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The popular "out of the circle" through the Internet,It is an important opportunity for the exposure of the cultural tourism destination to be exposed and attracted more tourists。
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With & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;,Various tourist destinations have surrendered a dazzling transcript。May 8,Tongcheng travel invested in the fourth generation of China & ldquo; Internet celebrity city & rdquo;,Literary landmarks to the PC era,New favorite in the short video era,These cities not only explode in a certain period,It also showed different styles during the May 1 holiday of this year。

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Sanya and Zhangjiajie are the representatives of domestic tourist cities & ldquo;。From the end of the 1970s to the early 1980s,Two cities have successively used tourism as a key city in the city。A song "Please come to the End of the End of the End of the End",Let the whole world know the End of the End of Sanya,The arrival of Wu Guanzhong's painter,Let a deep mountain forest farm in Hunan a & ldquo;。After years of development,The tourism industry has become & ldquo;。

The data performance of the two cities in this year & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;。Tongcheng travel data display,This year & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;,Sanya Scenic Area booking heat increased by 38%year -on -year,Travel search heat increased by 46%month -on -month。Hot attractions include Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area、Wuzhizhou Island、Sanya Evergreen、Tianya Haijiao and West Island Marine Cultural 188bet Online Sports Betting and CasinoTourism Zone。On the major bay mouths of Sanya,Gathering many high -end vacation hotels、Duty -free shopping、Surfing Movement、Music performances and outdoor camping activities,Make Sanya a tourist destination for non -off -season all year round。& ldquo; Sanya has no winter,No off -season & rdquo; Become a true portrayal of the local tourism industry。


Tongcheng travel data display,Zhangjiajie & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; During the period of the hotel reservation, the popularity increased by 46%year -on -year,Travel search heat rose 77%month -on -month。Natural scenery of Tianmen Mountain and Wulingyuan,Tianzishan Copy Way built by Zhangjiajie、Bailong Ceremony and Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass plankwa,attracted many tourists to come to challenge。Wing -installed flight and mountain bicycle race and other top events and outdoor projects,Not only enriches the experience of tourists,It has also evolved from the top of Zhangjiajie to & ldquo; International Zhang & RDQUO;。


PC era literary landmarks: too late & ldquo; overpilling & rdquo;,constantly turning red

Around 2000,The rapid development of domestic free travel,& ldquo; Literature & rdquo; and & ldquo; utine & rdquo;,Xiamen and Dali have become literary landmarks in people's minds。In recent years,CityWalk Rise,The hit TV series "End" and "Place of the Wind" are viewed in Xiamen and Dali,Let cities that have never faded out of people's attention continue to increase new cultural connotations,attracts the attention of young tourists。


Since the rise of literary youth and backpackers in 2003,The literary atmosphere of Gulangyu, Xiamen attracts countless tourists。Tongcheng travel data display,This year & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;,Xiamen Scenic Area reservation heat increases by 49%year -on -year,Travel search heat rose 103%month 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casino-on -month。Gulangyu、Jimei Village and other popular attractions are still crowded,Xiamen is not only the yearning of literary youth,More through music、Diversified activities such as beaches and art festivals,enriched the travel experience of the city。


1982,Dali was evaluated in China for the first historical and cultural city。The TV series "Tianlong Babu" aired in 2003,Let more tourists know Dali。This year's May Day holiday,Dali Hotel's reservation heat rose 49%year -on -year,Scenic area reservation heat rose 122%year -on -year。Dali Ancient City、Shuanglang Ancient Town and other scenic spots continued to be hot,Shaxi Ancient Town and Fengyangyi have also become the new net red punch place。


short -term frequency first wave of traffic: always & ldquo; wealth & rdquo;,It is difficult to be copied

In recent years,Short video becomes an important window for urban tourism brand communication。Xi'an、Chongqing、Chengdu、Changsha and other cities become the first wave of beneficiaries of short video traffic。These original history is long、Economic developed、Convenience of traffic、New first -tier cities with relatively complete infrastructure,It has the advantage that it is difficult to copy,Throughout the year & ldquo; domineering list & rdquo; various travel lists,Become the real & ldquo; top flow & rdquo;。

2017 to 2018,Short videos such as Hongya Dong night scene and Liziba Light -track building make Chongqing a net red city。According to the same trip data,This year & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;,Chongqing Hotel Booking Hot ranking nationwide,Scenic Area Booking Hot National Ten。Baidi City、Qutangxia and other scenic spots attracted a large number of tourists,Chongqing's three -dimensional magic city features make it a punch place for young tourists。


The bowl of wine and 188bet sports betting app downloadthe tumbler in Xi'an became a segment that people remember from 2018 to 2019。Tongcheng travel data display,2024 & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; Holiday,Xi'an Hotel Booking Hot Ranking Top Ten,Qin Shizhuang Mausoleum Museum、The Shaanxi History Museum is all on the top 10 of the domestic popular museums in China。Datang No Night City、Terracotta Warriors and other attractions become a must -visit place for tourists,Qin Shimingyue and Datang Fenghua are fascinating,Lighting night view and rich cultural experience of contemporary Xi'an,It allows people’s cultural nostalgia for placement。


Short video new traffic: Who did the wealthy wealthy wealth come today?

& ldquo; Small city & rdquo; Become the core keyword of this year & ldquo; May 1st & rdquo;。Tongcheng travel data display,This year & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; Holiday,Domestic hotel reservations in dozens of small cities under dozens of small cities have increased more than double。In fact,Since 2020,More and more small cities,With a short video fire throughout the network,Then people discover more cultural tourism highlights,Then become a new hot spot in cultural tourism consumption。


2020-2021,Tibetan boy Ding Zhen and Ganzi & ldquo; Internet celebrity director & rdquo; Liu Hong's short video has become popular,Ganzi has also become the longing for countless young tourists。This year & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; Holiday,Ganzi Hotel reservation on the Tongcheng Travel Platform rose 67%year -on -year,Scenic area reservation heat rose more than 7 times year -on -year。Luding Bridge、Daocheng Aden and other scenic spots become popular choices,Ganzi's natural scenery and national style are loved by tourists。

2023 Zibo barbecue becomes a hot spot for the whole network,Since then, Zibo Cultural Tourism and local citizens have issued big moves,The enthusiastic hospitality of Shandong people becomes vivid stories 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoand intimate details through short videos,Fire all over the river。This year & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; Holiday,Zibo's tourism popularity does not decrease,The market of the eight major situation is still the crowd of people,Haiyu Lou Zhongshu Pavilion also repeatedly restricted,Red Leaf Geyan Tourist Area and other scenic spots will become a new choice for tourists to explore Zibo。


Tianshui Spicy Hot Word in March this year,Since then, the popularity of tourism has continued to rise。Tongcheng travel data display,This & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;,Tianshui Hotel's reservation heat increases 59%year -on -year,Scenic area reservation heat increases by 138%year -on -year。Mai Jishan、Fuxi Temple and other attractions are favored by tourists,The historical culture and food culture of Tianshui successfully attracted the attention of tourists。


The popularity of the Internet & ldquo; out of the circle & rdquo;,It is an important opportunity for the exposure of the cultural tourism destination to be exposed and attracted more tourists。How to convert traffic into travel consumption,Turn & ldquo; Internet celebrity & rdquo;,It also needs to continuously enrich the cultural connotation of the city,Improving tourism experience and service reception capabilities。With the continuous recovery and prosperity of the tourism market,I believe that these cities can continue to attract tourists from all over the world with their unique charm,New & ldquo; Net Red City & RDQUO;,Provide tourists with more travel choices。

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