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Grand Scenic Area Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-14
"My Altay" since the launch,A ticket reservation to Altay increased by more than 50%month -on -month。
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Recently,The mini -series "My Altay" ushered in the finale。The drama is the kernel of poetic、Gorgeous pictures and are popular with the audience,After the premiere of CCTV, the ratings reached the top,Repeated heat lists on major social media。

The hit of the drama also brought the tour of Altay。Altay region is located in northern Xinjiang,and Russia、Kazakhstan、188bet Online Sports Betting and CasinoMongolian Three Kingdoms borders,A reputation of & ldquo; Jinshan Yinshui & rdquo;。Official information display,Altay region not only has Kanas、Cocoa Tuohai、Three famous 5A tourist attractions in Baisha Lake,Still ice and snow tourist resort。

& ldquo; Altay fully satisfies the expectations of poetry and the distance & rdquo; & ldquo; I want to go to Habahe County, which I want to go to Haba River, which is recommended by Ma Yizheng, & hellip; & hellip;,Even many people have already gone & rdquo;。Flying Pig data display,"My Altay" since the launch,Altay travel search popular on the platform increases greatly by 5 times,A ticket reservation to Altay increased by more than 50%month -on -month,Car rental reservation increases by nearly 1 times last week。


The cost -effectiveness of recent travel to Altay is still higher

As the weather is warming,188bet appAltay Travel is about to usher in the peak season。But the reporter found,The current price -performance ratio of traveling to Altay is still higher。Taking air tickets as an example,May 15th reporter saw on the Flying Pig APP,May 15th Beijing、Shanghai、Shenzhen、Hangzhou、Chengdu and other places direct flights or go to Altay's ticket,The lowest price is less than 1,000 yuan,even partially as low as less than 600 yuan; the cost of local high -star hotels is basically two or three hundred yuan a night; the car rental at Altai Airport's car is less than 100 yuan per day,& ldquo; The way of traffic connection of airplane+car rental & rdquo;。

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