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Listed Group Author of this article: Zhihui 2024-05-18
Huaju is expected to continue to grow in the second quarter of this year,The year -on -year increase of 7%to 11%。
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May 17,Huazhu Group (NASDAQ: HTHT; 01179.HK) released the first quarter of the 2024 financial report。Financial report data show,In the first quarter of this year,Huazhu Group achieved a total revenue of about 5.3 billion yuan (RMB,Same below),increased by 17.8%year -on -year,better than the upper limit of guidelines announced before。

Behind performance growth is Huaju deeply cultivating the accommodation industry,Foresight Insight Trends,Strategic determination of long -term layout and high -quality development。Huaju is expected to continue to grow in the second quarter of this year,The year -on -year increase of 7%to 11%。

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Since 2024,The cultural tourism market continues the situation of comprehensive recovery last year。According to the data released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,In the first quarter of 2024,1.419 billion people in China,increased by 203 million 188bet appcompared with the same period last year,increased by 16.7%year -on -year; domestic tourists spent 1.52 trillion yuan for tourists,increased by 2.22 trillion yuan over the previous year,increased by 17.0%year -on -year。

CEO Jin Hui said,Huazhu's confidence in the long -term growth of the Chinese accommodation market remains unchanged。Company & ldquo; Lean growth strategy around the excellent service & rdquo; not only helps further realize the development of high -quality stores,It also helps improve customer satisfaction,to gain stronger competitive advantage。

Facing steady growth of travel needs,Huaju Group continues to promote multiple brand layouts,Serving the public market with a positive shop rhythm。188bet app downloadAs of the end of the first quarter,Huazhu Group's number of hotels in the world in the world reaches 9,817,The number of hotel rooms is 955,657 room,The number of opening to open is 3,172。Where,The number of Huazhu China in the camp is 9,684,The number of guest rooms is 928,509 rooms。In the first quarter,The number of newly opened hotels in China is 569,The number of hotels to be opened is 3,138。

In the first quarter,Huazhu China continues to take the economy and mid -range hotels as the core,Promoting the iteration of the structure and the product、Upgrade。Supply side volume、Quality Rate,188bet app downloadHuazhu's market competitiveness has also enhanced。In the first quarter,Huaju China's mixed average rental revenue (REVPAR) is 216 yuan,increased by 3.1%year -on -year; the average daily house price (ADR) was 280 yuan,increased by 1%year -on -year; the occupancy rate (OCC) was 77.2%,1.6 percentage points increased year -on -year,The three core indicators of the hotel industry goes up simultaneously。

Huazhu International's performance also shows a good trend,Revenue in the first quarter increased by 16.6%year -on -year,Revpar increased by 4.5%year -on -year,ADR increased by 0.2%year -on -year,OCC increased by 2.3 percentage points year -on -year。Jin Hui said: & ldquo;,Huaju will continue to focus on reducing costs and improving efficiency,To achieve better profitability。In addition,It will be committed to transforming the business into a more light asset mode,It will be committed to transforming the business into a more light asset mode,and seeking growth opportunities in new areas outside Europe。& rdquo;

Grasp & ldquo; Quality price ratio & rdquo; consumption trend,Equipment and quality increase

Current,China's hotel industry gradually transitions from large -scale to quality、Upgrade,Consumer demand is personalized、Diversified changes。Under the tide of pursuing & ldquo; quality ratio & rdquo;,Consumers' brand reputation for 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinohotels、Higherness and the products and services that can be provided have higher requirements,The changes of the demand side are also forcing the structural reform of the supply side。

Trends in accordance with the changes in the industry,Huazhu actively revolved around the lean growth strategy centered on excellence service,Strengthen the construction of high -quality hotel network。One aspect,Huazhu China continues to upgrade by Han Ting、The iron triangle brand composed of the whole season and orange,To better serve Volkswagen Gigang market; on the other hand,,Create a new product。In the first quarter of this year,To meet the needs of the youth consumer group,Huaju's mature experience based on Han Ting launched a new version of Hello Hotel,It will be used as a strong supplement to the Hanting brand in the national hotel market。


Hello Hotel with a new version

At the same time,Huazhu also takes into account the development of mid -to -high -end brands,To meet the differentiated needs of different consumer groups。188bet app downloadAs of the end of the first quarter of 2024,The number of mid -to -high -grade hotels in China in China reached 686,increased by 28%year -on -year,6%month -on -month; 430 companies to be opened,increased by 81%year -on -year,increased 11%from the previous month,It shows the strong brand power of Huazhu and attractiveness to the franchisee。

188bet app downloadAs of the end of the first quarter,Huazhu China has covered the whole country 1,290 cities,increased 158 cities over the same period last year。With the past two years & ldquo; reverse tour & rdquo;、Small town travel gradually starts,Huazhu's sinking strategy is expected to bring more incremental opportunities。

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