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Big Accommodation Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-16
Investor Hu Jiwen: Choose Dongcheng Group,The road to success in the convenience hotel of the city
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Hotel investor Hu Jiwen,I have been engaged in business operations for many years,Before 2022,I have also invested in the hotel,But I did not participate in operation。At the end of 2022,The situation of the epidemic prevention and control has been clear,He judged that the accommodation industry in Xi'an Hotel in 2023 will usher in the fast recovery stage,Therefore, I won a hotel property near Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower,and joined Yishang and City Convenient Hotel, a subsidiary of Dongcheng Group in half a year。

During the Spring Festival in 2024,The city launched in January 2024 Convenience Xi'an Zhonggu Tower Huimin Street Store,Revpar exceeds 540 yuan,The highest REVPAR in a single day is close to 800 yuan。Since the opening 3 months,The convenient performance of this city is remarkable,OTA comprehensive score is as high as 4.9 points,It is expected to return to the book in 3 years。

Hu Jiwen said,Out of recognition of Dongcheng Group,He recently signed & ldquo; the peak plan & rdquo;,In the next 4 years, 6 hotels in the east are in the east。So why did Hu Jiwen choose to continue to resume Dongzheng,This city is convenient for surveying、Preparation、What are the successful experiences in business?

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Brand selection: City Convenience Hotel 4.0,Comprehensive advantages


City Convenience Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Huimin Street Investor Hu Jiwen

Before entering the hotel investment circle,I am engaged in business operations,Rent a property or tens of thousands of squares from the owner,Rent the facade layer by layer。There is a suitable property,It will also rent it to hotel investors or malls。

2015,It is the strong period of development of the hotel industry,Therefore, I participated in a mid -range hotel,But only fund,Not responsible for specific business management。The first year of the opening of the hotel,Business is quite abundant,One year later,Due to the relationship between the subway and municipal transformation,It has a great impact on the performance of this hotel,2020 coincides with the epidemic,This hotel operates stumbling,Not as good as it。

Because the first hotel's investment is not good,By 2022,I temporarily stagnated the pace of investing in hotels。2022,I leased a property that is close to Xi'an Anding Gate,The property area is 20,000+㎡,A total of 8 layers,The rental part is 1-4 layers。

At the end of 2022,I noticed that the epidemic policy has been gradually let go,and predict that the Xi'an hotel industry will usher in the dawn 188bet app downloadin the short time in the Xi'an hotel industry。So,I am going to take out a part of the property,Investment participating in the hotel、Come in business。After I learned that I have a hotel intention,Many mainstream economies on the market、Mid -end hotel brands have been in contact with me。But in the end I chose to cooperate with Dongcheng Group,Learn for many years,I think the hotel products under Dongcheng Group are good、Service is good、Service Team dedication,It is the partner I seeks。



This property is located on West Street, Lianhu District, Xi'an。Xi'an take the bell tower as the center,Four streets extending to the four sides,Only West Street,is the most prestigious street in the Tang Dynasty,Can be described as a moment of prosperity。Hongfu Staning Plaza where the property is located,Closer to Xi'an City Wall Storm Gate,belongs to Xi'an first -class property,Geographical location is not superior。


City Convenience Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Huimin Street Appearance

In addition,The property is 1.4 kilometers from the drum tower,1.8 kilometers straight at the bell tower,Within one kilometer around,There are several tourist attractions,College、Hospital、Institutions, etc.,Provide a stable customer source for the hotel's future operations。The downstairs of the property is the bus station and the Qiakou Station of the Qiakou Station of Xi'an Metro Line 6,Transportation convenience is self -evident。

From the perspective of the property itself,Is an old building。Property is located on an antique street of West Street,The municipal government carried out the facade of the facade around 2007.,There are 8 layers in total,There are also underground parking lots,The hotel's room part is located on the 2-3 floor。


The process of selecting the brand

Since I have invested in a mid -range hotel,Differential consideration from the customer base,I chose the main & ldquo; lower cost,More comfortable experience & rdquo; City Convenience Hotel 4.0。This is here,Yishang Hotel can undertake mid -range customers,City convenience can undertake public business travel and mid -range customers,Adapted consumers are widely graded.In addition to the customer group in the area,City convenience 4.0 can be covered。


City Convenience Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Huimin Street Multi -function lobby

Optimistic about the convenient development prospects of the city.On the choice of hotel brand,My most important thing is the prospect of the hotel brand。Urban convenience as an old -fashioned hotel brand that has been operating for 17 years,Behind history is the comprehensive competitiveness of the long -tested corporate corporate,Many years of development make it more mature and perfect in all aspects,More reliable for hotel investors。

