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Tongcheng Travel: Diving for a large air ticket price after the May Day holiday,The peak period drops nearly 20 %

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The hotel's booking price has also dropped significantly after the festival,Among them, the average 188bet app downloadprice of Samsung -level hotels decreases the most obvious。

& ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; After the holidays,Ticket prices are gradually falling at peak hours。Display of Tongcheng Travel Display,The first week after the 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoholiday,Domestic air ticket prices decreased by nearly 20 % compared to the peak hours of holidays,The average price of international air tickets decreased by more than 10 % compared to the festival。& ldquo; 错 Peak Tour & RDQUO;。

On the Tongcheng Travel Platform,Fly to Chongqing in Beijing in the next month、Kunming、Fuzhou,Shanghai to Guangzhou、Shenzhen、Harbin and other popular routes,Special offer tickets below 1.5 % off。In terms of international air tickets,A ticket from Beijing to Seoul on May 11th (excluding tax) is as low as 8 yuan,Beijing、Tickets from Shenzhen to Ho Chi Minh City (excluding tax) are also as low as 100 yuan。


Hotel booking price also decreases significantly,Among them, the average 188bet app downloadprice of Samsung -level hotels decreases the most obvious,The average price of a three -star hotel staying one week after the festival decreases by 32%compared with the festival,Four -star and five -star hotel reservations decreased by 27%and 22%compared with the section, respectively。

Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Tongcheng Research Institute,After holidays, it is usually a good time for peak tours,Ticket、Hotel prices have fallen compared to holidays,Scenic area traffic has decreased at night,Can get a better travel experience。

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