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Cultural Tourism and Huiyao Author of this article: Zhihui 2024-05-10
Daily Cultural and Tourism Event Speed ​​Exploration
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Travel hotels fall across the board, and the turnover shrinks 

May 8th, the market for the tourist hotel sector is not good,Choice dataShow Tourism Hotel Index (BK0485) closed 1.82%,Newspaper 13183 points,The turnover is 5.806 billion yuan,Atrophy compared to the previous day。Decoration Building Material Index (BK0476) also fell 1.61%,Newspaper 11126,turnover of 5505 billion yuan。Solid stocks,Lingnan Holdings(SZ: 000524) Falling more than 4%,and China Travel Union (SH: 600358)、National Mai Culture (SH: 600640)、Junting Hotel (SZ: 301073)、Dalian San Ya(SH: 600593) and other stocks fell more than 3%。Jiu Travel supply chain stocks are also poor,Shiji Information (SZ: 002153)、Emperor Oujia (SZ: 002798) fell more than 4%,Actual Home (SZ: 000785)、Mengjie (SZ: 002397)、Songlin Technology(SH: 603992), etc., fell more than 3%.

Junting Hotel plans to sign 60 hotels this year

Junting Hotel announced at the performance briefing on May 9th,2024 plan to sign about 60 hotels。The revenue of the company's direct store in the May holiday is close to 9 million yuan,increased by 20%year -on -year,Compared with 2019,The average actual revenue (REVPAR) for each room for rental 188bet approoms increases by 15%。In addition,Junting Hotel is expected to exceed the number of newly -opened hotels exceeding the number of new contracts,Junlan brand as the leading brand in the domestic resort hotel market,About 100 hotels are currently actively preparing for opening,Since the beginning of the year,Nearly 20 hotels have entered the preparation stage before the opening。

Kebipuski Hotel Group will open a new hotel in Vietnam

Recently,Kebipuski Hotel Group announced that cooperation with Vietnamese developer Ecopark Corporation,Developed Kobaski Saigon River Hotel in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City,It is expected to open in 2026。Hotels from Kengo Kuma & associates design,90 rooms and 10 suites will be provided,and a 1500 -square -meter spa center。This project is part of 55 hectares of comprehensive real estate,Kebierski Group operates 82 hotels in 35 countries around the world,There are more than 28 still under construction。


Destination of the destination investment barometer

Shanghai Cultural Tourism Bureau jointly issued a reward policy with multiple departments

Recently,Shanghai Business Committee、8 departments including the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau jointly launched the "Several Measures for Shanghai to further promote the linkage of business and signs to expand consumption",It aims to deepen the linkage of business and sports exhibitions,Attract and expand consumption。Policy proposed,Travel agencies have successfully attracted no less than 5,000 people to enter the country in Shanghai and stay in Shanghai for at least 2 days.,It will get a one -time reward of 500,000 yuan。In addition,For the online travel platform,If you can link to the domestic and overseas market linkage、Hotel、Tourist scenic spots and other promotional activities,The cumulative attraction of not less than 1 million times during the year is not less than 1 million.,and overseas tourists account for no less than 15%,It will receive a maximum funding support of 5 million yuan。

Investment 284 million yuan,Gansu's first tourist destination service area is put into operation

The first multifunctional tourist destination service area in Gansu Province & mdash; & mdash; Taishi service area & ldquo; Luohe Ruyi Bay & rdquo;。The total investment of the project is 284 million yuan,Covering more than 100 acres,Parent -child paradise、Food Street、Camp、Peony Garden and Water Sports and other formats。Relying on the advantages of highway,Combined with local natural scenery and cultural resources,The service area aims to provide parent -child travel、Water activity、New experience for vacation tour and special tourism。At the same time,As a development of Luyan Economy as Gansu Province、One of the first batch of the first batch of 100 billion -level industrial clusters,It will promote local economic development,Provide new travel choices for residents in Lanzhou and surrounding areas。

Zhangjiajie Tianxin Lake Tourist Resort project signing contract,Total investment 160 million yuan

Recently,The signing ceremony of the project of Tianxinhu Tourism Resort was held,The People's Government of Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City、Zhangjiajie Economic Investment Group Maoyan 188bet sports betting app downloadRiver Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and Hainan Yunjintian Tourism Management Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation development agreement。Tianxin Lake Tourist ResortTotal investment is 160 million yuan,Planning land about 400 acres,about 50 acres of construction land,Plan is divided into two phases、Completed in 3 years in use。The first phase will build a heart tower、Heart Road、Tourist Service Center and supporting facilities; the second phase includes Suxin Forest Wild Holidays、Global Umbrella and helicopter experience items。The project is located in the Maoyan River Tourist Scenic Area,With rich natural resources and folk culture,It is designed to build a new landmark for tourism and tourism in the West。


Fast Condition Brand Information Submit

Kuaishou & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; Group purchase GMV increased by 420%year -on -year

The "Old Iron User & Ldquo; May 1 & RDQUO; Group Purchase Festival Consumption Report" released by Kuaishou "shows,During the holiday period, the total transaction value of the platform group purchase (GMV) increased by 420%year -on -year,Average daily payment user increases by 417%。In addition,Brand merchants in the transaction of the fast -hand platform,One order every three orders attract new customers。

Suning Tesco Start 618 Promotion

May 9,Suning Tesco announced the full launch of its 2024 618 promotion activity,This year particularly emphasized offline participation,and launched five major plans,The target is the extensive coverage of thousands of cities and thousands of stores。The 618 major promotion of Suning Tesco will start from June 17,Plan deepening 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoand Meituan、Are you hungry、Cooperation of local living platforms such as Douyin,To improve the efficiency of the delivery service of the same city。During the promotion period,Suning Tesco Plan is new or reinstalled 106 stores,and implement & ldquo; big shop strategy & rdquo;,The nationwide core city launched the Suning Yijia Max、Suning Tesco Pro and other large shops。These measures are designed to accelerate physical retail layout,and through a diversified cooperation strategy,Enhance Suning Tesco's competitiveness in the retail market。

Zhao Yiming snacks exceeded 4,000 nationwide stores

Zhao Yiming snacks achieved significant results during the May holiday,Total sales increased by 198.5%year -on -year,At the same time, 318 new store opens。April,The brand has reached 618 in the number of newly -signed stores nationwide,Refresh the record of a single monthly sign store。As of April 30, 2024,Zhao Yiming snacks are very busy with the total number of group stores with more than 9,000,Among them, the number of Zhao Yiming snack stores exceeds 4,000 mark。

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