Adapted consumers are widely graded.Urban convenience as a popular popular accommodation brand as a product,Brand is positioned as a national excellent selected business travel hotel brand,In terms of price,Can be adapted to the economy、mid -range consumer group,More in line with current consumption concept。

Modified assembly technology.Dongcheng Group in 2019,Starting prefabricated exploration。City convenience in the engineering sector,Breakthrough in the industry cost control limit with light and fast change,Through clear product standards and construction standards,Product -based modular design and prefabricated space built,Can effectively shorten the preparation time of the hotel,Fast opening。

Economic hotel cost, mid -range hotel income.As a head brand of a economy chain hotel,City Convenience Hotel is more cost -effective,能实现Economic hotel cost, mid -range hotel income.From the perspective of business models,City conveniently strives to polish high quality、Low price、New business model of fast revenue,To provide a mid -range entry -level accommodation experience on the consumption side,Keep the economy hotel gold investment section on the investment side,Realize ultra -high investment cost performance。

Dongcheng Group's franchise service is complete.Finally, it is a point that we value more,Dongcheng Group for investors,Franchise service is very complete,The company's opinion on investors responds fast,At the same time, it will assign us professional management team,Provide upstream and downstream comprehensive empowerment,Let us worry about it。


The bright eye of the benchmark projectData

June 2023,We officially joined the city's convenient brand。This part of the property we rent,Before it was used to operate shopping malls and supermarkets,The pattern of the hotel's operation is very different,Therefore, before the formal decoration,We will empty all the property,Re -building the wall。

August 2023,End of the wall,Hotel decoration and decoration starts。The overall planning process of this hotel is relatively smooth,This is the convenient design of the city's convenient modular design、Standardized production、Installation construction improvement is inseparable。After joining two stores owned by Dongcheng Group,For & ldquo; East is not the only platform that is built with assembly,But it must be the most considering platform for investors。& rdquo; I also have a real experience in this sentence。Because the decoration is during the summer vacation,No New Year,Add the help of the city's convenient installation and equipment,Originally expected to be completed in January,Actually,At the end of December 2023,The hotel preparation will be completed。


City convenience 4.0 guest room

The total investment cost of the hotel's landing is 12 million,Single room cost is 100,000 yuan (including the property smashing wall and re -building transformation、Water, etc.,No old section,Single room cost is 80,000),A total of 106 rooms were created。This total investment 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinofee,The cost of the staff given us from the east of the survey period is basically the same,I am still satisfied。

& ldquo; debut & rdquo;,Good evaluation of guests

Hotel officially opened on January 23, 2024,On the first day of opening, full room OCC105%+,Shortly after opening,Just caught up with the Spring Festival holiday,It can be said that it is & ldquo; debut & rdquo;。

During the Spring Festival in 2024,Urban Convenience Hotel (Xi'an Zhonggu Tower Huimin Street Store),Revpar exceeds 540 yuan,The highest REVPAR in a single day is close to 800 yuan,This value can be comparable to the mid -range and even high -end hotels in the area。As of now,The opening of the hotel has a quarter,The performance has also gradually embarked on the right track,4 months before 2024,Monthly REVPAR is 268 yuan,Average monthly OCC84%,In the same -grade hotel in the same area, in the first echelon。


City convenience 4.0 guest room

At present,The hotel's score on Ctrip is 4.8 points,Meituan 5.0 points,Customer experience feedback is very good,Many users say: a good service attitude、Breakfast has local characteristics、Geographical location、New room facilities。According to the current business data,The hotel can return to 3 years,If the development is good,We strive to recover investment costs in about 2.5 years。


Created based on user insightSatisfaction service

Provides value -added services, and the customer experience is good.Hotel as the core area of ​​tourist city,Geographical advantages obvious,But the competition is also very intense。1 km radius of the surrounding radius of the city's convenience hotel (Xi'an Zhonggu Tower),There are hundreds of hotels with large and small and small,,Among them, there are single hotels operated by the owner independently,There are also many other well -known hotel group chain brands。

Awareness of the intense and inside of the surrounding competition,We also combine urban characteristics and customer needs,Provided value -added services,Enhance customer experience,Then increase the occupancy rate and repurchase rate:

Provide Hanfu free of charge to attract customers.Xi'an as a city full of ancient rhyme,More and more young people traveling in Hanfu in recent years are increasing。Aware of this demand,Our hotel integrates urban characteristics and user needs,Supply of Innovation Cultural Tourism,Residents who stay in the hotel,You can experience Hanfu in the store for free。


