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Grand Scenic Area Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-17
2024 "May 1st" holiday period,More than 6,000 museums nationwide,A total of 50.54 million people received the audience。
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In recent years,& ldquo; Wenbo Hot & RDQUO; Keep heating up,Museum and other cultural venues to become a popular punch in tourists。Statistics of the State Cultural Relics Bureau,2024 & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;,More than 6,000 museums nationwide,A total of 50.54 million people received the audience。With 2024 & ldquo; 5 & middot; 18 International Museum Day & rdquo;,Museums of various places launched a series of distinctive features in May、Diverse theme exhibitions and social education activities,Wenboyou market is high all the way。

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The hot behind Wenbo You,It is a deep fusion of traditional culture and trendy tourism methods。Reading a city starts from the museum,Museum as an important place for inheritance and display culture,By hosting a variety of exhibitions and activities,attracted the attention and participation of more and more tourists。At the same time,Museums in various places also actively explore 188bet sports betting app downloadnovel、Exhibition methods and measures that meet the needs of tourists,Such as digital intelligent display、In -depth interactive experience、Short video+live broadcast、Cultural and Creative Product Development, etc.,Bring more vivid to tourists、Intuitive cultural experience。

Young tourists and parent -child families have become the main consumer forces in the boom of Wenbo。Tuniu as of the latest booking data show,This year's Wenboyou related products booking users,45 years old and below users account for 86%,Where,0-18 years of age accounted for 15%; 19-25 years old accounted for 14%; 26-35 years old accounted for 34%; 36-45 years old accounted for 23%。From the perspective of the source of the customer,Beijing、Nanjing、Shanghai、Guangzhou、Shenzhen、Chongqing、Chengdu、Xiamen、Changsha、Hangzhou and other places show Wen Boyou to show more vigorous consumer demand。


The person in charge of the related product of Tuniu Tourism Network said: & ldquo; More and more young tourists and parent -child families experience Hanfu culture through experience、Tour Museum、Pickup & lsquo; Internet celebrity & rsquo; cultural relics、Favorite Cultural and Creative Products、Online Cloud Travel Museum, etc.,Feel the charm of traditional culture,Experience the fun brought by Wen Boyou。and the new style of Hanfu culture and the innovation of cultural and creative products & lsquo; out of circle & rsquo;,It 188bet online sports bettingalso brought new consumption hotspots and growth points to Wen Boyou。& rdquo;

National First Museum is sought after,Special category、The strength of the special museum & ldquo; out of the circle & rdquo;

In the announcement of the "Public Announcement on the Fifth Batch of National Museum Stage Evaluation First Museum Evaluation Results" released by the Chinese Museum Association not long ago,China Overseas Chinese Museum、Chinese Women's and Children's Museum、Harbin Invasion of the Japanese Seventh and Three Army Criminal Exhibition Hall、123 museums including the Yangzhou China Grand Canal Museum intend to publicize the grade as a first -level museum。Make up according to the data of the China Museum Association,With the release of the fifth batch of publicity,The total number of national museums has reached 327。

National Museum of First Class is the highest level of the museum in my country,Represents the number of museums in the collection、The advantages of the number of types and precious cultural relics,shows its history、Culture、Height in science and artistic value,Inheriting and promoting the excellent traditional culture of China、Historical education and other aspects also played a positive role。In terms of cultural tourism consumption,National Tier 1 Museum as an important cultural tourism resource,Attract a large number of tourists to visit and experience。

Tuniu as of the latest booking data show,In the popular venue of this year's Domestic Boyou,188bet online sports bettingThe Palace Museum、National Museum of China、Nanjing Museum、Shaanxi History Museum、Hunan Museum、Emperor Qin Shi Mausoleum Museum、Sichuan Guanghan Sanxingdui Museum、Yangzhou China Grand Canal Museum、Suzhou Museum、Shanghai Museum and other national first -level museum reservations are particularly hot,holidays、Basic weekend & ldquo; One vote is difficult to find & rdquo;。


In addition,In the Popular and Tuanyou product reservation of Tuniu,such as & ldquo; Beijing 6-day tour & rdquo; & ldquo; roaming world literature capital: Nanjing 3-day tour & rdquo; & ldquo; Xi'an Terracotta Warriors-Huaqingchi-Qianling 5th & ldquo; Shaoshan 4 Day Tour & rdquo; & ldquo; Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong-Dujiangyan-Sanxingdui-Panda 6 & rdquo; The lines including museums are also the first choice for related destinations。


Since this year,Some special categories、Special Museums also become a new hot spot for cultural tourism,Where,Shanghai Automobile Museum、Zigong Dinosaur Museum、Nanjing City Wall Museum、Xi'an Beilin Museum、Qingdao Beer Museum、Chinese imperial examination museum、Shaanxi Archeology Museum、Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum、Jin Temple Museum、Jianchuan Museum, etc. is a popular choice for Tuniu users。These museums through specific fields or theme exhibition content、Unique cultural charm or regional characteristics,It meets the in -depth exploration needs of tourists for 188bet appa certain field,attracted more and more tourists to visit。


Domestic blog travel is in full swing,Outbound tourists are also full of enthusiasm for the cultural and cultural itinerary of various destinations。Tuniu as of the latest booking data show,The Louvre Museum of the Louvre Palace Museum、Egyptian Museum、Bangkok Fanxiang Museum、Singapore Nyonya Museum、The Abu Dhabi Museum in the Louvre Palace、British Museum、The Prado Museum of Spain、Dubai Sinda History Museum、The Museum of Royal Palace of the Range Palabang、Kenya National Museum and other popular ranking ranks among the top,It provides an important window for tourists to understand the local culture。

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