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Grand Scenic Area Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-18
The museum is sought after, the public comments are launched on the "Popular Cultural Expo List"
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Urban Cultural Business Card、Social Photo Holy Land、Leisure dolls are good to go ...... in recent years,& ldquo; Museum hot & rdquo;,The museum plays more diverse characters in daily life。

Just coincides with May 18 International Museum Day,Under the guidance of the Chinese Cultural Relics Information Consultation Center,Public Comment Comprehensive Platform Search Hot、Notes and other data and content,Published & ldquo; Volkswagen List & RDQUO;。List cover the popular popular、Travel love to visit、Love to visit、Museum's face value and other details list,Covering 20 cities across the country,A total of 54 museums on the list,Provide users with museum travel reference。


188bet Online Sports Betting and Casino & ldquo;Urban Cultural Business Card & RDQUO;,Treasure Special Museum is sought after

& ldquo; I want to know a city in the shortest time,Visit the local provincial and museum -level museum is the first choice。& rdquo;,Now,Many tourists choose to include local museums in a must -visit place,The museum is becoming & ldquo; urban cultural business card & rdquo;。

& ldquo; Most provincial 188bet app museums in various places are comprehensive museums,Is the key to open the city。& rdquo; Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the public comment,& ldquo; Other provincial and museum -level museums are also due to the special exhibition,Attention to foreign tourists。& rdquo; For this,Public Comment & LDQUO; Popular Culture Expo List & RDQUO; Special launches & ldquo;,Turn off & ldquo; Provincial Bo ranking & rdquo; sub -list,Recommend the most worthy provincial museum for users during the journey。

On the list,The Hubei Provincial Museum located in Wuhan is a typical of & ldquo; urban cultural business card & rdquo;。& ldquo; Hubei is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization,Chu State Culture in the pre -Qin period wrote a strong stroke in history,Nearly 400,000 pieces of Hubei Provincial Museum Collection,Detailed display of historical contexts such as Chu State 800 years,Help us understand the past and present life of this city。& rdquo;。


▲ Many provincial and museum -level museums become& ldquo;New name of urban culture& rdquo;

(source: Public comment) 

& ldquo; Provincial Bo ranking & rdquo; No. 1 Shanghai Museum,With a wealth of time -limited theme exhibition,Makes people willing & ldquo; for a show,Ray a city & rdquo;。& ldquo; Last year, I have & lsquo;,I flew over to see。& rdquo; Mr. Wang, a citizen of Beijing told reporters。& ldquo; Come from Hangzhou on the weekend,It is to see the true trace of Da Vinci。& rdquo; The author of the note mentioned。


& ldquo;Directly enter the ancient tomb of the palace& rdquo;Nanhan Nanyue King Museum.

(source: Public Comment Notes Author)

Outside the Provincial Museum,Some unpopular theme museums have also received increasing attention。& ldquo; Southern Nanyue King Museum,& ldquo; The Guangzhou Museum Museum that can simulate the driving subway & rdquo;,& ldquo; The Chinese Sailing Museum with a beautiful ship model & rdquo; more special museums become hot content for platform travel strategy notes,Another sub -list appearing in & ldquo; Traveling love shopping & rdquo;。


Museum accelerate& ldquo;Life& rdquo;, the online list is boosted& ldquo;Cultural Communication& rdquo;

& ldquo; The museum has no longer only science science、The function of travel punch。& rdquo; Relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Sands Site Museum thinks,& ldquo; Young people social dating、Take photos sharing,Bao Da Bao Mom's leisure ..... Museum is an important place for contemporary daily leisure life。& rdquo;

Data display,On Public Comment Note Channel,& ldquo; The doll victory is & rdquo; & ldquo;。When the museum accelerates into life,& ldquo; Volkswagen List & rdquo; Launched & ldquo; Qiwa loves to visit & rdquo; and & ldquo; Museum's face value & rdquo;,Guangdong Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine、China Garden Museum、China Tea Museum and other treasure museums on the list。


▲ Museum enters life, public comment& ldquo;Popular Cultural Expo List& rdquo;Launched& ldquo;Love to visit& rdquo; & ldquo;Museum face value& rdquo;Two major sections.

(source: Public comment)

Chengdu Sands Site Museum with a large number of archeological utensils、Mysterious archeological relics,and various archeological related theme exhibitions,The author of the public comment was called & ldquo;,Ascend & ldquo; The recommendation list of the feature with the baby & rdquo;。& ldquo; Jinsha is directly built on the archeological site,presents the real state of archeology,Parent -child can learn ancient Shu civilization。& rdquo; Introduction of the above person in charge,& ldquo; The garden area has restored the ancient Shu ecology 3,000 years ago,There are more than 20 sika deer,Education and Lele,Children particularly like。& rdquo;

In addition,The Sands Site Museum is a beautiful machine for young people to take pictures and punch cards。& ldquo; 乌 in the site park,There are more than 60 precious ebony from the Jinsha site and surrounding areas,Falling Linli forming a characteristic landscape。Affected by the "Museum's Photo 'Rap,Many tourists come to shoot fashion blockbusters。& rdquo;


▲ MuseumAccelerationEntering life.(Picture source: Public commentAuthor

It is worth noting is,Museum accelerate & ldquo; Life & rdquo;,Stack & ldquo; Volkswagen Cultural Expo List & RDQUO;,Museum's cultural communication efficiency has also increased significantly。According to the person in charge above,2023,The passenger flow of the Sands Site Museum increased by 270%compared to 2019,& ldquo; Many young people who come to take pictures,Finally, 188bet app I went with the admiration of the "Ancient Shu Civilization",& lsquo; Volkswagen List & RSquo; The online list will further help us drain。& rdquo;

The relevant person in charge of the public comment said,In recent years,New trends of various types of travel are constantly emerging on the platform,& ldquo; The museum boom & rdquo;。Public comment as the birthplace of this new trend,Continue to diversify content products,Before satisfying the user group、Dingzhong、Various needs after travel。& ldquo; This platform releases the museum theme list,Hope with real and reliable content,Becoming the user's & lsquo; Museum travels & rsquo;,Museum's cultural knowledge & lsquo; booster & rsquo;。& rdquo;


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