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Research Education Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-01-17
During the winter vacation this year,South China、Southwest and Northeast、The number of travelers in North China accounted for 49%and 25%, respectively。
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As the winter vacation is approaching,Parent -child travel market is about to usher in the peak period of travel。Tuniu as of the latest booking data show,Winter vacation travel booking users,Parent -child travel tourists account for nearly 54%,Theme park、Island、Ice and Snow、Study and other tourist products reservation hot,and present & ldquo; north and south two hot & rdquo; & ldquo; north and south cross -travel & rdquo; wait for a significant trend。

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"Report" display,Winter vacation travel booking users,From Shanghai、Beijing、Nanjing、Guangzhou、Hangzhou、Shenzhen、Tianjin、Chengdu、Shenyang、Parent -child users in Ningbo and other places show more vigorous travel enthusiasm。


In the popular destination in the territory,Beijing、Shanghai、Sanya、Guangzhou、Harbin、Chengdu、Nanjing、Zhuhai、Lijiang、Xi'an reservation popularity ranking forward,Become a popular choice for more parent -child travel users。Since the winter of 2023,Harbin and other northeast ice and snow tourism markets continue to be hot,And is expected to usher in a new travel peak during the winter vacation,Where,Harbin、Changchun、Shenyang、Mudanjiang、Jilin、Mohe、Baishan、Yanbian and other 188bet Online Sports Betting and CasinoNortheast cities traveling in Northeast cities increase significantly,Popular and group tour products in some winter vacation groups have basically sold out before New Year's Day。In addition,Beijing Global Resort、Shanghai Disney Resort、Guangzhou Chimelong Travel Resort、Zhuhai Changlong International Marine Resort and other theme parks,Beijing、Nanjing、Cultural Leisure Tour of destinations such as Xi'an,and Sanya、Haikou、Beihai and other islands are all popular choices for parent -child travel users。


Facing the continuous popularity of the Harbin tourism market,The Cultural and Tourism Bureau of various places has launched violent publicity offensives,Through various & ldquo; unique & rdquo; & ldquo; Qi trick & rdquo; extend tourists,To welcome the upcoming winter vacation and the Spring Festival travel boom: Henan Cultural Tourism has released 112 publicity videos for four days,Raising the powder nearly one million; Shanxi Cultural Tourism released 57 videos overnight,Send 2 in 1 minute at the fastest; Hebei Cultural Tourism is not only & ldquo; listening to persuasion & rdquo; changed the account name from & ldquo; Hebei Tourism & rdquo;,Update 75 videos a day; Shandong Cultural Tourism solicit creativity directly to netizens,And with a & ldquo; my surnamed East & RDQUO;。In addition,Jiangsu、Zhejiang、Jiangxi、Guangxi、Jilin、Chongqing and other Chinese tourism bureaus also followed,I have joined the wave of & ldquo; open rolls & rdquo;。

Under the promotional offensive of cultural tourism in various places,Winter vacation parent -child travel market is further ignited,and present & ldquo; north and south two hot & rdquo; & ldquo; North -South cross -travel & rdquo;。"Report" display,During the winter vacation this year,South China、Southwest and Northeast、North China is favored by parent -child travel users,The number of travelers accounted for 49%and 25%, 188bet apprespectively。& ldquo; North and South cross -travel & rdquo;,Go to South China、Tourists in the southwest,From Beijing、Tianjin、Shandong、Henan、Tourists in the Northeast and other places occupy a higher proportion; in the Northeast and Beijing、Tianjin、Hebei、Visitors from destinations such as Henan and other destinations,From Shanghai、Jiangsu、Guangdong、Zhejiang、Fujian and other places account for higher proportion。

In the destination of outbound travel,& ldquo; New Mate & rdquo; It has always been a popular choice for parent -child travel users,Since December last year,Singapore、Malaysia、Thailand, etc.、The online travel product has ushered in a reservation peak,Where,Singapore reservation heat increases more significantly。Except & ldquo; New Matai & rdquo; outside,Japan、Ice and Snow Tour in destinations such as Russia,Western European direction of Germany and Ruiyi connection tour and New Zealand's cold -avoiding tour are all popular choices for parent -child tour,Where,New Zealand's products in the early February and the Spring Festival group are the first choice for more parent -child families。


