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Listed Group Author of this article: Zhihui 2024-05-07
"May 1st" holiday this year,China Travel Scenic Area Tourism Market will set off a wave,Travel popularity innovation high。
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Three products of three major products are new、Multi -tourism consumer products stimulate market vitality、A number of scenic spots revenue hit a record high & hellip; & hellip; this year & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;,China Travel Scenic Area Tourism Market will set off a wave,Travel popularity innovation high。During the holidays,China Traveling International Receive Tourists exceed 1.05 million,increased by 9%year -on -year。

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& ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; Holiday,China Traveling Scenic Area Rich Tourism Products,Many scenic spots continue to stage & ldquo; hot and hot & rdquo;。

May 2,"News Network" reports that the special activities of Shapotou Scenic Area are rich in holiday life,Showing tourists experience sheepskin raft non -heritage project、Circuit Camel and Desert Sand Slitting Projects。May 3,"News Broadcast" also reported the Dutian Transnational Waterfall Scenic Area,The popularity of the scenic area in the picture、Tourists like weaving。Xinhua News Agency will report a separate report on the cross -border experience of the China -Vietnam tourist cross -border tour of the two countries & rdquo;。


Exploring the new path of cultural tourism integration,is the scenic area & ldquo;。Xianyang Haiquan Bay combined with local regional historical and cultural characteristics and & ldquo; Qin Shimingyue & rdquo;,Launched & ldquo; Through Daqin & RDQUO; Incident topics,Remiss again & ldquo; Douyin local hot list & rdquo;。

188bet sports betting app downloadAs a representative scenic spot in Shenzhen,Splendid China & Middot; Folk Village has obtained the voice of CCTV CCTV-2 Financial Channel and the Voice of the Taiwan Greater Bay Area of ​​Central Radio and Television、Voice of Hong Kong and other media reports,The May 1st Special Event of the Splendid Rustle and the Traditional Chinese Tide Season and the Hunan Channel Style Style Culture Week attracted wide attention。


May 2,Lushan Xiufeng ropeway ushered in the peak of passenger flow,Revenue since the opening of the history of a single -day high。This year's Lushan destination has continued to rise,Many media、Big V reported on this Li Bai's writing & ldquo; Fei Liu went straight down for three thousand feet,Suspected of the Waterfalls of Galaxy Jiu Tian & RDQUO; Waterfall,Feel the magnificent China。


"China National Geography" reports on Lushan Xiufeng Waterfall

Travel products connected & ldquo; Shangxin & rdquo;,Rich tourist consumption experience

During the long holiday,China Travel International continuously optimizes the supply of cultural tourism products,Launched three major new products,Meeting the diverse needs of different tourists for quality vacation,bring more exciting to tourists、Unique travel experience。

May 1,The heavy resort hotel products under China Travel International & mdash; & mdash; Desert Star Hotel D District & Middot; Diamond (Hotel) Open trial business。As a desert star hotel resort product pyramid system, & ldquo; Tower spire & rdquo; product,Diamond Hotel Residents can enjoy the in -provincial pick -up machine、One -to -one service housekeeper、Service and other services such as Uchua Tong Scenic Area,Obtained praise from residents during the first trial operation。


On the same day,Designer brand hotel & mdash; & mdash; Lugu Lake Lanyue Hotel holding unveiling ceremony。The hotel is a new tourist destination boutique vacation brand 188bet app downloadof China Traveling vacation in the high -end hotel market,Design by well -known designer Xie Ke's knife,With its unique design concept and exquisite service experience,Build a high -quality vacation destination that is perfectly integrated with the natural environment。


The Taohuayuan Scenic Area of ​​the Garden recently opened the Taoxi Valley Project of Taohuayuan Scenic Area launched the corn peeling competition、Fun Jumping Ball、& ldquo; The wealthy of the real people & rdquo;,Attract many parent -child families around Changde, travel nearby。

The theme activities are in full swing, creating a strong holiday atmosphere

During the holidays,China Traveling Scenic Area relies on its own resources,Introduction of various rich and colorful、Various types of tourism consumer products。

First, the happy market is exciting。Qiandao Lake Scenic Area launched the Five 1,000 Island Lake Non -Legislative Happy Big Market,Focus on non -heritage experiments interact with parent -child,Create the atmosphere of a lively bazaar; Kurdina Scenic Area launched & ldquo;,Finding non -heritage & rdquo; Open Garden Activity,Folk performances and fascinating folk movements in the coexistence of shock and interest,The atmosphere of the holiday experience is full。


