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Cultural Tourism and Huiyao Author of this article: Zhihui 2024-05-15
Daily Cultural and Tourism Event Speed ​​Exploration
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Hyatt Hotel Group's net profit increased by 522 million US dollars in the first quarter

Hyatt Hotel Group's first quarter financial report show,Group's net profit increased by 5.5%year -on -year,reached 522 million US dollars,The average system of the full system is available for rental revenue (REVPAR) growth。Global one -price full -price resort's package package income increased by 11%。Hyatt's expected net profit will be between 1.135 billion and $ 1.195 billion。During the period,Group 12 new hotels,A total of 2425 rooms,About 670 hotels that have signed a management or franchise contract,involved about 129,000 rooms。

United Ministry of Cultural Tourism5 departments release smart tourism innovation development action plan 

May 13,The General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Central Network Information Office、National Development Reform Commission、The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Data Agency issued the "Smart Tourism Innovation Development Action Plan",It aims to promote the collaborative innovation of 5G technology and smart tourism。The plan will increase the tourist attraction of the national level 4A or above、5G network coverage of key tourist areas such as national 188bet sports betting app downloadtourism resort,and optimize service quality。At the same time,Digging the application potential of 5G technology in the field of tourism,Such as video surveillance、Real -time transmission and driverless driving,Promote the pilot project and solution of 5G+smart tourism,To promote the development of tourism innovation。

Hengyang City and Hunan Dianguang Media Cooperative Development Dongzhou Island Culture Travel Project

May 12,Hengyang Municipal Government and Hunan Electric Media Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement,Work togetherDongzhou IslandCultural Tourism Project.The project is planned to use & ldquo; culture+technology+tourism & rdquo; fusion mode,aimed at promoting local culture、Deep integration of technology and tourism industry,To promote the development of regional economy。The cooperation project is & ldquo; Thousands of years of Youth Dongzhou Island & rdquo;,It will use digital technology to enhance the cultural tourism experience,Focus on the development includes digital Panthan Academy、Pingsha Luoyan Mechanical Lights and Shadow Water Show、"Wonderful friends"" Mango Meng Pet Park and theme Style Commercial Street, including the four core products,It aims to provide tourists with a variety of cultural tourism experiences。


Destination of the destination investment barometer

Investment 2.78 billion yuan,Zhuhai Wanshan builds an island to live in Kangyang Project

Recently, ZhuhaiWanshan Ocean Development Pilot ZoneSigned a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Qiangyou Group,It will be on the Wanshan Islands (Guishan Island、Dongao Island、Wai Ling Da Island) Develop islands Living Kangyang Project,Total investment 188bet online sports bettingreached 2.78 billion yuan。The project aims to createTourist tourism、Leisure vacation、Comprehensive cultural tourism project that integrates cultural experience and Kang STD。The plan includes the development of recuperation、Business、Hotel and other formats,and introduce low -altitude sightseeing、Water Sports、Specialty cultural tourism activities such as diving experience,Carry out life technology at the same time、Visitor Tour and Featured String Island Tour,Create a tourist product that combines the characteristics of the island and the theme of Kangyang。

Jiaxing North and South LakeKaiyuan Senbo ResortIt is expected to start business in June

According to & ldquo; Sea salt publish & rdquo; message,Zhejiang Jiaxing North and South Lake Kaiyuan Senmo Holiday Park Project has entered a comprehensive debugging stage,The main project is completed,The ending of internal decoration and landscape engineering is undergoing,It is expected to begin trial business in mid -to -late June。This project is a boutique vacation、Qun fun、Food and Business Exhibition as a whole age, all -age, all -weather leisure tourism vacation complex。Holiday Park has 30,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor water parks、2300 square meters of children's park,and Tangquan Center、Theme restaurant、All -day restaurant、Facilities such as Chao Play Bar and Banquet Center,Total land area is about 550 acres。The park is expected to provide 439 rooms,Including water boat houses、Hubin Castle、Special Accommodation Experience and other characteristic accommodation experience。

Inner Mongolia issued 188bet appa plan to create & ldquo; navigation+cultural tourism & rdquo; new business card

Recently,The General Office of the Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region issued the "Implementation Plan for the Development of General Aviation Industry",Plan to improve the low -altitude travel route,Create air sightseeing products,Promote the development of the whole season of low -altitude tourism,Support the establishment of low -altitude tourism brands such as Hulunbuir and other regions。At the same time,Promote the fusion of low -altitude tourism and aviation sports,Development of aviation sports activities,Promote the upgrade of tourist products to experience type,Use cultural creativity and publicity media to expand the influence of aviation activities,Promoting the integration and development of the aviation industry。The launch of this scheme aims to develop low -altitude tourist routes、Special Aviation Flying Camp and & ldquo; Navigation+Cultural Culture & RDQUO; Products,Create & ldquo; Navigation+cultural tourism & rdquo; new business card。


Fast Condition Brand Information Exchange

Mingchuang Youpin plans to open thousands of stores worldwide

Mingchuang Youpin is planned to be actively expand this year,It is expected to add about 600 new stores overseas,and add about 400 stores in China。May 13,The company's stock price rose to 3.38%,Quotation 50.4 Hong Kong dollars,For new high since November 2023,Cumulative increase in the year reached 25%。Chief Financial Officer Eason Zhang prediction,Overseas market sales account for more than half in the next two to three years,More than 35%last year。

Taobao 618 Shopping Festival issued 330 million merchants subsidies

May 14,Tao Tian GroupAnnounced a series of measures,It aims to reduce the operating cost of merchants during the upcoming 618 shopping festival。Where,Taobao distributed a rookie wrap subsidy voucher package with a total value of nearly 330 million yuan,Merchants can receive up to 1,000 yuan subsidy。In addition,The pre -sale session of the Tmall 618 Shopping Festival will be canceled,Change to the first round of sales at 8pm on May 20th。Taobao also simplified the registration process of the merchant participating in 618,Eligible merchants can directly register for goods。

Douyin e -commerce: The delivery time in the past year has been shortened for 11 hours

May 13,Douyin e -commerce announced on 2024 users' opening day,In the past year,The overall delivery time of its platform is shortened by 11 hours,Nearly 88%of orders have achieved rapid refund。In addition,Douyin supermarket & ldquo; the next day, the service has covered 102 cities across the country,Practice & ldquo; Late to Popular Lisalm & RDQUO;。Douyin e -commerce representation,They optimize the logistics process and improve the refund efficiency,to improve the user experience。

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