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Global Destination Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-04-23
Tongcheng travel is in response to the tourism market demand in the new era,The 188bet app downloadplan will focus on young groups。
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Recently,2024 & ldquo; Meet the sea & rdquo along the Yellow River & rdquo;,This conference is & ldquo; new creative new ecological new consumption & rdquo; theme,Director of the Resources Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,Shandong Provincial Culture and Tourism Department and Liaocheng People's Government sponsored。Cao Shuai, CEO of Tongcheng Travel Government Cooperation Department, was invited to participate,Published at the meeting & ldquo; Play to the global youth & pi; & rdquo;。


Cao Shuai, CEO of the Tongcheng Travel Government Cooperation Department, released & ldquo;

& ldquo; Playing to global youth & pi; & rdquo;,The 188bet app downloadplan will focus on young groups。From a youthful perspective,Reduction of the width of travel,Explosion and innovation、Diverse and tolerance、Connection and sharing、Personality and customization concepts integrate into the destination brand、Marketing、Industry multi -scene ecology。

This time in 2024 & ldquo; Meet the sea along the Yellow River & rdquo; Cultural Tourism New Media Promotion Conference announced & ldquo;,This innovative plan,Online scenes will be fun and provincial & rdquo;、Watching、Accommodation、Playing the youth tide play card of multi -platform rights and interests; planning around youth & ldquo; Short escape & rdquo; spiritual rigid demand planning with a strong grass mechanism and line;、League of Legends Urban Heroes Competition and other beautiful bloody e -sports events; surround & ldquo; follow the short drama to travel & rdquo; launch & ldquo; Young group resonance creates multiple scene formats,Play a new attitude of travel、New gameplay、New forces。


Tongcheng Travel recently hosted by the first Nanning E -sports (Glory of Kings) and 2024 Tiger tooth 188bet appKing Glory Rural E -sports Games Nanning Station

Cao Shuai said,& ldquo; Create a youthful circle layer,& ldquo; Cultural Tourism+& rdquo; Actively create multiple scene formats,Cultivation of new growth points for the Consumption Consumption of the destination。An opportunity,Taking youth travel as a carrier、Let the young people promote & lsquo; Yellow River strategy & rsquo;。Not only injected new vitality into the promotion of cultural tourism along Huangjiu Province,It also provides new ideas and directions for the innovation and development of the cultural tourism industry。At the same time, I sincerely send you an invitation to everyone,Looking forward to more destinations to join & rdquo; 。

Future,& ldquo; Playing to global youth & pi; & rdquo; Plan will take the opportunity to follow the Huangjiu province (district),Deep cultivation of youthful circle layers,Tongcheng travel will be based on the high -quality development of the cultural tourism industry in various places,Continuously strengthen cooperation with the destination government,& ldquo; Cultural Tourism+& rdquo; Actively create multiple scene formats,Let the new generation 188bet online sports bettingof travelers have unlimited possibilities。

Wang Heyun, first -level inspector of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Development Department,Secretary of the Party Group of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Shandong Province、Director Wang Lei,Li Changping, Secretary of the Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee,Deputy Secretary of Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee、Mayor Zhang Baishun,Relevant person in charge of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau of Shandong 16 Cities along the Huang Province (District) Culture and Tourism Office attended the meeting。

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