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Smart Manufacturing Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-02-20
Quanzhen Internet era is accelerating.
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We are in a multi -technologies and development、Digital technology leading the era of change。Accompanied by expansion reality、Artificial Intelligence、The gradual mature development and wide application of mainstream technologies such as cloud computing,The connection between the digital world and the real world becomes closer,The interactive experience between people and everything is more real,The information exchange between various fields is even more unobstructed ... The era of all -true interconnection is accelerating。

Empowerment of virtual reality technology,Innovative more business models and economic forms,Become the integration of promoting my country's digital economy and the real economy、An important starting point for global digital economy innovation cooperation。Looking at the domestic digital innovation group actively devoted to the Cultural Tourism Digital Economic Circuit,Help industrial upgrade iteration。

Internet giant cross -border entry,Promote the high -quality development of digital science and tourism。China Unicom provides digital solutions、Promoting smart tourism project、Strengthen 5G+Cultural 188bet online sports bettingTourism and other new technologies and other methods,Promoting the digital transformation of the cultural tourism industry。

2023,China Unicom's Internet business income accounts for 24%of the main business income ratio,1.8 percentage points from the same period last year。This indicates,China Unicom's business in the digitalization of cultural tourism is gradually expanding,The contribution to the main business is also increasing。

Hotel accommodation field,New positioning as a big accommodation, a smart service provider,Hangzhou Green Cloud launched a number of new products and solutions in 2023,Including the smart room control system、Intelligent Security System, etc.,further improved the level of hotel intelligence,Provides more convenience for hotel operations。

In the first half of 2023,Hangzhou Green Cloud completed 100 million yuan D round financing,Chairman Yang Mingkui said,D round of financing will be used for the development and creation of the digital plan of the industry,The ability and positioning of the digital ecological service provider of the green cloud accommodation industry。

In the technical development field of artificial intelligence,2023,Beijing He Tu uses the Internet of Things、Big Data and AI technology This set of smart management solutions,Provided intelligent inspection for the park managers、Environmental monitoring、Tourist traffic control and other functions; use digital technology,Beijing Hetu to digitize the museum exhibits,Through high -definition screen、VR/AR technology,Audiences 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinocan explore exhibits freely in virtual spaces,Get an ornamental experience similar to physical exhibits; in the virtual commercial street created by Heetu Beijing,Consumers can freely explore shops in virtual spaces through VR/AR devices、Commodity,Buy and buy online。

These digital projects are an important practice in the new world of digital and seamlessly fusion in Beijing He Tu.。

Jindong Nuchuang Chuangchuan through its unique stereo immersion、AR、XR、AI digital twin and other technologies,Update for the city、Art Creative、Cultural Tourism and many areas provides & ldquo; digital technology+cultural creativity & rdquo; overall service。2023,Jindong has a lot of service cases,For example。Display vivid deep -sea views through naked eye 3D screen,Let the audience seem to be in the deep sea。This project is mainly used for popular science、Research Project,Market potential; Light and Shadow Rubik's Cube is an immersive experience space,Through Light and Shadow Rubik's Cube、Naked eye 3D screen and other technologies,Bring a poetic digital art exhibition and urban historical immersion space for the audience。The audience can make a journey of urban renewal that touch history here。

"Qi Baishi Digital Art Exhibition" is Jindong Number and Beijing Painting Academy、Project developed by China Foreign Culture Group Three Party。Qi Baishi's artistic works vividly present to the audience through digital technology,Let the audience understand and appreciate the art of Qi Baishi more deeply。2023,"Qi Baishi Digital 188bet app downloadArt Exhibition" for the first time at Hunan Art Museum,and attracted more than 400,000 people to visit。

In the field of equipment,Botao Culture achieved remarkable results in digital technology in 2023。The shape of the mechanical momentum tiger is science -science mech wind,Combining the structure of the sports car with the strength of the tiger,Full sporty。This is a perfect combination of technology and art,It brought a shocking visual experience to the audience。

At the same time,The immersive cultural technology experience hall created by Botao Culture uses advanced digital technology and creativity,Through holographic projection、VR/AR technology and other means,Audiences can explore historical and cultural scenes,Interaction with historical figures,Feeling the charm of historical culture。

Provide the field of comprehensive development solution in destination,Shijin Information provides the field of comprehensive development solution for destination,2023,Stone base information has achieved some significant results。For example,Shiji information provides a comprehensive solution for a resort,Covering hotel management、Travel marketing、Scenic area operations and other aspects。

In the field of digital rejuvenation,Digital departments that focus on serving cultural tourism inside and outside,Spring and Autumn Digital Technology Main Hotel Digitalization、Retail Digitalization、Digitalization and other fields of the scenic spot,This year,Spring and Autumn Digital Technology is 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoactively committed to the road to nourish the country with digital intelligence。2023,In the field of digital rejuvenation,Spring and Autumn Digital Technology launched an innovative project & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; rural digital system & rdquo;,This system aims to improve the efficiency and transparency of rural governance through digital technology,Improve the convenience and popularity of rural public services,Provided strong support for the digital transformation of the rural economy。

Future,Digital Technology's driving role in the cultural tourism industry will be more prominent,Extension reality、Artificial Intelligence、Every cultural tourism project driven by technologies such as cloud computing will change。For the opportunity to promote the cultural tourism industry、Change development method,Further enhanced the competitiveness of the tourism industry、Development power and innovation have an important role。

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