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Urban and rural map Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-04-16
Data display,Since April,"Rural Food" in the platform、"Village picking" keywords have increased by 2 times year -on -year。
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Fangfei April,Spring on earth。As the temperature rises further,More and more tourists choose to start the country,Feeling natural vitality。Not satisfied with Country Walk,Fresh and delicious Country Eat even becomes a seasonal trend。

Ctrip data display,Since April,In the platform & ldquo; rural food & rdquo;、& ldquo; Village picking & rdquo; Keywords have doubled year -on -year,Food search heat increased by 275%。Where,300 kilometers of urban circle rural food is the most popular,In the provincial food tour,Yunnan、Shaanxi、Sichuan、Henan、Guizhou has become the most popular TOP5 rural food tourist destination。Pay attention to the village & ldquo; jungle & rdquo;,Parent -child family accounts for nearly 65%。

188bet appBringing a restaurant in Laocaojian, Lancang County, Yunnan, Yunnan,,Ms. Li and her family from Shanghai are trying to taste the latest afternoon tea set launched by the farm: fried grasshopper and coffee flavors,With Pu'er local hand -coffee。Although not used to this & ldquo; & rdquo; refreshment,Ms. Li and her family are still very happy to taste food rich in local characteristics,& ldquo; The taste exceeds the expected good,Bee pupa and nectar in muffins are rich and sweet、The texture of the grasshopper is also crispy and chewy。& rdquo; Ms. Li said while editing a circle of friends。


Portable fake farm & ldquo; worm coffee & rdquo; package

According to the farmer clerk,This package they call & ldquo; worm coffee & rdquo;,In fact, it is also developed for Shanghai tourists。& ldquo; There are more Shanghai tourists in the store。I heard that Shanghai people cannot live without coffee,Pu'er is an important place for coffee,The chef thought of this creativity。& rdquo; & mdash; & mdash;,The clerk said,It was almost the first to ask after the tourists came to the farm: What are the delicious locals in the local area? How to eat more special?

It is not special to integrate food into travel,188bet app downloadVillage food has become a travel purpose for many people。According to the "2023 China Food Tourism Development Report" released by the China Tourism Research Institute,93.1%of the respondents will experience the experience of local food as one of the main factors for tourism,Tourists eat food,The pursuit is the personal lifestyle。

early April,Mr. Zhang's family went from Xi'an to the Ctrip Farm Farm Shaanxi Ferping Store,Take the child up the mountain to dig a bamboo shoots and ask the chef to make a cold -spray dish,Mr. Zhang said,The experience of working with children can be closer to spring、Feeling the gift of nature。Except for the limited food in spring,They also tasted the local characteristics of Fer Ping Sanxiang、Potato chips fried bacon and other dishes,Children experienced panda hand in the farm、Plum kite,Adults do youth groups together、Boil of tea。

Introduction to the store manager,Most of the fake farmers are located in the countryside,Observe the family customer group and young users close to nature、Especially the more popular & ldquo; jungle & rdquo; demand,It is specially equipped with wild travel maps、Guide,And the steward leads the service of digging 188bet sports betting app downloadbamboo shoots and picking wild vegetables。


Portable Farm Exploration Maps for customers

Practitional Farm Farm Henan Linzhou Lieyan Store is located in the secret realm of Taihang,To spring,Come on to go to green、Picking tourists start to get up more。Ms. Xiao's family who drove from Zhengzhou's self -driving family with experienced picking tools,Plan to dig some toon to ask the chef to make delicious dishes,Also take some back to Zhengzhou。Except toon,They also caught up with Huaihua Play,Children pick it off from the tree fresh,After washing water,can be fried into a dish。

Introduction to the person in charge of the fake farm for portrait,More than 30%of farm guests want to participate in food -related labor,Including picking、Handwork、Fishing, etc.,Some guests used to have the principles and processes of spring plowing in order to let their children understand the principles and processes of spring plowing,Come to the farm for two consecutive weekends。& ldquo; Books that are never finished in nature,I am glad to see more and more tourists choose to return to the true。& rdquo;

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