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Theme entertainment Author of this article: Kim Yongfang 2024-05-08
Focus on "Parent -Child+",Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Resort to play the parent -child travel market "Combination Boxing"
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With post -80s、The post -90s became the main force of the new generation of parents and the opening of the third child policy,More and more families choose & ldquo; take a baby to travel & rdquo; as a leisure way to enhance emotional exchanges and enjoy together。

Parent -child tourism has become an important tourism segment。According to the big data display released by the Chinese travel social platform Malaysia, Malaysia Honeycomb released on May 3,188bet Online Sports Betting and CasinoTongcheng trip published "2024 & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; Holiday Travel Trends Report",Parent -child travel、Cultural Tour、Food Tour and other deep experience gameplay is welcomed by young tourists。

According to the major & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; It is not difficult to see the travel report,Parent -child travel heat skyrocketed,Parent -child vacation needs accelerate release。Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Resort & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;,Parent -child tourists accounted for higher,Where,Core products in the resort & mdash; & mdash; Fantasy Valley & ldquo;,Recently upgraded primitive ecological animal world、Sea, land, air animal interaction and other projects are widely welcomed by parent -child tourists,Market response is enthusiastic。


1. Upgrade of parent -child travel productsPry & ldquo; Parent -child + & rdquo; New Vitality for Cultural Tourism Consumption

& ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; During the holidays, Xiangyang Overseas Chinese City Fantasy Resort Parent -Child Tour is relatively high,Parent -child family for experience、Animals、Demand for consumer scenarios such as performing arts,To meet the diverse needs of parent -child families for parent -child travel,Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Resort launched six major rejuvenation on the May 1st holiday: Screaming new equipment & mdash; & ldquo;、Cross the new universe & mdash; & ldquo; interstellar adventure 2.0 & rdquo; free experience、Science fiction new experience & mdash; "Number Player 4D"、Mengqu New Interactive & MDASH; & LDQUO; Sea Lion and her friends & rdquo;、immersed in the new area & mdash; the original ecological animal world renovation and the fantasy new national style & mdash;,Get richer to parent -child families、Play experience。


Fantasy Valley"Sea Lion and her friends" Animal interaction


Fantasy Valley & ldquo; Snow Monster's anger & rdquo;

According to statistics,More than 70%of the parent -child market is 80、post -90s,These parents generally pursue & ldquo; spiritual & rdquo;,On the one hand, I hope the child will see the world、Look at it、Explore the future,On the one hand, I hope to think about people and the world、People and nature、The relationship between people and people。Therefore, on the preferences of parent -child products,There are category differences in children's families at different ages。

12 years old and younger children in the cognitive development stage,Preference theme park、Dynamic and Botanical Gardens and other products with strong entertainment nature; older children pay more attention to humanistic connotation on tourism products、Pursue self -improvement,Museum、The research category becomes the demand orientation of such users。The demands of parent -child travel are going towards & ldquo; Exploring and asking for advanced growth inward & rdquo;,It needs richer category and more in -depth new consumption scenes。

Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Resort continues to discover children's interest in different ages、Stimulation and matching consumption needs of parent -child family,Continuous exploration in the depth of theme and experience。According to the needs of parent -child travel products according to parent -child families at different ages,Create a variety of parent -child travel products。

Qifu Childhood Parent -Child Paradise anchoring low -aged parent -child family,Based on & ldquo; Qi Qun Children's Children 188bet online sports betting& RDQUO; Original Story IP is the main line of cultural,With more than 100 top domestic and foreign top parent -child amusement projects,Create surpassed interactive immersive & ldquo; Natural textbooks & rdquo;。Parents accompanied their children & ldquo; experienced nature,Availe & rdquo; brand claim with the core,Create a companion natural parent -child park,Enjoy the parent -child play experience of the family;


Qiqu Childhood Parent -Child Paradise

Fantasy Valley as the new generation of large -scale theme land park as OCT,Parallel time and space,Universe exploration & rdquo; the theme,and with international amusement equipment、immersive technology venue、Wildlife theme area、Marine Animal World、Wonderful Performing Arts、Original IP and characteristic dining merchants as the core,Create & ldquo; One -stop & rdquo;,Suitable for old -age parent -child families;

Qimeng Beach Water Parkis & ldquo;,There are about 60%of the projects in the park suitable for parent -child family love,Create family patinical、Ocean theme packaging、188bet app downloadFour Seasons Variable Water Entertainment equipment,Meeting the entertainment water needs of tourists in all ages。Among them, & ldquo; Explorer Qidong & rdquo; Theme area has & ldquo; Mechanical Shuizhai & rdquo; & ldquo; Project,Summer entertainment demand to meet all -age parent -child families。


