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Sports Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-02-01
During the event,Extreme Cool Sports Special Ski Ticket "Buy your expensive compensation" activity。
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23-24 Snow Season,Global Test Slide Division Restart,exclusive name of extremely cool sports,Many national tide brands support。

As the sole name and technical support platform of the event,Extreme Cool Sports APP has tailored a new interactive gameplay for this global test skaters。Users to redeem fragments through treasure digging,188bet Online Sports Betting and CasinoIf you have the opportunity to get free global skiing opportunities,At the same time, it can also win the exquisite group gifts provided by sports subsidies and partners。During the event,Extreme Cool Sports specially launched ski tickets & ldquo;,Provide benefits and convenience for the skiing trip to Xueyou。


Extreme Cool Sports APP is affiliated to Beijing Snow Cultural and Sports Development Group,Deep cultivation trend movement,trendy player,trendy circle layer,Combined with the sports resource chain ecosystem,Recommend the most suitable sports lifestyle for users。Extreme Cool Sports covers more than 1,800 domestic and foreign sports scenes,More than 3,000 sports communities,Contains ski、Diving、surfing、188bet online sports bettingRiding、Climbing、skateboard、Flying Disk、waist flag rugby、Camping、Hiking、Luya and other 17 trendy movements。

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