses Tower & rdquo;,Set the recruitment & ldquo; Caring for the Earth Expenses & RDQUO; Member,Jingshan, including the cleaning of Mount Everest garbage、Cheshui、Di heart。

At this conference,The China Expedition Association also announced the first batch of members of the Chinese Expedition Association for the Earth Explorer & RDQUO;、Liu Jianming、Peng Xuluo、Wuli Chao、Li Yongquan、Dong Fuqiang、Li Huanyu、Zhou Hui、Tang Defeng、Lu Wulong。

Chairman of the China Expedition Association Han Bo to & ldquo; China Expedition Association Caring for the Earth Expenses & RDQUO; Du Lei, the first captain Du Lei。

Beijing Turkish Planning and Design、Beijing Architectural Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.、Huawei terminal、188bet app downloadChina Weitong、China Encyclopedia Publishing House、Ctrip、Intercontinental、Fosun、Alibaba Tao Tian、Dongfeng Kamishi Technology、Pathfinder、Boji and、China Construction Three Winds、China Construction Eight Innings、Chongqing Erye、Malaysia Honeycomb、You Meimei Camp、de Future、Liu Yutian、Mercedes -Benz Grand G and other well -known institutions related to the ecology of Dahai Dao International Exploration Park,Liu Yutian、Xia Boyu、Zong Tongchang、He Yulong、Liu Jie and other Chinese explorer representatives,and shooting、pan -camp、Experience Education、Bai Ma Runner、She explores the person in charge of the second -level branch of the Chinese Expedition Association in China,Hami City Committee Office,and Xinhua News Agency、People's Daily、CCTV News、Yang Guang & ldquo; Voice of China & rdquo;、China News Agency、People's Daily Online Xinjiang Channel、110 people from all walks of life such as central and local media representatives such as Red Star News attended this conference。The press conference was chaired by the famous host Wang Fang。

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