2. Multiple consumption scenarios,Construction & ldquo; parent -child+& rdquo; new format of cultural tourism integration

Data released by the official website of the National Bureau of Statistics,At the end of 2023, my country 0 & mdash; 15 -year -old population is 247.89 million people,7.6%of the national population。This 240 million children and the family needs behind them have spawned a new parent -child consumption form,Travel and Culture、Technology、Education、Camp、Sports、Sports、New needs such as summer avoidance、New business will accelerate integration and development。

Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Resort actively explores & ldquo; parent -child+& rdquo;,Create multiple parent -child consumption scenarios。

Focus & ldquo; Parent -child+amusement & rdquo;,Qiqu Childhood Parent -Child Paradise、Fantasy Valley、Qimeng Beach Water Park to gather the industry's leading level amusement equipment、immersed high -tech venue、The unprecedented amusement experience of the peculiar sea, land, air animal world,Realize parent -child amusement in the whole age;


Fantasy Valley & LDQUO; Fantasy Nights Light Patrol & RDQUO;

Create & ldquo; Parent -child+performing arts & rdquo;,Qifu Childhood Parent -Child Paradise created an immersive performing arts "Let's go!" Dr. "and large mobile float parade、Various zero -distance interactive performances such as clown and handcolor magic performance,For each family & ldquo; Dream & rdquo;。Fantasy Valley creates & ldquo;,Bring you voice、Color、Light、Audiovisual feast of shadow;


Qifu Childhood Parent -Child Paradise "Let's go!" Dr. "performers

Construction & ldquo; parent -child+research & rdquo;,The well -known research team in the United Nations in the resort,Implement the natural educational concept of education and music,Create a research brand & ldquo;,Innovative development of more than 180 special curriculum modules and more than 60 research theme products,Cultivate children's core literacy and comprehensive practice ability from multiple dimensions,Stimulate children's interest in exploring nature;

Innovation & ldquo; Parent -child+sports & rdquo;,Fusion of fun childhood parent -child park equipment、Performing Arts、Animals and other resources,Create a star event & ldquo;,Set 5 theme areas,and Qunqu Sports Experience,Suitable for children aged 4-12,Meeting different challenges of parent -child families,​​Create text、body、Entertainment one -stop parent -child activity;


Qunzhuo Parent -Child Paradise & LDQUO; Super Anime Warriors Challenge & RDQUO;

Deep plowing & ldquo; parent -child + service & rdquo;,Relying on enthusiasm、Intimate、Patience、Rest assured、Happy service concept,Create the parent -child service system accompanying the whole process,Parents of a parent -child family、Children provide more humane、targeted service;

Huanxin & ldquo; Parent -child+cute pet & rdquo;,In the fun childhood parent -child park,Parent -child families can be with dolphins、Alpine、Dwarf horse and other cute pets interact,Fantasy Valley renovated and upgraded primary ecological animal world and & ldquo; Sea Lion and her friends & rdquo;。


Qiqu Childhood Parent -Child Paradise

Xiangyang Overseas Chinese City Fantasy Resort continues to deepen & ldquo; parent -child+& rdquo; cultural tourism consumption scene,Innovation and development of traditional parent -child travel field,Actively explore more & ldquo; parent -child + & rdquo; consumption,Bring more diversion for parent -child families、Personalized selection。


3、Focusing & ldquo; Parent -child+& rdquo;,Establish a new benchmark for one -stop parent -child vacation

In recent years,With the improvement of people's living standards and the change of consumption concepts,Parent -child travel market has shown a significant diversification and quality trend。This trend is not only reflected in the choice of travel destinations,More in the travel experience、Service and supporting facilities are fully reflected。Where,Parent -child hotels as an important part of parent -child travel,Its continuously improved supporting facilities and service quality,It has promoted the vigorous development of the entire parent -child travel market。

Xiangyang Overseas Chinese City Fantasy Resort Focusing on Parent -Child Family,Around the fun childhood parent -child park、Qifu Childhood Hotel,Play low young parent -child micro -vacation & ldquo; Combination boxing & rdquo;。


Qifu Childhood Hotel

Qifu Childhood Hotel as a supporting parent -child theme hotel as a fun childhood parent -child park,Parent -child travel vacation、Parent -child leisure and entertainment、Parent -child accommodation catering and other multi -functional integration,In addition to providing an immersive theme accommodation service,Also provide children's bathroom for family guests、Children's intimate small objects、Children's entertainment facilities and other all -round high -quality parent -child services。

