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Industrial Investment Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-04-29
Report display,2023-2024 Ice and Snow Season,OTA tourists in Heilongjiang Province reached 43.021 million。
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2023,Heilongjiang has no doubt to win numb,Drives in Harbin & ldquo; Snowflake & rdquo;,Heilongjiang becomes the biggest winner this winter。April 18,Ctrip & ldquo; Online travel scene data mining and intelligent design of the Ministry of Cultural Tourism & rdquo; released "2023-2024 Heilongjiang Ice Snow Tourism Report" (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; Report & rdquo;),As a traditional ice -snow destination,,Heilongjiang created 145.59%of OTA tourists in 2023-2024 in 2023-2024,OTA tourism revenue also created 168.29%growth,Market growth far exceeds the whole country,At the same time, it is ahead of all other ice and snow travel destinations nationwide。

At the same time,Thanks to the long -term cultivation of Heilongjiang for ice and snow travel,2023-2024 Ice and Snow Season,Heilongjiang on the theme of Ice and Snow、Ice and Snow theme Scenic Area、Ice and snow -related hot search words have become the first in the country,Thanks to this,Per capita stay time、Per capita consumption, etc., has also become the first in the province of ice and snow tourism。

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2023,Heilongjiang Harbin became another destination for Zibo, Shandong,Not only focuses on the eyes of tourists across the country,It has created the most eye -catching travel results in 5 years。Behind the seemingly coincidental explosion,Actually it is a explosion accumulated 188bet sports betting app downloadby Heilongjiang Cultural Tourism for many years。

According to the report statistics,Starting from 2019,Heilongjiang began to make a lot of preparation and investment around & ldquo; ice and snow tourism & rdquo;。2019 Heilongjiang Province will focus on the construction of 20 ice and snow cultural tourism projects in the province,Total investment 23.36 billion yuan,Based on long -term investment,In 2023 Heilongjiang Ice and Snow Tour ushered in the outbreak,Heilongjiang's ice and snow tourism products show strong supply strength, & ldquo; Ice and snow & rdquo; The number of theme lines 2632,increased by 3 times year -on -year,Fleekers leading other provinces,111,Also successfully reached the top,Lead in other popular ice and snow travel provinces。Where,Harbin Ice and Snow World、China Xuexiang、Harbin Hot Snow Miracle、Sun Island Snow Expo、Ski Resort, named the capital, has become a popular tourist project。


Starting from March 2023,Heilongjiang Province has issued a series of policy support measures such as "Heilongjiang Province Supporting the Ice and Snow Economic Development Policy and Measures" and "Heilongjiang Winter Ice Snow Tourism & LDQUO; Act Action & RDQUO; Implementation Plan。At the same time,Carry out on the short video platform & ldquo; my surname is ha, Drink Aha & rdquo;、& ldquo; Welcome to the north & rdquo; & ldquo; Hogwquz Harbin branch & rdquo; wait for intensive marketing promotion that conforms to young people。

November,Heilongjiang Provincial Literary Travel Department also joined the Ctrip Group to start the attraction layout,In the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area、Central region、Southwest area、Five key areas of North China area and northeast area,Hold the winter Longjiang Cultural Tourism Promotion Meeting,and launched & ldquo; One billion yuan supplement & rdquo; & ldquo; ice and snow world 188bet sports betting app download& middot; hi playing Longjiang & rdquo; and & ldquo;。

Long -term investment and dense preparations in 2023,Finally, the overall outbreak of Heilongjiang Tourism in this snowy season。Show according to the report,2023-2024 Ice and Snow Season,OTA tourists in Heilongjiang Province reached 43.021 million、OTA tourism revenue of 10.944 billion yuan,Created the best results since the ice and snow season in 2019-2020。


young people formed & ldquo; South Passenger North went north & rdquo;,Heilongjiang Fire to Southeast Asia

Cross -provincial tourism in the north of the north is another major trend in the ice and snow season,Tourists from other provinces accounted for nearly 70 % of the entire ice and snow tourists,Among them, Guangdong、Shanghai、Zhejiang、Guizhou and other southern provinces and municipalities and municipalities have a growth rate of more than 16 times,Strong momentum,The increase is obvious。

and take the opportunity to explode the entire network in 2023,Harbin's popularity also goes abroad,Entry tour achieved a fast recovery in this ice and snow season。