Hotel Hanfu Featured Service

Hanfu is Xi'an Features,Obvious user needs,Free & ldquo; Hanfu & rdquo; not only can improve hotel characteristics,Create core competitiveness,We also want to provide users with an immersive experience,Promoting the culture of Xi'an。Proof of facts,Many consumers will reserve check -in for & rdquo;,It plays a role in attracting customers to a certain extent。

Gift to a gift to enhance the user's favorability.Residents who stay in the store,We will also give a gift with a gift,For example, if there is a family customer,,Provide children with puzzle collection of toys、Shadow Shadow, etc.,For other customers,We will also give gifts to small soldiers with Xi'an characteristics。

Breakfast with snacks and local characteristics.Although urban convenience brands have their complete management processes and service processes,But the store will be based on the group,Do value -added service,For example: Depending on the membership level,Provide check -in fruit plates and exquisite afternoon refreshments; provide heart -warming and stomach night porridge every night; just coincides with the Lantern Festival to provide dumplings for guests; in the hotel's breakfast,also added meals with local characteristics of Xi'an, etc.。



City convenient 4.0 restaurant

Comprehensive ability of the store managerExcellent HelpHotelBusiness

The manager of this hotel Wang Li,It is the manager of the Yishang Hotel who invested in the same property,In the half -year of the opening of Yishang Hotel,Director Wang also has a certain tacit understanding with me,After the city is convenient to open,She has undertaken the position of the convenience of urban convenience。The advantage of the store manager and store is: one can achieve the integration of communication9,Second can reduce costs,Three normal communication and communication,Daily operating costs controlled。

Generally speaking,Manager Wang as a senior shop chief who has worked at Dongcheng Group for many years,Fuffer qualification experience,Outstanding comprehensive ability,To a certain extent, help hotel operation:

One, centralize the deployment personnel to control operating costs.Because two hotels are in a property,Its advantage is that you can centralize hotel employees,and a engineering department can also serve as two hotels,To a certain extent, operating costs。

In the management of employees,The manager Wang will arrange reasonably according to the occupancy rate and customer source situation,Specifically,Special period、Pharmaceutical employment shortages or after wealthy,Two hotels take employees who borrow the same positions to replace their posts,To effectively reduce the cost of employment,Relieve the shortcomings of personnel。

Second, his own ability is excellent and management.As a mature manager,From the perspective of your own ability,Wang Director has rich hotel management knowledge and skills,Including hotel operation、Marketing、Human Resources Management、Financial Management, etc.,After each hotel employee enrolled,She will also do it for,Training it for it,In particular, pay attention to improve the work details of the hotel's front desk,Promote humanized services, etc.。

Second,Training for employees of stores or grassroots management,The manager Wang will also conduct on -site training & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; at any time、Guidance anywhere,188bet online sports bettingImprove its service level。

Third, it can complete the performance indicators for quality and quantity.More sections I invest in more,In the daily management of the hotel,I mainly assisted the manager's work。After all, investing in a hotel is a long process,Different ways for each person,It is a good thing to participate in management in person,But if you can't invest more energy,then choose trust,Most communicate with the store manager。The so -called indicator data,The manager who can really do things,I will know how to do it,I will also do it with my heart。The main decentralization of the industry,Give the store leader better trust and treatment。

I worked with the manager for one year,I will formulate a performance index for her every month,From the perspective of the result orientation,The manager Wang is still quite good。


Write at the end

After cooperating with Dongcheng Group, two stores,I am full of confidence。Dong Cheng adhering to the concept of sustainable development of cooperation and win -win & rdquo;,The concept of investing in the hotel is highly consistent,Its high -quality hotel products、Powerful operating ability and mature business model,Can give us strong investment confidence in hotel investors。

Out of recognition and trust in Dongcheng Group,Recently, I signed the & ldquo; the peak plan & rdquo;,In the next 4 years, it is ready to drop 6 hotels in the east.。& ldquo; The peak plan & rdquo; It is the industry's first incubator for popular stores,Dongcheng will be a good shop in the future,To achieve a market value of 100 billion,& ldquo; The peak plan & rdquo;,& ldquo; Good shop & rdquo; There are three major dimensions,Volkswagen Good Stores、Make good shops and green low -carbon hotels with green and environmentally friendly environment。

Future,I also hope to be with Dongcheng Group,Open more hotels,Let Volkswagen Travel spend less money,Living better。

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