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Grand Scenic Area Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-17
The number of merchants and products registered continues to increase,The richness and cost -effectiveness selected by consumers are both increased。
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Do you want to play in the summer vacation? 20:00 on May 18,Flying Pig 618 Summer Promotion officially launched,The first batch of nearly 20,000 & ldquo; travel & rdquo; product。According to the official news of the Flying Pig 618 project team,The number of merchants and products registered continues to increase,The richness and cost -effectiveness selected by consumers are both increased。

Hotel packages for major well -known brands、Air ticket cards at popular destinations at home and abroad、Tickets for theme Park Ticket Package, etc.,999 yuan Living for 3 nights of Kaiyuan's hotel to exchange、Songzan Double Private Group, etc., etc.。At the same time,Take the anti -ice boat to the North Pole's & ldquo; Summer Fighting Group 188bet app download& RDQUO;、Astrobati trains in Lhasa & ldquo; Dream Tour & RDQUO;。

Cruise & rdquo;、Flexible and convenient self -driving tour rises rapidly in 2024。618 period,A large number of brand merchants launched & ldquo; hard currency & rdquo;。& ldquo; Domestic big cruise & rdquo; Aida & Middot; Magic Capital Number、MSC Honor Number、Royal Caribbean Marine spectrum, etc.。Car rental self -driving tour has expanded from domestic to foreign,In addition to the Demolition of Division and Divine Car Rental、Yi Hi Rent Car Rental Domestic Car Rental Multiple Card,Thailand self -driving lease 5 -day package、Malaysian self -driving casual rental 7 -day set meal and other overseas car rental cards have also been new,The minimum a day for overseas car rental only costs 120 yuan。


Summer is also a peak season for parent -child travel and travel for college students。A batch of high -quality research travel products featuring the in -depth study experience will also be launched,Rain Forest Detective Group for the Rain Forest Exploration Group of Rain Forest Exploration Team to participate in the environmental protection activities of the tropical rain forest,Visit & ldquo in Guizhou; China Sky Eye & RDQUO;、Experience Stars and Astronomical 188bet sports betting app downloadPopularization activities & ldquo; accommodation+experience & rdquo; package,Parent -child summer camp in Inner Mongolia to experience national non -heritage culture。 Weekend、There are more than 4,000 stores of Jinjiang, which can be split and exchanged in more than 4,000 stores in the summer without price increases.,Go to Lhasa、Changsha、Jiuzhaigou & ldquo; High -speed Rail Tour & RDQUO; Wait, take into account the flexibility and cost -effectiveness,Can meet the needs of college students travel。

In terms of cost performance,With the supply of cross -border tourism, it continues to increase,The cost -effectiveness of outbound tourism products is getting higher and higher。Including Southeast China Southeast Asia round -trip card、China International Airlines Thailand round -trip card and other international air ticket card,The average single flight price does not include about 400 yuan。The cost of the outbound free travel products compared with the same period last year.,In 618 this year,Budget 3,000 yuan,You can buy it to Chiang Mai、Phuket、Osaka、Tokyo、Singapore、Kuala Lumpur、Jeju Island and more than ten & ldquo; four -hour flight circle & rdquo; internal destinations 188bet online sports bettinginclude free travel packages and other travel service experiences。

Summer travel peak season is near,Travel service inventory of popular destinations is inevitable to encounter situations where supply is not in short。Flying pig disclosure,This year 618 Except for increasing cost -effective,& ldquo; The performance experience of traveling & rdquo; will also be upgraded again on the basis of last year,Introduction of alternate appointments and & ldquo; multiple 1 night & rdquo;。This year 618,If & ldquo; stock & rdquo; consumers with good travel packages are at the time of making an appointment,It is found that the inventory of your favorite date is full,You can register the corresponding air ticket in the system、Hotel、Appointment needs for outbound play packages and other products,Subsequent adding inventory or successful appointment,The SMS notification from the flying pig will be received as soon as possible。

In addition,Friends companion、Friends companion、Consumers who travel for groups such as company group building,After buying a hotel package,If the date of stay is determined,Many 1 nights & rdquo; function through the newly launched & ldquo;,You can complete the checkpoint of multiple rooms in 1 night in one operation。 

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