Research Tour Booking The popularity continues to rise,& ldquo; textbook tour & rdquo; specialized research products and other characteristic research products lead the new trend

& ldquo; Guangxi Camerose & rdquo; & ldquo; Yunnan mushroom & rdquo; & ldquo; Sichuan panda & rdquo;,Not only promotes the rapid heating of Northeast tourism,It also further ignited the boom of the winter vacation study tour。Since New Year's Day,Tu Niu Cold Holiday Research Tour Product Consultation、Booking up,& ldquo; Follow the textbook Tour Beijing: Beijing 5th private group & rdquo; & ldquo; Tropical Rain Forest Qi Ji Ji: Xishuangbanna-Pu'er 6-day tour & rdquo; 188bet online sports betting& ldquo; Roaming World Literature Capital: Nanjing 3rd Tour & RDQUO; & Ldquo ; Mengwa Broken Northeast: Parent -child research 6 -day tour & rdquo; & ldquo; Changbai Mountain Parent -Child Studies 6 -day Tour & RDQUO;。


With the rapid heating up with the study tour,& ldquo; textbook tourism & rdquo; specialized research products such as many parent -child travel users are warmly sought after,Become the new favorite of the research travel market。Reading 10,000 books,Wanli Road,& ldquo; textbook tour & rdquo; experience the unique experience of humanistic monuments and historical allusions in textbooks through field,immersive expansion of historical and cultural knowledge outside the textbook,to better stimulate children to learn history and culture、Interests of knowledge of ancient poems such as classical Chinese。Current,Tuniu has launched & ldquo; follow the textbook tour Beijing & rdquo; & ldquo; follow the textbook to travel Xi'an & rdquo; & ldquo; follow the textbook to travel in Huizhou & ldquo; Quo; textbook tour & rdquo; series of research products。Tuniu & ldquo; textbook tour & rdquo; Research products combine textbook knowledge with studying abroad,and the knowledge reserve of students of different ages、Hobbies, etc. In the itinerary, set a special learning experience itinerary。Take & ldquo; Follow the textbook Tour Huizhou: Anhui Huangshan-Hongcun-Folklore Experience 5-day Tour & RDQUO;,This product is expanded with articles such as "Ink and Ink Huizhou" in Chinese textbooks,On the one hand, by following the non -genetic person to describe the emblem ink、Carved 歙、Make emblem、Burning emblem、Make a lantern、Interactive experience of listening to Huangmei opera,Exploring the unique charm and cultural heritage of ancient Huizhou,Stimulate 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinotheir love for traditional culture; on the other hand,Let children climb Huangshan、In the process of the stories of the defenders' explanation of the guardian pine,Knowledge in textbooks such as "Huangshan Song" and "Climbing Tiandu" becomes vivid and vivid,Further strengthen children to Huangshan & ldquo;、& ldquo; The deep understanding of the world's first Qisong & rdquo;。

Outbound research tour,Singapore is one of the popular destinations that have attracted much attention,Where,& ldquo; Singapore's 6 -day study trip & rdquo; & ldquo; Singapore's 7 -day parent -child micro -tourism & rdquo;。Take & ldquo; Singapore 7 days of parent -child micro -tourism & rdquo; as an example,This product is specially created for the family of primary and secondary students 6-15 years old,Scientific experiments、Technical programming、Engineering structure、Art exploration、STEAM courses such as mathematical logic as the core study experience。In the itinerary of this product,Family members can not only appreciate the historical humanities and food style of Lion City together,More through Nanyang University of Science and Technology "Intelligent Robot and 3D Printing Technology"、Science Museum "Flight Science and Aircraft Design"、Mangrove hiking "Technology and Environmental Protection"、A series of Steam courses such as "Animal Health and Conservation" and the Singapore National Art Museum and the Urid Road Library,Let children open up their vision in a relaxed and happy learning atmosphere,Exploring the infinite charm of knowledge in practice。

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