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Big Accommodation Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-16
In -depth analysis of the strategy of Dongcheng Group in East China
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After the May Day holiday,Multiple wine management groups have been exposed to & ldquo; War News & rdquo;,One of the sets of numbers is particularly eye -catching and attracted industry attention: the average daily rental rate of the store under the East China area of ​​Dongcheng Group is as high as 97%,Super 70 % stores realize full house。

In recent years,Dongcheng Group rises rapidly in the East China market,Its performance not only set off waves in the industry,The extraordinary competitiveness shown in a dark horse,It attracts heated discussion in the industry。

Explore the excellent performance of Dongzheng in East China,Not difficult to find,This is closely related to the Group's strategic layout & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; Heavy Cang East & RDQUO;。Through the phenomenon, the essence,The reasons behind the effect of truly understand,This article will thoroughly analyze the strategy of Dongcheng Group in East China,Revealing its inner logic,​​Discuss the impact of this layout on the market structure of East China Wine Travel and the source of the confidence behind it。


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The rise of the east in East China,It is a journey with & ldquo; premeditated & rdquo;,East China Company, established in 2022。

It is understood,East China as the second curve of the development of Dongcheng Group,The highest configuration with & ldquo;、The best resource & rdquo; as an independent individual pilot。Therefore, the pace is very fast,less than 2 years,Dongcheng's brand has settled in multiple core cities,Performance,If this year's May Day holiday,Super half the store full house,In Shanghai、Nanjing、Hangzhou and other places have a new high -daily income,Yishang Hotel Nanjing Muzi Temple Revpar over 1,000 yuan,Urban Convenience Hotel Changzhou Railway Station Revpar Revpar nearly 600 yuan and other over -the -file revenue performance,intuitive showing the brand's strong attraction,More verifying the forward -looking appearance of this strategic direction,Make past strategic deployment accelerated。


▲ Figure Note: The picture on the left is the Yishang Hotel Nanjing Muzi Temple shop,The picture is the convenience of urban convenience hotel Changzhou Railway Station

Of course,Dongcheng's heavy warehouse to East China is far more than regional expansion,More in strategy optimization、Brand influence、Comprehensive advancement in service innovation and investment 188bet app downloadexperience。The beginning of the year,Dongcheng Group East China Company Action frequency,First announce that the Group's co -founder Cheng Yonghua is the chairman of East China Company,Directly lead the strategic deployment of East China,enough to highlight the group's attitude towards the East China market and go all out,Ensure that strategic decision -making efficient execution and resource optimal allocation。

At the same time,Dongcheng Group East China Company to land in Shanghai Hongqiao Hub,and cleverly use this location advantage,Efficient integration of upstream and downstream resources,Delivery to create nearly 2,000 square meters of & ldquo; Five functional centers & rdquo;,Comprehensive driving brand influence and market penetration,Especially the display center、Delivery Center and Exchange Center,It is not only an important link to connect investors in East China,strengthened the interaction and cooperation between the two parties,It provides solid support for fine operations and market expansion in East China.。East China East China Entering,symbolizing the further completion of the second headquarters & rdquo;,It also marks the in -depth layout and resource optimization of Dongcheng in the East China region to reach a new height,Strongly promoting the continuous stable development of Dongcheng's stores in the fierce market competition in East China。

In addition,Dongcheng East China Company's empowerment of investors cannot be ignored,Investors who intend to sign the flagship store and benchmark store,Launched a series of extraction policies,To support its rapid development and successful operation,Injecting a strong power into the brand expansion of the new period。

From the co -founder Cheng Xunhua, the handsome,The new team enters Shanghai Hongqiao Hub,A series of high -profile actions such as the unprecedented resource gathering and policy support,All shows that Dongcheng is through the strategic highland of Shanghai,Gradually realize the breakthrough layout of the East China market。


▲ Picture Note: Dongcheng Group East China Company & ldquo; Five functional centers & rdquo; gradual landing

The place of heavy warehouse is East China?

