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Big Accommodation Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-01
The application of technology allows the homestay to better satisfy consumers outside the basic function of "living"
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& ldquo; Is there any delicious shop around the homestay? & rdquo; & ldquo; The east side of the homestay is about 500 meters. There is a Chengdu snack,High praise。& rdquo;

& ldquo; But I don’t like spicy food。& rdquo; & ldquo; it doesn't matter,Go out of the community and go west,There is a Cantonese restaurant,The taste is also good。& rdquo;

1 am at 1 am,Consumer Xiao Li in a homestay in Chengdu,Use Meituan homestay AI smart customer service,Quickly understand the position of the surrounding supper。According to an introduction,AI Smart Customer Service Development Based on Large Language Model,Line at the Meituan B & B ending at the end of last year,Provide the tenant with 24 hours online question and answer service。May Day Holiday,Tourist cities ushered in an upsurge,Make the homestay AI smart customer service frequency surge in frequency。

 & ldquo; I asked several questions at night,What are the delicious like around,How to get the nearby subway entrance,How is it convenient to get it? Smart customer service answers very detailed。& rdquo; Ms. Zhang, Consumer Zhang said。


 ▲ Testant and AI smart customer service chat interface. webpage Screenshot

Introduction to the person in charge of Meituan homestay AI smart customer service,B & B Dialogue Robot (AI Intelligent Customer Service) Since its launch,The accuracy of recognition of user problems reaches more than 90%,Can maintain the intelligent talk ability of the big model,The correct rate of question and answer can be improved。What makes people unexpected is,The birth of this product,It is the result of the technical team of Meituan B & B and a young entrepreneurial team from Beijing。

The person in charge of the team Chi Xiaoyu has a dual bachelor's 188bet appdegree in mathematics and economics at the School of Mathematics Science, Peking University,2009 Doctor graduated from the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Professional direction is artificial intelligence and computer graphics。Before cooperating with Meituan homestay,Chi Xiaoyu is already the & ldquo; top experts & rdquo;,In the key special special & ldquo; information photon technology & rdquo;。

2021,Chi Xiaoyu and Meituan B & B.,Become a pioneer & rdquo;。

Chi Xiaoyu said,Starting from 2021,The team actively participated in Meituan B & B. & ldquo; open platform & rdquo;,Use your technology to accumulate some technical exploration and attempts。For example,At that time, the information communication method of the entire Internet industry had switched from traditional graphic to video,and even the short video platform of these heads,More dependence on the content of the content also rely on a large number of creators ecology to provide content supply。Because the number of outstanding creators is always limited,Therefore, the generating high -quality content is actually relatively expensive and scarce。Under the joint promotion of the technical team of the platform,The team tries to use some of the latest generation artificial intelligence technology,Such as a video face change technology、Automated exercise capture movement technology、Environmental light automatically obtain real sense technology,Use technical means to generate high -quality content in large quantities,Platform with a view to helping the service to quickly generate high -quality video content。

The most important time node in this process is the end of 2022。At that time,Discussion with the person in charge of Meituan homestay,Two key judgments obtained to help Chi Xiaoyu make a decision: one is,The adjustment and dormant period of the three years before the end of the homestay industry,We ushered in a new round of explosive growth,This will also give birth to a large number of service needs based on related businesses; the second is the development of LLM (large language 188bet online sports bettingmodel)。Although the entire effect of the LLM in the past few years is not too amazing than before,But in terms of model generalization and corpus processing ability,It has been gradually improved and it is expected to bring corpse cleaning and answering rich changes and help to the field of intelligent customer service。

So,Starting from the end of 2022,With the support of Meituan B & B,Chi Xiaoyu's team and platform jointly study how to use the latest technology and appropriate market timing,All businesses and users on the platform。In the scene of the homestay,Robots can help significantly reduce the workload of the landlord,Especially special service scenarios such as night and holidays。At the same time,Combined with the landlord、User's communication scene,The robot can also automatically use the dialogue of the landlord and tenant in history,Smart adding and service。


& ldquo; Simply put,Just as long as the landlord answered a question from the user,Our intelligent system and language model will automatically record this service content,Subsequent answers to a richer or even playful language。For example, it can be combined with the landlord's history to answer,Provide guests with detailed surrounding catering information。& rdquo; According to an introduction,For the parking policy of some remote unpopular scenic spots、Parking fee,The dialogue robot can also be processed accurately。and,In the future, some high -frequency service -oriented problems,They will establish a set of automatic training mechanisms to guide landlords to respond to,The service quality and service capabilities of small and medium landlords with insufficient energy and ability。

