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Cultural Tourism and Hui Daily,Poyang Lake "Three Districts and First Line" cultural tourism project signing

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Daily Cultural Tourism Event Fast Examination

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Ctrip: "My Altay" drives Altay's tourism reservation 370%month -on -month

May 14,Ctrip release data display,The TV series "My Altay" has been on May 7th,Platform Altay search heat increased by 1 times last month,Reservation volume of vacation products increased by more than 370%。Ctrip in Kanas Village, a holiday agricultural village in Kanas Village, Altaybul, averaging the average search and access volume of 293%,It is the highest growing homestay in this area,The average search volume of 4 boutique homestays increased by 88%。Ctrip has opened 5 resort farmers in the Altay area of ​​Xinjiang and Yili Natati Tourist Scenic Area,Promote the upgrade of the local accommodation industry。With the arrival of the peak tourist season in Xinjiang,Ctrip plans to continue to open a new farm in Nalati。

Sign 1 billion contract,Shenzhen Xing and Chen and Shanghai Construction Industry jointly develop hotel sinking market

May 16,Shenzhen Xing and Chen Tourism Holding Co., Ltd. signed a strategic framework contract worth 188bet app1 billion yuan with Shanghai Jiangong Decoration Group。According to the contract,Both parties will be designed in the hotel、Procurement and Construction (EPC) and other aspects to conduct in -depth cooperation,It aims to jointly tap the potential of the hotel business in the sinking market。Cooperation is expected to promote the overall development of the hotel industry,and provide consumers with more cost -effective accommodation options,At the same time, it marks that the development of both parties in the broader market has taken an important step。

Wimmed Hotel Group and Decameron cooperated to add nine resorts

Wendem Hotel Group announced on May 16th that he signed a franchise agreement with the DECAMERON all -inclusive resort,Plan in Mexico、Panama and Yaocaijia newly opened nine all -inclusive resort,Total provided 2,600 rooms。These resorts will retain the Decameron brand,It will also become a part of the Trademark Collection or Ramada brand series under the Wedm Hotel Group。According to the cooperation agreement,Customers can book the accommodation of these resorts through Wimmed's official website or application。


Destination of the Destiny Radio Rill

Poyang Lake & ldquo; Three districts & rdquo;,Total investment reaches 10 billion yuan

Recent,Poyang Lake & ldquo; Three districts & rdquo;,The project includes Nanshan National Tourist Resort in Nanshan, Duchang County、Oriental Bermuda Scenic Area、The development of the ancient city scenic 188bet app downloadarea of ​​Puyang and Poyang Lake Water Tourism Line。Total investment is 10 billion yuan,Covering 112 square kilometers in Duchang County,Construction in two phases,Among them, the first phase of investment is 5.2 billion yuan,Contains 28 key cultural tourism projects。The project aims to integrate Lushan、Jingdezhen、Literary Tourism Resources of Nanchang and Poyang Lake,Create a collection of sightseeing、Leisure、Special tourist destinations that integrate vacations。

Qunar.com: Japanese hotel reservation increases nearly 6 times year -on -year

Data Display,Frequency of ticket prices at home and abroad after the May Day holiday。In terms of reservation of international hotels,Japan、Thailand、Korea and other popular destinations。Especially Japanese hotel reservations increased by nearly 6 times year -on -year,Order orders in the United States and French hotels also doubled their growth。

Haichang Ocean Park will Jian Ultraman Ice and Snow World

Recent,Haibo (Dalian) Cultural Tourism Development Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Haichang Ocean Park, signed an agreement with Shanghai Xinchuanghua Culture Development Co., Ltd.,The Ultraman Ice Snow World Project will be developed in the Dalian Forest Zoo。This project covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters,Building area 6728 square meters,It is expected to open July,It will become the world's first ice and snow world with the theme of Ultraman。The park will include the theme exhibition area、Restaurant、Store、Theater、skating rink and monster avenue,Provide related entertainment equipment,Sales limited products and meals。


Fast Conditioning Brand Information Submit

Village chicken responding to dishes to make questions,On -site dishes accounted for 70.6%

Recent,Questions about whether to use prefabricated dishes on the Internet,Poster of the Village Chicken Publishing Letter,Explain that the composition of its positive dishes:On -site dishes accounted for 70.6%,Semi -interfeted dishes accounted for 27.7%,Refining prefabricated dishes accounted for 1.7%。To enhance food transparency,Valley chicken provides supplier information、dishes traceable files and production processes,and announced the launch of & ldquo; the native chicken central kitchen & rdquo; and & ldquo; real -time monitoring live broadcast,allows consumers to monitor the kitchen operation online。

JD.com's real -time retail brand & ldquo; hours & rdquo; will be upgraded to & ldquo; Send & rdquo;

According to "Blue Whale News" report,Jingdong plans to upgrade its instant retail service & ldquo; Hours & rdquo; upgrade to & ldquo; Send & rdquo;,At present, the relevant public account has been renamed,It is expected that the team will officially announce in recent days。This change indicates that the competition in the real -time retail field has entered the stage of second time,JD.188bet sports betting app downloadcom took the lead in improving the time limit of performance in the real -time delivery service of 2024。Before that,Dada Express has announced on May 10th that the Knight Recruitment Activity was launched on May 10,and plan to invest 50 million yuan for Knight subsidies,to ensure 520、618 and the stability of real -time delivery services such as the summer season,Meet increasingly increasing instant delivery requirements。

Tea Yan Yuese concept store first store opened

According to the "Retail Circle" message,Recent,Tea Yan Yuese opened Chongqing's first concept store in the center of Chongqing Times Center & ldquo; Xianyou & rdquo;。It is understood,Most concept stores are 2-3 times the area of ​​ordinary stores。There are two floors in the store,The first floor is a single area and a surrounding cultural and creative area,The murals around the heads or the decoration on the top of the head are covered with elements of Xiangyun,High -rise buildings layer layers,It looks like a building complex in Chongqing area,The second floor is a whole empty field,A whole row of seats outside the window can be restrained。

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