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Following a new trend of cultural tourism consumption,Create a new supply of lead -type cultural tourism products
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April 30,Data announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,In the first quarter of 2024, domestic travel number 1.419 billion,increased by 203 million compared to the same period last year,increased by 16.7%year -on -year; domestic tourists spent 1.52 trillion yuan for tourists,increased by 2.22 trillion yuan over the previous year,increased by 17.0%year -on -year。This is undoubtedly a set of exciting numbers,The willingness to travel to the public will be further enhanced,Promoting confidence in cultural tourism enterprises,Travel economy accelerate recovery,FightingStep return to a long -term stable growth trend.

Not long ago,Hong Kong China Travel International Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; China Travel International & rdquo;) announced 2023 performance,It also shows the momentum of the industry's recovery。188bet app

In the past few years,China Travel International is created in the project、Product Empowerment Resources、Investment landing and other achievements are quite abundant。Create & ldquo in Shapotou Scenic Area in Ningxia; the best tourist hotel in Asia & rdquo; Desert Star Hotel and & ldquo; Desert Legend & RDQUO; Theme Entertainment Experience Project,Promote & ldquo; International Desert Tourism and Holiday Destinations & RDQUO;,Help to promote the rapid growth of tourists,Get rid of the ticket economy、Stimulate the potential for secondary consumption; in 2023, invest in seven high -quality projects such as Qiandao Lake National 5A Scenic Area & Hellip; & Hellip;


Behind these achievements, in addition to the recovery of the industry environment,We also see China Travel International Investment Capability、Operation ability、Product ability、Powerful support of the four core competitiveness of digital ability。Based on this,China Travel International is based on its own deep understanding of the cultural tourism industry,In terms of company strategy formulation and implementation,Firmly conform to the new trend of cultural tourism consumption、Create a new supply,Create the supply of lead -type cultural tourism products。


Shapotou Scenic Area Desert height sightseeing project desert flying

Through the new trend of the development of cultural tourism consumption,Zibo from & ldquo; index finger road & rdquo;、Tianshui,to & ldquo; Enshi、Build water,Cultural Tourism & ldquo; Explosive & rdquo; The two major factors produced are very clear: First, there is a related industry opening,Second is full of emotional value。China Travel International is in the process of continuously improving the business system and logic,Constantly seeking adaptation、Solution to lead the new trend of cultural tourism consumption。


I.& ldquo; Micro -short drama+cultural tourism & rdquo; take off at the new air outlet Exploring the new model of cultural tourism marketing

From "I am a stepmother in the 1980s" to "My Return to Wind",Since this year,Micro -short drama on various video platforms & ldquo; Fire & rdquo;。As an art form that is liked by the public,The advantages of micro -short dramas are self -evident: low threshold、Low cost、Communication wide。

January this year,The General Office of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the "Notice on the Development of & LDQUO; Following Short Drama to Travel & RDQUO;,In 2024, to create and broadcast 100 & ldquo; follow the micro -short drama to travel & rdquo;,Promoting a group of entity framing areas & ldquo; out of the circle & rdquo;,Form a batch of replicable、The promoted & ldquo; micro -short drama+cultural tourism & rdquo;,Create a new fashion that follows the micro -short drama & ldquo; check in & rdquo;。Micro -short drama has become a good local story、Empowerment of cultural tourism IP、An important part of promoting cultural tourism consumption。

March,China Travel International Traveling Qiandao Lake Scenic Area and Hainan Xintu Culture Media Co., Ltd.、Chun'an Qiandao Lake Tourism Group Co., Ltd.、The first cultural tourism micro -short drama jointly produced by Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Travel Culture Media Co., Ltd."Travel Miracle & Middot; Qiandao Lake"Come out。This micro -drama is shot on the field of Qiandao Lake,Discover with the characters、Time and Space Crossing、Scene experience and other forms,The Internet entertainment hotspot and the natural scenery of Qiandao Lake、Non -heritage culture、Humanities History、Food Specialties and other close combinations,Just a few days on the Douyin platform,There are more than 5 million people punch card to watch。