A answering system as a service -specific field,Compared with OpenAI or Microsoft, which is very popular on the market now, in Office365、Bing and other applications. These & ldquo; The entire field of public data covers large language models & rdquo;,The accurate name of the AI ​​smart customer service of Meituan B & B should be & ldquo; Private data domain short question and answer language big model service & rdquo;。Chi Xiaoyu said,Due to 188bet appthe too diverse data and LLM pre -training (a method of machine learning) mechanism, the problems brought by the mechanism of the mechanism of machine,Use LLM to perform vertical questions to answer,Illusion (Refers to the big model when answering questions, there will be answering questions、Phenomenon of nonsense) The rate is impossible to solve,This is caused by its technical principle。and the technical path of Meituan homestay AI smart customer service is a smart talk ability that can maintain existing big models,solution that can also guarantee the accuracy and accuracy of Q & A。

Technology support and drive retail retail,Retail provides continuous resource investment and rich scenario support for technology。Speaking of the relationship between the platform and the small and beautiful technology companies,Chi Xiaoyu said,As an oversized platform,The platform does need more energy and resources to invest in operational efficiency、Flow business and business mechanism and other deeper core business issues。and the technology team can focus more on the application itself of the new technology,Go all out to overcome technical problems,Performing application。& ldquo; We hope that the platform will continue to maintain an open and shared posture,Build a multi -party participation、Construction and win -win industrial ecology,In the future, more technical collaborators will participate to improve the industry's overall artificial intelligence application level,Create greater social value。& rdquo;

Orange B & B from Xishuangbanna is a loyal user of Meituan AI Smart Customer Service Assistant。Before AI help,The boss Liu Yanbin sets & ldquo; Set the template automatic reply+ordering artificial customer service & rdquo;,Guest feedback & ldquo;。& ldquo; AI Assistant is very powerful,It is also very interesting。One night busy driving and picking up guests,I don’t pay attention to the mobile phone,Open it and take a look,Small assistant talked to the guests half -bed! Finally, the guests are happy to order。The customer service now at night is handed over to it,I can 188bet app downloadfinally sleep well。& rdquo;

In addition to using scientific and technological means to help the landlord solve the pain points in the operation,Improve service level,In addition to improving user experience,Meituan B & B also launched the product that young people like to see & mdash; & mdash; free accommodation。In this upcoming May Day holiday,Free accommodation launched & ldquo; popular cities 0 yuan & rdquo; promotional activity,Picked up a new growth curve for the landlords。

& ldquo; Do you want to see the full city flying flowers? Want to blow the wind at Dianchi,Do you take the blue flower avenue in the middle of the teaching field? & rdquo; Meituan homestay Kunming landlord collection list of TOP1,A warm shouting on a sharing platform to talk to her friends who came to her & ldquo; home & rdquo; free to stop。The founder of the house, Say Say,She participated in Meituan & ldquo; free accommodation & rdquo;,Six consumers have been received one after another,Booking 10 guests will be booked next month,My own house is well received。& ldquo; The event can provide preferential benefits for new and old customers,can also help us add a new customer source、Get exposure。I hope to grow with the platform in the future,Expand more cooperation,Make consumers affordable,We also earn more。& rdquo;


▲ Yi Nian B & B sharing on social platforms & ldquo; free & rdquo; activity。Screenshot of the webpage

Through friends who know & ldquo; free accommodation & rdquo;。Say in her words,& ldquo; Daily must be drawn,Every time it is drawn & rdquo;。The only distressed before is,Can't get the city you just want to go,But recently,With the platform & ldquo; Team & rdquo; gameplay,This distress problem is solved。She said,The most satisfying thing in the entire event is the setting that can be changed for houses,The free houses that are drawn every day can be thrown out regularly,Share with each other with the team's friends,If you just want to go to this place,can be used reasonably,Open a trip that goes away。


▲ & ldquo; free accommodation & rdquo; team gameplay。Screenshot of the webpage

Relevant person in charge of Meituan B & B said,188bet app downloadOpen、Share、Technology -driven homestay,It is an important carrier for consumers to explore beautiful China。Through Meituan Homestay,Not only exploring beautiful users、The landlord in the shared room can go here、Gathering,Technology with advanced technology、Hard -working Aunt Cleaning Aunt、& ldquo; designer of generation & rdquo;、Butler ... can also participate in & ldquo; homestay & rdquo;,Contributions of their respective、Share beautiful,Let & ldquo; homestay & rdquo; beyond the basic function of & ldquo; live & rdquo;,It also carries the integration of nature and technology、Tradition and modern collision、Mature and Youth Dialogue。

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