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Last month, Flying Pig launched the summer voyage MSC Honor Tong Tong Set,As of now, the turnover has exceeded 10 million。
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May 16,Flying Pig and MSC Mediterranean Cruise announced that the two sides have officially opened up the global membership system: Flying Pig members can directly obtain the corresponding level of MSC Navigation Furniture Music Association; Consumers are in Flying Pig & LDQUO; MSC cruise flagship store & rdquo; reservation related products Service,You can enjoy the rights and points of the members of the MSC Sweeping Furniture Department member。

MSC Mediterranean Cruise is the third largest cruise brand in the world,With 22 surreal cruise ships,Operate over 100 countries around the world,Voyage covers more than 300 destinations across the five continents。March 16 this year,MSC Honor Visits from Shanghai Mother Port,Become the 188bet app downloadfirst international cruise ship for the mother port from mainland China。MSC Honor will also open a route for summer and Shanghai Mother Port,Lead tourists to Hong Kong、Okinawa、Fukuoka、Popular cruise destinations such as Zoshbao。

Users only need to visit the Flying Pig MSC cruise flagship store & ldquo; Member Center & rdquo; page,You can complete the registration according to the prompts; after activation,Flying Pig F1 and F2 members will automatically get MSC classic cards,Flying Pig F3 members will get MSC Silver Card Club,Flying Pig F4 and F5 members will get MSC Gold Card Club,Flying Pig F6 members will get MSC's highest -level diamond card membership。In addition,Flying Pig F4 and above members If you book the yacht cabin room in the flagship store within 90 days when you get MSC members,can be directly upgraded to a diamond card.。

Take the Fly Pig F4 Member as an example,Activating the member of the Navigation Furniture Regulations, book a cruise in the flagship store,You can enjoy member discounts、Prefer to go down the ferry boat、Free spa area experience and other MSC gold card membership rights。Subsequent upgrade through the reservation yacht club room to be upgraded 188bet app downloadinto a drill card member,You can enjoy the first boarding ship、Prefer to leave the boat、Special Restaurant Experience、Diamond Card members exclusive rights and interests such as boarding the boat。

& ldquo; The cruise market after the epidemic is experiencing major changes,E -commerce ecology is constantly accelerating upgrade,Direct sales channel becomes more and more important。For this,MSC Mediterranean Cruise continuous innovation direct sales mode,Top OTA partners, including flying pigs, lead the nominated e -commerce product,It aims to bring more silky ordering processes and cruise experience to consumers。& rdquo; Msc Ms. Huang Ruiling, President Huang Ruiling, President of China Cruise, said。

& ldquo; This time,I am honored to see the MSC Mediterranean Cruise as the first cruise company in the industry to reach a member of the flying pig,This is another important milestone in direct sales innovation,Through membership interoperability,Consumers will get more conveniently to get MSC Sweet Furniture Department Members of Members,Enjoy the surprise discounts and multiple courtesy of enjoyment of members,Deeper explore the colorful holidays at sea。& rdquo;

Since this year,No need to arrange for schedule、188bet app& ldquo; House & rdquo; Cruise travel that can play globally on the boat is favored by tourist consumers。Flying Pig data display,Cruise Travel is one of the most popular gameplay outbound travel,Flying Pig Outblowing Cruise Products has fully surpassed the same period of 2019。April 21,Flying Pig launched the summer voyage MSC Honor Tong Tong Set,As of now, the turnover has exceeded 10 million。

& ldquo; Outbound Tour Accelerated Recovery,Traveling method is also accelerating。Compared to the Malaysia -view Fancy Photo Pickup,An interesting trip、、A journey with relaxation can meet the needs of consumers。So,Cruise tour that has also experienced depth and convenience ushered in the explosive window period。& rdquo; Ma Chao, general manager of Flying Resort Business Department,& ldquo; At the turning point of upgrading the quality upgrade in the outbound tour market,Flying pigs look forward to in -depth cooperation with outstanding partners around the world,Define personalization with consumers、Humanized new travel method。& rdquo;

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