As of now,East Chengcheng City Convenience、Yi Shang、Berman、The four main brands of Yicheng have nearly 200 companies in East China and nearly a hundred preparation stores,The development momentum is rapid。From South China to Central China,East Cheng Cheng passed & ldquo;,Copy & rdquo;,Weaving a strong brand network with step by step,After the development of the 18 -year cycle,At this time, add weight to the East China Market,Not only the enhancement and promotion of the existing success mode,It is the capture and active adaptation of future market trends。

In terms of regional advantages, East China has endless market potential.As a national economic vane,East China consumer market is huge、Industrial ecological maturity,With huge consumption upgrade potential; at the same time,May 1 County Market Hotel Order increases by 68%year -on -year,& ldquo; Small city large cultural tourism & rdquo; Model has spawned the blue ocean market to be excavated,East China occupies a significant share in the comprehensive competitiveness of the top 100 county tourism,Among them, business opportunities are self -evident,Becoming two & ldquo; 234 & rdquo; Strategic key chess pieces (mainly 234 cities,200、300、400 yuan price)。

Second,With economic development and urban upgrade,East China has ushered in the construction of a large number of high -tech industrial development zones,Not only does it drive local economic growth,At the same time, it has also stimulated the demand for high -quality hotel services。At this critical moment,If the hotel stores with standardized services are settled in time,I have the opportunity to seize the market opportunity,Such as the city's convenience of Xuancheng Guangde Development Zone Store,With over -gear check -in experience,The selling price occupies the first place in the price business district,Comprehensive rental rate is nearly 95%,And Yishang Hotel Changshu Southeast Industrial Park store sells for more than 60 yuan ahead of the business district,Comprehensive rental rate exceeds 90%。

Current,Unbalanced supply and demand in these emerging areas,The thirst for high -standard services is obvious,Consumers in combined with China's third -tier and below cities accounted for more than 70%of the country's data,This hot soil in East China,It is undoubtedly looking for & ldquo; the second growth curve & rdquo;。


▲ Figure Note: The picture on the left is Yishang Hotel Changshu Southeast Industrial Park,The right picture shows the city's convenient hotel Xuancheng Guangde Development Zone

On the consumption side,Volkswagen Hotel Zhengcheng & ldquo; Xiangxiang & rdquo;。As the economy enters the era of steady growth,Consumption environment gradually & ldquo; Anti -fever & rdquo;,From 2023, the hotel's cumulative permitable house income index statistics can be visible,Domestic high -end hotels encountered & ldquo; Dilemma & rdquo;,Even if it is known as the prosperous metropolis,Its consumers are also more rational,Pay more attention to cost -effective,In addition,"2023 Chinese Consumer Insight and Market Outlook White Paper" display,Consumers are in accommodation consumption,Choose an economical hotel 60.5%,Especially when the light people became mainstream at that time,& ldquo; Practicalism & rdquo; is the focus of their attention,Enter the new cycle of development,High -end hotel group boom retreat,Low low -end hotels in the shortage,200-400 yuan House prices will become the mainstream of future investment。

 & ldquo;,High cost -effective products and services are king,Good and cheap business interests。& rdquo;,The price / performance ratio is not a blind price,And let customers buy better products at a reasonable price。Facing the evolution of the consumer market,East Cheng Cheng adheres to the principle of cost performance in product iteration and service practice,Urgent cost -effective accommodation with the current market pursuit,Added advantages to the market positioning of Dongcheng。

& ldquo; Make -beam value! Meet all my needs for hotel experience。& rdquo; Observed through social platforms,Search Nanjing、Suzhou and other cities in cities,Amway stickers of the four main brands appear,Behind this phenomenon,Explain the double increase of Dongcheng's brand influence and market acceptance。

Second,East China Hotel Market is the survival of the fittest,It also brought new opportunities to the stock transformation。Current,Hotel growth in the first and second -tier cities slows down,With some stores and the intensification of competition,Many hotels gradually withdraw from the historical stage,Under market innovation,Chain becomes a trend,It is expected to be within the next five years,Hotel chain rates in East China may break through 50%。Industry insiders pointed out,East to focus on East East at this time,It also further changes the pattern of East China Hotel market。One aspect,East is east with the east wind of market integration,Live Live Story Market,Strengthen the chain trend of East China Hotel Industry,On the other hand,Through differentiated operation strategies,Meet the needs of market segments,It also further promotes the development of Volkswagen Chain Hotel,This will have a profound impact on the hotel tourism market in East China and even the country。