Show according to the report,2023-2024 Ice and Snow Season,Heilongjiang's entry tourists achieved rapid recovery in 2019,Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tourists increased by 4.3 times、Overseas tourists increased by 1.4 times。Korea、Japan、Singapore、Thailand、Australia、Malaysia、Russia、Vietnam、Philippines、Cambodia has become the top ten popular customers of the ice season,The number of the first ten countries in the Middle East and South Asian countries has increased from 3 to 6,Where,Vietnam、Malaysia、Singapore、The fastest growth rate,increased by 6.7 times respectively、5.4 times and 4.8 times。

Harbin's lap also makes ice and snow a new choice for female tourists in addition to tropical beaches,According to the report data, it shows,2023-2024 Ice and Snow Season,Harbin tourists order,Women's orders account for 56%,Female tourists' order 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinovolume increased by 173%year -on -year from the previous ice and snow season,Viewed more and more female tourists' attention,Especially southern female tourists。


In addition,It is worth mentioning is,In the overall tourist composition,post -90s、After 00、After 10 tourists, tourists have also increased significantly compared with the whole year, Total proportion reached 45.65%,Among them, the post -90s crowd became the largest customer group with a proportion of 27.79%,After 00, it also became the third largest customer group with a proportion of 19.85%。

Brew with a point, Heilongjiang Cultural Tourism realizes fame and fortune

Tourists in Heilongjiang, the entire ice season, are more concentrated in Harbin,But also benefited from Harbin's drive,Other tourist cities in Heilongjiang Province have achieved significant improvements in the country's national ranking,The entire Heilongjiang Tourism Search heat increases the year -on -year growth rate in the country,Search volume is also ahead of other popular ice and snow season travel provinces。

Harbin tourists have increased by 122%year -on -year from the previous snow season,Travel search volume increased by 180.84%year -on -year,The media search index has achieved a growth of 799.49%,It has become a veritable absolute hot spot。In addition,Mudanjiang、Daxing'an Ridge、Qiqihar、Suihua、Heihe and other areas,It also benefits from the head effect of Harbin,greatly improved in the national ranking of OTA people。Take the Daxinganling area as an example,The number of tourists in the ice season increased by 172.8%year -on -year,The national ranking has risen 20 places。

Also long -term investment in Heilongjiang's supply chain of ice and snow and related tourism products,The snowy season just passed,Heilongjiang tourists staying rate increased significantly,The needs of medium and long-line tourism in 4-7 days are 188bet online sports bettingreleased。According to the report data, it shows,4-7 days of tourists, the number of tourists increased by 252.53%from the previous ice and snow season,far exceeding Heilongjiang's other time during the whole year,At the same time,The average stay time of tourists in Heilongjiang has also become the first in similar destinations in China。and the duration of stay,It is an intuitive tourism consumption significantly improved。The per capita consumption of tourists in the ice and snow season in Heilongjiang has increased by 22.5%compared to the previous snow season,Heilongjiang Tourism has realized fame and fortune in this ice and snow season。

Ctrip & LDQUO; Online travel scene data mining and intelligent design of the Ministry of Cultural Tourism & rdquo;,From the early 2022 Winter Olympic Games, & ldquo; ice and snow sports & rdquo;,China's ice and snow leisure tourism market is continuously expanding。and 2023 & mdash; 2024 Ice and Snow Season,It is the first ice and snow season after the epidemic,Heilongjiang Harbin Ice and Snow Travel is hot & ldquo; out of circle & rdquo; is a water -to -channel & ldquo; surprise & rdquo;, It has also become a new highlight of my country's winter tourism economy,Establish a template for more destinations to create a global tourist tourism around its own geographical climate advantages。

It is reported,& ldquo; Online travel scene data mining and intelligent design of the Ministry of Cultural Tourism & rdquo;,The report is based on the data platform of Ctrip Group's technology ecology,Integrated Ctrip across the hotel、Ticket、vacation、Train ticket、Car Ticket、Business Travel、Tickets、Data from many tourism service scenarios such as cars,In -depth excavation and analysis of the supply of tourism resources and tourist needs,Insight OTA tourism market development。

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