The first cultural travel 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinomicro -short drama "Travel Miracle & Middot; Qiandao Lake"

Except "Travel Miracle & Middot; Qiandao Lake",Customized drama "Love Wonderful House" filmed in the Zhongji and Ledu Valley of China Travel,Live in the Ledu Valley、Romantic architectural style and light comedy love plot combination,Create the label image of the healing romance & rdquo; Creating and romantic & rdquo; China Travel International Guangxi Regional Corporation's "Detian Little Theater" in Detian Scenic Area、The "Everyone's Word of Renren" series of micro -short dramas shot in the red city 100,Cross -country waterfall、Copper Drum Plaza、The ring of the sky、Emotional Uprising Memorial Park and other important tourist nodes are shooting backgrounds,The characteristics of the multinational culture through integration、The third hot topic of subjects in Guangxi,Relying on the form of a scenic drama vividly shows the local style and natural beauty。


Customized drama "Love Miao House" and "Detian Little Theater"

With the popularity of this series of micro -short dramas on the Internet,The consumer group on the network platform & ldquo;。

The reason,First, the micro -short drama is relaxed and entertaining,In the play, the heroine from derailed to career feelings double harvest,& ldquo; Cooling point & rdquo; clarity,Under the recommendation mechanism of big data information flow,More users are prone to stimulate curiosity、Become a high -stick fan。Second,The tender and healing plot in the play、The beautiful scenery also provides users with immersive & ldquo; online travel experience & rdquo;,Micro -short drama & ldquo; forced audiovisual & rdquo; and local cultural tourism & ldquo; strong experience & rdquo; combination,Turn micro -short drama stories and scenes into cultural tourism IP,Online and offline linkage,More conducive to attracting customers to travel,Promoting consumption landing。

Hold the Internet & ldquo; traffic password & rdquo; Do micro -short drama,China Travel International seized the current & ldquo; the highest cost performance & rdquo;。This is the most efficient method,It is also the formation of replicable & ldquo; micro -short drama+cultural tourism & rdquo; fusion,The way to explore new models that promote consumption。Combined with local cultural tourism characteristics,Drive the cultural tour scene & ldquo; out of the circle & rdquo;,Discover the new growth point of Cultural Tourism Consumption,It will become the development of high -quality content to drive the development of cultural tourism、New demonstration of promoting the integration of cultural tourism。


two,Deep cultivation of high -quality destinationsFrom & ldquo; to & rdquo; to & ldquo;

With the development and upgrading of the destination,Hotel no longer is not just accommodation,and separated from its own accommodation function,Become a destination with more emotions and lifestyles。During the destination and operation,,China Travel International focuses on high -quality formats,Performing & ldquo; Emotional value & rdquo;,Dig the locality of more products、Difference,Use & ldquo; scenic area+& rdquo; operation mode,Further reflect its interpretation of industry value,Thoughts of the supply -type supply of hotel products。

As the second phase of the desert Star Hotel,Desert Diamond Hotel is both the desert spirit & ldquo; the heart of diamonds in the desert & rdquo;,It is also the mission practice of China Traveling International Layout Shapotou & LDQUO; International Desert Tourism and Holiday Destinations & RDQUO;,It is the perfect epitome of China Travel International's deep -cultivating destinations。


Panorama Map of Desert Diamond Hotel


Shape the spiritual kernel calling emotional resonance

Look from the distance,Desert Diamond Hotel seems to be a star fragment that falls on the ground,The appearance of the diamond shape is shining in the boundless desert。Da Tianyaozhong,This star that can be reached,Can we bring us better hopes?The concept of desert diamond hotel wants to convey is the answer & mdash; & mdash;,Singing the essence of local culture,Explore the calmness and purity of the heart。


Desert Diamond Hotel

China Travel International's value mining for desert diamond hotels,It isNatural landscape、After in -depth excavation and analysis of the essence of the local humanities,By creating the accommodation itself into a foundation local、Unique emotional experience,Resonance with emotional resonance,Rich & ldquo; China Travel Holidays & RDQUO; Brand Connotation,forUsers provide high -quality destinations.

