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Global Destination Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-04-23
By then, the entire city island Saipan is only 5 hours,The convenience of travel will be further improved。
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In recent years,Overseas high -end island tourism service agencies represented by Anxin Century (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; Anxin Century & LDQUO;),At present, it has successfully created a charter machine for Chinese passengers、Travel agency agent、Hotel、High -end tourism retail to destination leisure and entertainment activities of one -stop mature supply chain service system。With the continuous development of Saipan's tourism market,Tourism supporting services are still iterating upgrade,Anxin Century United to officially announce with Hong Kong Airlines,Saipan direct flight will be officially opened on April 28。At that time,Chinese tourists will be very convenient and fast from the Greater Bay Area and Shanghai、Beijing、Hangzhou、Nanjing、Chengdu、Chongqing and other joint cities to Saipan,It only takes 5 hours for the whole process,The convenience of travel will be further improved。


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As an internationally renowned holiday paradise,Saipan has launched a visa -free policy for 188bet appChinese tourists as early as 2009,You only need to provide a passport to travel to the island。With the opening of Hong Kong Airlines direct flights,The time cost required for Chinese tourists to travel to Saipan will be further reduced。

Hong Kong's direct flight to Saipan will start two times a week,5 days and 3 nights of itinerary will depart from Hong Kong on Thursday,The next day 02:35 Arrives in Saipan,The return time is from 04:05 of the next Monday from Saipan,07: 00 arrives in Hong Kong (the ups and daily time is local time)。6 days and 4 nights of itinerary is departing on Sunday,Next Friday return trip,The same flight time。Compared with the flight scheme that needs to be transformed in multiple places before,After the direct flight is turned on, passengers can set off in the nearby and other joint transport cities in Hong Kong,Reduce the fatigue of the boat and car to do the fatigue。Open the direct flight,It also provides sufficient possibilities for further optimization of supporting tourism services。Anxin Century will provide passengers with one -stop convenient travel service,Fully covered domestic group air ticket reservations、Saipan Local Hotel Sales Booking、Local pickup machine、Ordering and reservation、Event project booking、Guide service and other full travel cycle services。


Example,Saipan has formed a very mature hotel supporting system,Travel service agencies can book different types of hotels according 188bet app downloadto the needs of tourists。Current,Hotels with high recommendation indexes in Saipan include Saipan Crown Holiday Hotel、Saipan Century Light Luxury Hotel, etc.。These brand hotels are not only superior geographical location,It is close to Saipan's iconic tourist attractions,And walk for ten minutes to reach the dining in the city center、Shopping、Entertainment concentrated area,Service is very convenient。Especially worth mentioning is,Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan, Crown Holiday Hotel, a subsidiary of Liantai Group, lasted two years of re -renovation,Investment of more than $ 43 million,Welcome to tourists from all over the world with a new look,and was called & ldquo; World Travel Award, which is known as & ldquo; s leading resort) & rdquo;。


Beautiful gourmet food is full, and the diverse gameplay is happier

Saipan has a very rich diversified tourism resources,Unique natural scenery (blue hole、Lady Beach、Bird Island、Long live cliff、Forbidden Island, etc.)、Humanistic relics engraved with vicissitudes of history、Many restaurants that gathers foods of each country、Various entertainment projects entering the sea (Crystal Hi Bar、Yacht goes to the sea、Turtle tracking、Touch the fish、Self -driving tour for sports cars、Sunset Cruise Dinner、Luxury Yacht Sea Patrol、Globe Sightseeing Driving、High -altitude skydiving、Yacht Drag Fishing、Helicopter sightseeing, etc.)、Duty -free shopping malls with big names, 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoetc., provided rich travel options for tourists with different needs。

Current,Anxin Century has launched the Leman free line series、Zhongle Music team business travel series、Ai Yingying Parent -Child Family Series Three Saipan Personalized Customized Customized Tourism Products Package,Precise matching tourists' diversification、Personalized tourism needs。Facing the upcoming May Day holiday,Anxin Century specially customizes & ldquo; Saipan your dream island & rdquo;,Divided into 5 days and 3 nights departing on May 9,6 days and 4 nights departing on May 5 or 12,Covering hotel accommodation、round -trip air tickets、A series of services such as the leader service and Chinese tour guide。According to different accommodation needs,Provide tourists with light luxury century、Crown Mountains and Crown Sea Views and other room types.,Another value -for -money gift from the VIP service of the VIP service、Saipan's must -play attractions punch in and exclusive experience of long live cliff sports car,Dedicated to make tourists have an unforgettable holiday。


As an internationally renowned multi -business company,Liantai Group has established a complete tourism service system in the Western Pacific region。From the establishment of a garment factory in Saipan to the acquisition of airfreck companies and Saipan airport ground service to the establishment of four hotels and resorts、Travel retail、The leading tourism group,West Pacific 188bet sports betting app downloadtourism services, including Saipan, have become one of the important parts of Liantai Group's global business layout,Development is very rapid。

With the opening of this direct flight of Hong Kong,China and Western Pacific High -quality Tourism Destinations will be more convenient。Liantai will also further play in Saipan、Local operation and service advantages of international tourist attractions such as Guam,Continuous improvement of quality,Bring a beautiful and unforgettable island tourist experience for tourists all over the world。As one of the main sources of Saipan,Chinese culture has already taken root in the local area。Under the help of multiple favorable factors,This year, more passengers will choose to go to Saipan to spend a characteristic dragon year with both Chinese flavors but exotic.。

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