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Industrial Investment Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-04-01
Dehima Group re -releases the determination to deeply cultivate the Asia -Pacific market through this investment,Business territory will further expand。
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April 1,Dezi Group and Ocean Link,Jointly announced the completion of investment in the Japanese boutique chain hotel brand Hotel Monday。After entering Indonesia in July last year,,Dehima Group re -releases the determination to deeply cultivate the Asia -Pacific market through this investment,Business territory will further expand。

Delonix Group (Delonix Group) currently owns and operates Kaiyuan name、Kaiyuan Famous Court、Guantang、Ruby Hotels and other top ten core brands,Mid -high -end hotel business spreads 1 in over 200 cities across the country,440 signing and management hotels。The membership system of its member & ldquo; Panda House & rdquo;,Its first cross -brand & ldquo; live 10 nights, 1 night, 1 night & rdquo; equity is widely welcomed by consumers,Member scale is nearly 35 million。

Ocean Link (Ocean Link) is a family focusing on travel、Private equity funds of consumption and Internet industry,It is also the founder of Dezao Group。

188bet appIt is reported,Hotel Monday is Japan's emerging boutique chain hotel group,Its 24 middle -end hotels and apartment hotels are distributed in Tokyo、Osaka and Kyoto three places,Among them, 20 are in Tokyo。All hotels in the camp are located in the core tourism area of ​​various cities,Have Hotel Monday、Hotel Monday Apartment and other brands,With superior geographical location、Modern Japanese -style new property and convenient function design,Become a popular choice for traveling in Tokyo,It is loved by Japanese and overseas tourists。

Investment in Hotel Monday this time,It has important strategic significance for the Asia -Pacific layout of Dezhan Group。First,Japanese tourism market that can be dived in advance。From & ldquo; Tourist State & RDQUO; After the strategy is established,A relaxation entry and national travel support policies implemented by the Japanese government。Related data show,The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan in November 2023 has returned to the level before the epidemic,Recovery rate reached 100%for two consecutive months。

Second,Hotel Monday has quickly occupied the most valuable Tokyo market in the Japanese market since its establishment,Show huge development potential and toughness。Dezao Group focuses on the long -term strategy of internationalization,The Japanese tourism market and high potential investment target with the potential 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoof growth in advance card positions,Ensure that the continuous growth and leading advantage of the Asia -Pacific region。At the same time,The cooperation between the two parties will also provide a broader overseas travel choice for the members of the Patek House of Dezhang Group。

For Hotel Monday,Detective and Successful brand operation experience of Dezi Group、Nearly 35 million loyal members,and IT system capabilities will empower the brand's business in the Japanese market,Bring a huge growth motivation for it。

Mr. Zheng Nanyan, Executive Chairman of Dezhang Group, said: & ldquo; Dezao is committed to deep cultivation of hotels and lifestyle service industries in China and other parts of Asia -Pacific,I look forward to the product of Dezao after completing the investment、Member、IT technology and other aspects of the advantages will be copied faster to overseas markets including Japan。& rdquo; 

Mr. Jiang Tianyi, partner of Ocean Link, Ocean Link, said: & ldquo; Ocean Link,While optimistic about the global tourism industry,Long -term optimistic about Japan's entry tour market。This investment Hotel Monday,Not only is our additional addition in the travel industry,It is an important milestone for Ocean Link in the Asia -Pacific expansion。& rdquo;

Hotel Monday founder Mr. Ping Linlang said: & ldquo;、Talent、Fund, etc.,We believe that Hotel Monday will go to the next level in all aspects,Especially with the gradual recovery of 188bet sports betting app downloadimmigration tourists,Hotel Monday will usher in explosive growth。& rdquo;

Based on the Chinese market,Look at the Asia -Pacific region,The overall strategic layout of Dezi Group can be seen from its series of actions in the past two years.。

Focusing on the domestic market,Devar Group's selfish owner Kaiyuan Hotel Group,Re -sort out its hotel brand。Where,Kaiyuan name is deeply favored by market consumers for its excellent service operation capabilities,Steady on the first challenge of domestic high -end national style hotels。At the same time,The Kaiyuan Famous Court rapidly deployed CBD、100 billion business districts,Core part of the TOP -level transportation hub,Brand scale and market share ranked in the top ten of China Hotel Association 2022 China Chain High -end Hotel。


In addition,Dehima Group takes the industry's first & ldquo; takes time as the point measurement standard & rdquo;,Quickly open the domestic market and get rapid growth,Member scale is nearly 35 million。

More worth mentioning is,January 2024,Dehima Group with rich local hotel development and operation experience、Powerful brand influence、High -value Patek House member system,Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Marriott International Hotel Group。jointly promoted the selection of its Kaiyuan Metropolitan Brand and Marriott's Zhenpin,Long -term development of the Chinese market through the new dual brand cooperation model。

Look at the Asia Pacific 188bet app downloadMarket,July 2023,Dezi Group becomes the main shareholder of Indonesia's largest hotel management platform,The hotel management platform includes Swiss-Belhotel and Artotel Hotel brand。

less than half a year,Dezao Group announced the investment in Japanese hotel brand Hotel Monday。This series of moves have a significant significance for the deployment of Dezao Group's layout of the Asia -Pacific market,Demonstrate the establishment of real integration in the area、Technical support and market leading hotel group confidence。
Current,Dezao Group's business landscape has expanded to 20 brands,about 1,440 in the camp and signing hotels and more than 204,000 rooms。

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