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Global Destination Author of this article: Zhihui 2024-05-06
In January this January this year, the total number of Chinese tourists reached 280,000,The first place in the market in South Korea,recovery rate reaches 71%。
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April 26,Flying Pig signed a strategic cooperation agreement with South Korea Yingshibai Holiday City,In the future、Developed tourism products、Online and offline promotion activities to carry out extensive and in -depth cooperation,Create a richer experience together、Convenient one -stop traveling service。

Public information display,South Korea Yingshibai Resort is located in Yongzong Island, Incheon, South 188bet app downloadKorea,adjacent to Incheon International Airport,Covering the total area of ​​over 500,000 square meters,Provide accommodation、Play、Shopping、Catering、Entertainment and other services,Is the largest comprehensive leisure and fake city in South Korea。The internal facilities of the resort include three five -star hotel buildings,There are 1275 rooms in total,And South Korea's first multi -purpose performance venue to set up 15,000 seats,A 150 -meter -long immersive digital entertainment district and the controllable temperature with a multi -functional large -scale indoor dome water park。

According to statistics released by the Korean Tourism Development Bureau,In January this January this year, the total number of Chinese tourists reached 280,000,The first place in the market in South Korea,recovery rate reaches 71%,significantly improved from 49.8%in December last year。Flying Pig data display,During the coming May Day holiday,South Korea ranks among the popular outbound travel destinations。

& ldquo; Ying Shibai Resort City officially opened in March 2024,We 188bet sports betting app downloadhope that the brand can be fastened by Chinese consumers, especially young groups who love travel。& rdquo; Chen Si, president of Yingshibai Holiday City, said,Looking forward to Flying Pig's use of digital tools in the tourism industry、Brand marketing ability、Quality Tourism expert resources and other advantages,Help Yingshibai Resort found a breakthrough in rapid development in the Chinese market。

& ldquo; As an open platform,Flying pig hopes to help overseas merchants who are new to the Chinese market to better show service features,Establish more long -lasting brand influence,Then gain a certain business growth。& rdquo; Zhou Xiaochen, general manager of Flying Pig International Hotel, said,Flying Pig will provide a customized solution for Yingshibai Holiday City,While promoting the transaction,Pass the unique value of its brand,Help merchants develop future brand assets。

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