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Big Accommodation Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-07
The launch time of each "ace" will be presented through countdown form,Global users can apply for booking through Airbnb Audemars Piguet APP。
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May 2,AIRBNB Audemars Piguet welcomes grand classification "Ace",From global music、Film and Television、Art、Celebrity large coffees in the circle of sports and other circles transformed into the "Ace" landlord,Take you into the world that once existed in imagination。The first 11 "Ace" released by the first released is amazing & mdash; & mdash;,Open the fantasy journey; wake up from the Olympic Museum,Push the window to see the Olympic event; spend a wonderful night at the Ferrari Museum,Play speed and passion。Future,Audemars Piguet will successively launch more "ace" housing and experience,Feel the scene of life in all parts of the world!

& ldquo; Audemars Piguet welcomes the "Ace" for you to open the wonderful world that dare not be extravagant。& rdquo; Airbnb Audemines Piguet Welcome founder and CEO Brian Chesky said: & ldquo; Although people's life becomes more and more digital daily,We want the spiritual core of the trend culture carried by "Ace",Become the eyes of the new human exploration world,Dream of travelers' hearts into reality。& rdquo; 

The launch time of each "ace" will be presented through countdown form,Global users, including users in mainland China, can apply for booking through the Airbnb Aip 188bet appcounterpart APP。Fortunately, the selected tenant will receive an electronic version of the golden entry voucher。2024,Audemars Piguet will issue more than 4,000 gold -colored vouchers,Let people from all over the world have the opportunity to experience the extraordinary experience brought by "Ace"。

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Wake up from the Olympics Museum, see the Olympic event

The iconic bell tower in the Olympic Museum of Paris,Now the designer of the Paris 2024 Olympics and the main torch designer Matthew & Middot;,Become a luxury bedroom。On the observation platform,The tenant will enjoy the magnificent scenery along the coast of the Seine River,Can also witness the opening ceremony of the historic Olympic Games on the Seine River。


Live in Carl's Flying House

Live in the iconic & ldquo; Flying House & RDQUO; & Mdash; Yes,It really flys! We re -built Karl's house on the April Aitchu Crimson Rock in New Mexico,and highly restore every detail。Live & ldquo; Flying House & rdquo;,As more than 8,000 balloons lift off the ground,Vividly reproduce the adventure journey that allows Karl's fantasy and warm adventure。


Fantastic Night of the Ferrari Museum

Living in the famous Ferrari Museum in Malansro, Italy,The wonderful night of luxury racing and elegant interweaving。The tenant will wake up on the bed made of the same leather from the Ferrari leather seat,Mars of the Ferrari team ambassador and racer Mark & ​​Middot; Marc Gen & Eacute;,Enjoy the excitement caused by the roar of the engine,and watch the Emilia-Rome Grand Prix as a VIP。


Enter "X -Men 97" Marvel College

Go to West Costchest, New York, USA,Check -in Marvel X College,Experience the life of X -Men。You will master & ldquo; variant & rdquo; abilities,Even 188bet online sports bettingreceiving various challenge training in the danger room。


"Brain Agent 2" headquarters for night

Disney and Pixar's new film "Brain Agent Team 2" will be released in June,But you will be invited in advance at & ldquo; headquarters & rdquo; overnight,This is the emotional control center of the protagonist Riley。Landlord Lele will take you into her vibrant world,Seeing various emotional division of labor collaboration,Help Lelly to maintain psychological balance。


and & ldquo; speechless brother & rdquo;

Social media celebrities & ldquo; speechless brother & rdquo; Kabi & Middot; Khaby Lame invites you to his hometown of Milan,Enjoy the exciting game experience。You will stay in the unique game loft designed by Khaby personally,##His useless tips,It will also be with him the blood battle game "Fortress Night: Battle Royale"。


Together with the celebrities of comedy

Comedy Star Kevin & Middot; Kevin Hart will take you into the Coramino live lounge,Enjoy the night of celebrities。In this hidden underground bar,You will taste agave wine with Kevin and his friends,Appreciate the talk show performance brought by the industry's top comedian。


exclusive doja cat & ldquo; living room concert & rdquo;

The popular rap female singer Doja Cat has just ended the global grand tour,and she will bring you a lifelong unforgettable & ldquo; living room concert & rdquo;。This Grammy award -winning artist will bring you an unforgettable performance in your living room,Including her favorite songs and songs in the new album。


Live in the legend of the music scene Prince & ldquo; Ziyu & rdquo;

After the autobiographical movie "Purple Rain" was successful,Popular music wizard Prince bought one of the scenes of the movie,188bet appAlso his & ldquo; home & rdquo;。This house located in Mingnisa, Minnesota.。Lucky tenants will have the opportunity to enter the former residence of the legendary figure of the music scene,Listening to songs that have not been released。


Tour with the world tour with Feid

In a one -week time,Come on the road of Ferxxocalipsis World Tour with the well -known Colombian singer Feid。You will rehearse with the band staff,Live on the tour bus,Each performance can still enter the background。


Experience the life of Baoliwolves superstar

Zhanwei & Middot; Janhvi Kapoor invites you to stay in the Kapur family legendary house in Kimner, India,I have never opened to the public before。In this unique night of accommodation,Zhan Wei will receive you in person,Take you to understand her Bollywood Beauty Secret,Taste her favorite southern Indian cuisine。


Audemars Piguet "Ace" listing and experience will be presented as a characteristic classification on the Audemars Piguet platform。Most "ace" listings and experiences are free,The experience of charging does not exceed 100 US dollars per person (about 700 yuan)。

According to the latest data insights of Audemine Peter,,More than 80%of orders in the world are traveling for multiple people。In China,Three people and above multiplication popularity is also rising。So,Audemars Piguet welcomes new features synchronously,The itinerary planning for multiple people travel is more convenient


Sharing your wish list

Now,You can easily share your wish list with your fellow,Invite them to add remarks,Vote for listing,and adjust the date of travel and the number of tenants。When you share the housing information with others,Audemars Piguet APP will recommend using 188bet appa wish list,Add these houses in,You can also share and customize these wish lists。

New "Message" Center

Message Center has been redesigned after being redesigned,Everyone in the itinerary can contact the landlord/experience expert in group dialogue。Simplified design gathers all the main and guest interaction and user support message,Make search messages more convenient。Emoticon response function supports tenants/experience participants and landlords/experience experts use emoticons reply,Artificial Intelligence Help helps landlord/experience experts answer common questions faster。

Itinerary invitations

Artists from all over the world helped us draw electronic postcards,You can send it to others,Invite them to join the itinerary you book。Everyone who joins the itinerary can see all orders details,Including the complete address、Wireless network password and check -in instructions。

From now on,Global users, including users in mainland China, can browse the "Ace" series and use new functions for multi -person travel。

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