Second is the theme activity of vitality。To attract more tourists during the long vacation, check in the Scenic Area,Zhuhai Haiquan Bay takes & ldquo; Mysterious Island Caribbean Madam Season & rdquo;,Launched the beach carnival electronic music party、Phantom Romantic Fireworks Show and other activities,Warmly celebrate the newly opened park of the Mystery Island of the Caribbean Park,Back in a limited time to return to the Dragon Traveling Star Haiguang Film Festival,Let tourists play in May 1st; Xianyang Haiquan Bay launched & ldquo; May Day meets Haiquan Bay,Daqin's secret situation is waiting for you to come at & mdash; & mdash; & lsquo;,Carefully plan & ldquo; Extreme Challenge 188bet online sports betting& RDQUO; Class task,Let tourists experience Qin Feng Qin Yun in the form of & ldquo; challenge competition & rdquo;,Share an & ldquo; cultural feast & rdquo; Dali Erhai Ecological Corridor launched & ldquo;,May Day Loy & RDQUO; Theme activity,During the holidays, the number of citizens and tourists is twice the same period of 2023; Baishuiyang & Middot; Yixi Scenic Area launched & ldquo; Ya! Summer Magic Season & rdquo; Activity,Thousands of little yellow ducks bravely break through Baishui Ocean,Make every effort to create the atmosphere of May 1st Hi。


Third, cultural activities are attractive。During the holidays,& ldquo; Culture+& rdquo;,The Window of Shenzhen World launched the French Art Carnival Week and the 5th WOW Chaoyin Carnival,Bring French art carnival pure style performers and star music festivals for 5 days; splendid China & Middot; Folk Village launched the special event of the splendid prosperous national tide season and the Hunan Channel Talent Culture Week,Chinese service、Performing Arts、National、Minyi,& ldquo; Guo Chao & rdquo; Dongfeng,set off a wave of carnival; Lugu Lake Scenic Area launched & ldquo; May 1 Fun easy & middot; Hi playing Lugu Lake & rdquo;,Base with Mosuo style folk customs,A camping conference、Treasure hunt、Journey to the West to donate in series,Invite tourists to the banks of Lugu Lake;,Combined with the classic figures of Jin Yong's novels,Launched & ldquo; Centennial Jianghu Dream & RDQUO; Activity,will be national tide、Music、Game、CP and cruise depth link,Bring a chivalry immersive Jianghu Dream。

County tourism continues to heat up, & ldquo; Go to class & rdquo;

May 1st this year,The county tourism market becomes a new kinetic energy for cultural tourism consumption。Ctrip data display,Zhejiang Anji is the popular county tourist destination of this May 1st holiday。

Anji and Ledu Valley around natural scenery、Elf Meng pet、Celebration 188bet appCarnival and other elements,Launched & ldquo; Carnival Animal Festival & rdquo;,Create & ldquo; Fantasy Hill,Elf accompanying & rdquo; festival atmosphere,Single -day tourist reception hit a new high。

According to the "2024 & ldquo; May 1 & RDQUO; Tourism Trends Insight Report" released by Ctrip on April 16,Post -90s、Post -80s and other workplace migrant workers borrow May Day holidays to remove the & ldquo;。Shapotou Scenic Area launched & ldquo; and me & lsquo; five & rsquo; & middot; & lsquo; one & rsquo;,& ldquo; lying flat district & rdquo;、& ldquo; Touch the fish area & rdquo;、& ldquo; Research Institute & rdquo;、& ldquo; The strongest migrant king & rdquo;、& ldquo; Childhood Memories Area & RDQUO; Five activities release the pressure of young people in modern occupations。


Detian Transnational Waterfall Scenic Area Insight the younger generation of psychological characteristics,Provide a series of customized content,Launched & ldquo; & lsquo; fun & rsquo; De Tian & Middot;,Bring positive energy and positive incentives to young people,Promoting brand voice spread、Help the scenic area younger。Another,As a cross -border tourism cooperation zone,Scenic Area attracted many Vietnamese tourists to check in。& ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;。

Desert Star Hotel provides tourists with new full -time activities and & ldquo; transparent and sound & rdquo;、& ldquo; fun volleyball & rdquo;、& ldquo; kite windmill & rdquo; and other special activities,Meet the needs of tourists different travel needs。


Next,China Travel International will continue to innovate tourism consumption scene、Diversified Product Supply、Continuous upgrade service level,Each scenic area will continue to launch more highlights of cultural tourism activities,Create first -class tourist destinations for the majority of tourism consumers。

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