6 arrows are precisely issued, the East China market is bound to get

Different past,Drives of today's industrial upgrading and market change,The hotel industry has fallen into unprecedented & ldquo;,Therefore, at this critical point,Action of East China & rdquo;,The industry's response is complicated。Someone has high expectations,I believe that this will be a big point in the industry,Some people are worried about the risk behind it,These voices actually reflect the anxiety and consideration of uncertain anxiety and considerations in the face of the entire industry when facing the transformation and upgrading。

The competitive situation in the East China Hotel Market has always been fierce,Not only the contest between the brand and the brand,It is a game of corporate development model and innovative thinking。How to ensure the precise implementation of strategic,Hit the target heart? Questions to the industry,188bet app downloadEast China Company with six detailed strategies,Show thicker to the market、More reliable & ldquo; home & rdquo;,Deeply conveyed its root plant、Stable strong determination to move forward,Injecting confidence to the pursuit of long -term sustainable profitable investors。

1、Create East China Full Functional Business Dojo,Provide investors with solid returns guarantee:Relying on & ldquo; five centers & rdquo; build a comprehensive service system,Create set development、Bringing、Operation & ldquo; Trinity & rdquo; full -function business,Establish a building -owned land team,High -efficiency bargain、Quick climbing、Quick response,Implement seamless docking in each link,Provide investors with a full life cycle service。

2、Service Team Expansion,Build a elite service matrix that can not only insight and respond quickly and respond quickly:Except for experienced investment consultants and operating experts in except for heavy gold introduction,I also introduce the industry's top senior consultants,Through comprehensive market research、Question diagnosis and strategy plan,Tailoring solutions for hotel projects,Provides strong resource support for the property matching and the transformation and upgrading of existing stores。

3、Establish the main brand's territorialization business department,Maximize brand value and asset allocation target:Brands with different gears have exclusive business divisions to operate management independently,Don’t eat brand mixed pipe big pot rice,Make sure that the decision -making and execution of each link can be close to the actual market,The support and services of the store are more in place,Investors with zero experience,can also open the hotel smoothly。

4. Adhere to the principle of high -quality development and create a benchmark flagship store:Taking long -term operation,It is planned to launch nearly 10 benchmark flagship stores this year,From project screening to later operations,Strict control quality level,Carefully create a benchmark model,Lead and accelerate the quality innovation of the entire store network。

5、The principle of insisting on opening the store at a time,Fundamentally protects the interests of investors:Avoid internal competition,Make sure that each franchise store can obtain sufficient growth opportunities and income guarantee in a reasonable market space,So as to build a virtuous cycle of franchise ecosystem。

6、Treat efficiency first,Create a differentiated operation system:Differentiated operating strategies and special management are implemented according to the characteristics of the store,Provides solid support for the rapid climbing of new stores and the quality upgrade of old stores,Make sure that each type of store can find a suitable positioning in the market,Maximize the benefits。


▲ Picture: Wuhu Pedestrian Street Store, Yishang Hotel

With the steady implementation of the strategic deployment of East China in the east,The results gradually appear,A large number of stores break the circle,Many franchisees also give high evaluations to Dongcheng's services during the interview。& ldquo;,Is the whole solution,Localization service,From investing to stores,or even later operation,Most of the work is done by the East China team,Stores have always belonged to profitability in the past two years,I also have more time to do other businesses。& rdquo;

It is understood,Yishang Hotel Wuhu Pedestrian Street Store will complete the climbing period less than 3 months,Franchisee frankly,I felt anxious in the early days of joining,Dan Cheng's service and strength to eliminate his concerns like peace of mind,and make him build a long -term profit confidence。When asked if you will join the Dongcheng again,He also used 3 & ldquo;,This affirmative reply,It undoubtedly provides a powerful endorsement for the development strategy of Dongcheng in East China。

The real industry leader,Not only can accurately capture the subtle changes in the market,Dare to dare to make bold and accurate decisions at critical moments,With the increasingly perfect layout of the east in the East China market,We have reason to believe it,Dongcheng Group's & ldquo; The second growth curve & rdquo;,Become a force that cannot be ignored in the East China region。

At the same time,Under the radiation of the benchmark shop in the east,Hotels and tourism around the surrounding are also gradually rejuvenating.,Strive to stand out in the fierce market competition,This benign competitive situation not only promotes the development of the entire industry,It also brought more choices and better service experience to consumers。


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