Based on this,Desert Diamond Hotel creates a complete desert cultural characteristic service chain,and provide desert stars in product settings、Worshiping Japanese yoga, etc.,Let users feel the unique desert stop experience。


Desert Diamond Hotel Night View

Winter Gull and Bird Flying、Summer cattle and sheep group,Lantu Lake Lanyue Hotel, Lugu Lake, Lugu Lake, Lijiang, Yunnan,With unique geographical location and excellent natural environment。In such a poetic distance,China Travel International 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinointegrates modern design elements with Lugu Lake in Lugu Lake Culture,Show the residence of poetry with alpine and grass,The convenience of modern life is integrated with the pattern of cultural settlement distribution,Free nomadic culture、Mysterious maternal society,Boat Lugu Lake,The user feels the relaxation of the crossing time and space,Really experience the local culture in the destination deeply。


Lantu Lake Lanyue Hotel

Located in Luzhou Yinlu & Middot; Guilibao Holiday Hotel in Zhangba Guiyuanlin Park, 4A Scenic Area,Incorporate Luzhou wine culture into Xiumei Garden landscape,Create the user to create a span -time and ancient building for users、Ancient wine culture dialogue space,The kernel of the Chinese -style artistic conception,Call for Chinese culture emotional resonance,It is also & ldquo; China Traveling Holidays & RDQUO; Brand's wonderful expression of & ldquo; living elsewhere & rdquo;。


Luzhou Yinlu & Middot; Guilibao Holiday Hotel


Destinations to build a product system as a whole

In recent years,China Travel International is focusing on creating Shapotou International Desert Tourism and Holiday destinations,Successful creation of Desert Star Hotel、& ldquo; Desert legend & rdquo; theme entertainment experience and other items。China Traveling International Combined with Shapotou's Tourist Scenic Spot's own resource endowment and regional cultural characteristics,Further promote the transformation of the scenic area to a composite vacation mode,Create an international desert tourism vacation destination。

Current,Shapotou Scenic Area has formed & ldquo; A+B & rdquo; two -wheel drive mode,& ldquo; National 5A -level scenic spot+desert theme vacation & rdquo;,Scenic Area is the foundation of development、Core,Formation with a resort hotel,Added each other、Promote each other。At the same time, the desert will be desert、Yellow River、Grassland、Stars and other resources are integrated,Create & ldquo; 1+3+1 & rdquo;、Yellow River Research Base+Desert Research Base+Grassland Research Base,Combined with the cash frog crossing,Forms the product system of Dashapot,constantly introduced new amusement projects,Rich Desert Theme Park。


Shapotou Scenic Area

The opening of the desert diamond hotel,It is making up for the blank of the vacation experience part of the hotel in Shapotou's destination,For high -end hotels、Public regional planning provides a clearer solution。It will also be connected with the existing layout items 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoin Shapotou Scenic Area、Noodles,Promoting Shapotou & ldquo; International Desert Tourism and Holiday Destination & RDQUO; Construction,Help destinations become characteristic tourist destinations that are regional and global,Keep long -term attraction。

Following the development trend、Lead the development trend,Create development trend,China Travel International Deeping Travel,The deep -seated logic and product system concept that can withstand the test of the market,Continuous development ideas and high -quality cases for the tourism industry。

2024,China Travel International continues to innovate and improve quality in the integration of cultural tourism、Steady forward。With the productivity in new quality、Exploration and attempts in the low -altitude economy and other aspects,Star Travel TSTAR、AI travel auctions and other products are ringing the new era of cultural tourism integration and travel experience,We look forward to seeing that China Traveling International interprets more possibilities,Bring more & ldquo; Broken circle & rdquo; spark。

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