Demand for guests of infant families,Provide crib、Special services for infant products such as babies,and equipped with club -style parent -child restaurants、Featured theme Parent -Child Activity Area、Parent -child gathering Multifunctional Hall and other all -round & ldquo; parent -child+housekeeper & rdquo; service mode,Help parent -child families gain high -quality parent -child vacation experience。


Qifu Childhood Hotel

Resort focuses on family tourists in all -age groups,Surrounded by Yunhai Hotel、Yunhai & Middot;,Create a family holiday product。Yunhai Hotel is the core of the ocean theme,It is a collection of tourism vacations、Business Conference、Tangquan Health、Leisure and Entertainment、High -end immersive marine theme vacation hotels, such as accommodation, catering and other functions。


Yunhai Hotel

Yunhai Hotel has a family room、Parent -child suite and other marine theme rooms,Super Large 360 ​​& Deg; Panorama Underwater World and other facilities,Meeting the diversified needs of guests,Provide a one -stop luxury experience for family tourists in the whole age。

Yunhai & Middot; Li Chengfang Hospital as the Three Kingdoms Cultural Theme Hotel,Integrate leisure vacation and cultural experience,Let tourists enjoy ancient rhyme vacation time,Its special panda -themed room,Provide a richer accommodation selection for parent -child families。


Yunhai & Middot;

At the same time,Resort focuses on & ldquo; Parent -child research night stay & rdquo;,Surrounded by Fantasy Valley、Two Paradise, Childhood Parent -Child Paradise、Explore Camp Center,Create research+night stay & ldquo; one -stop & rdquo; vacation product。Explore the center of the camp can meet about 1,000 people at the same time,It is a collection of tourism vacations、Leisure and Entertainment、Research Class and other multi -function -based all -year -old outdoor camps。

The center of the camp has a dormitory shell tent and apartment parent -child tent,Not only can satisfy the student team and the expansion team collective check -in,You can also provide a tent -type check -in for parent -child families。


Explore Camp Center

To satisfy the high quality of consumers for parent -child travel、Diverse requirements,Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Resort constantly explores and innovate,In -depth insight into the advanced needs of consumers in the creation of vacation products。Paste the needs of tourists through accurately,Developed more targeted and attractive vacation products,Constantly improving supporting facilities at the same time,Occupation market with differentiated products and services,Meeting the increasingly diverse travel needs of consumers。

Adhering to the brand concept of China's new holiday & rdquo;、& ldquo; Empower the joy and beautiful & rdquo; vision for more Chinese families,Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Resort with & ldquo; parent -child+& rdquo;,Create & ldquo;,Four theme parks & mdash; & mdash; Fantasy Valley large -scale universe exploration theme park、Qimeng Beach Water Park、Qiqu Childhood Parent -Child Paradise、Yunhai Tangquan,The first urban cultural tourism new life town & mdash; & mdash;,Seven theme Hotel Yunhai & Middot;、Yunhai Hotel、Qifu Childhood Hotel、Explore Camp Center、Hotel -style apartment、Resort hotel、Gaoxing Hotel in the Central Business District,Links linking each product to form a unique parent -child vacation route,Provide more choices for parent -child family vacations,Create a one -stop parent -child vacation destination。


Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Resort

With the rapid growth of the Chinese parent -child cultural tourism market,Parent -child travel、Research Travel、Camp vacation、Parent -child agriculture and other industries flourish,Promote & ldquo; Parent -child+& rdquo; Cultural Tourism Fusion,Create a new cultural tourism format,It has become an important path to promote the innovation and upgrade of the cultural tourism market。

Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town Fantasy Resort Deepen Parent -Child Tour and Cultural Tourism Experience Upgrade,Create the first one -stop parent -child vacation brand,Actively explore all -round、Multi -layered & ldquo; parent -child+& rdquo; consumer scene,New trend to lead parent -child vacation,Establish a new benchmark for the travel industry,Provide higher quality for parent -child families、More creative parent -child vacation selection。

Future,Xiangyang Overseas Chinese City Fantasy Resort will continue to cultivate the parent -child cultural tourism market,Continuously innovate parent -child vacation products and services,Meeting the increasingly diverse cultural tourism consumption needs of parent -child families,New development of parent -child cultural tourism,Bring a better vacation experience to parent -child families。

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