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Global Destination Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-20
An important advantage of this flight is that passengers do not need to apply for a Spanish transit visa during the stay in Madrid。
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China International Airlines resumed flying to Cuba Aviation Business Celebration in Cuban Embassy in China。Cuban Ambassador to China Bai Shide、Yu Man, Director of the International Department of China Civil Aviation Administration、Cai Fang, Deputy Director of the Second Division of the National International Development Cooperation Agency、Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ou Jianhong Ambassador to attend the event,Participating in the event and members of the Cuban Embassy、Travel agency institution、Representatives of the media agency of the tourism industry。

Recently,Air China announced the resumption of flight to Havana flight,Open Beijing-Madrid-Havana new route,Starting from two classes per week,With the increase of passengers and air freight traffic 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casino in the two countries, the increasing class。Different from the past is,An important advantage of this flight is that passengers do not need to apply for a Spanish transit visa during the stay in Madrid,This makes the journey of Chinese tourists more comfortable and relaxed。


Cuba Ambassador to China Bai Shide said,Open this route,Not only can it expand between China and Cuba,It also includes China and Latin America,Especially the connection and interconnection between the Caribbean region,This will help lay the foundation for the development of multi -destination models in the region。This is the specific action of implementing the highest leaders of the two countries in the 2022 and 2023 meetings,Part of the specific action of building a community of ancient destiny that the two countries expect to build a community of destiny,It is also one of the actions that the two countries' implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative cooperation plan in 2018 and 2020。

It is understood,On the closing ceremony of the Cuban International Tourism Expo recently,,Cuba Tourism Minister announced that it is exempt from Chinese citizens holding ordinary passports,This measure provides a lot of convenience for Chinese tourists to 188bet online sports betting travel to Cuba。At the same time,Cuba also announced that China will attend the Cuban International Tourism Fair in 2025,This will make important contributions to strengthening tourism and cultural exchanges between the two countries。


Ambassador Bai Shide announced in the event,The Minister of Tourism, Cuba, Hu An-Carlos Garcia, will start to visit China on May 26,He will participate in the International Tourism Fair held in Shanghai,At that time, it will communicate directly with the main departments and institutions of the Chinese tourism and cultural departments.。

Cuba is a unique tourist destination,full of attraction to tourists,Cuban people enthusiastic hospitality,Happy to share Cuba's historical and cultural heritage with tourists。In addition,Cuba launches colorful activities and incentive policies,Including Kangto and Scenery Travel,Tailored tourism products and projects based on the interests and needs of Chinese tourists,Including the City of Miracle Havana、Vanles Valley、The road of cigar、Trinida heritage、Beautiful Balladro Beach and other iconic attractions。

In terms of travel services,To ensure that Chinese tourists' experience in Cuba is more attractive 188bet app and interesting,Cuba trained employees,to meet the needs and taste of different tourists,Make sure that every moment of Chinese tourists is worth remembering every moment during the stay,Rum wine、Cigar、Music and handicrafts and other Cuba specialty products are Cuba's more famous tourist souvenirs 。Ambassador Bai Shide emphasized,Cuba is a safe country,It is a friend of China,Chinese culture and traditions are also an indifferent part of our nation。


According to an introduction,Cuban Chinese have made important contributions to the formation of the Cuban nation and shortening the geographical distance between the two countries,Cuba is about to usher in the first batch of Chinese immigrants to reach the 177th anniversary of Cuba。This year coincides with the 64th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries,Both countries are good friends、Good comrades、Good brothers; also the 60th anniversary of education cooperation between the two countries in the middle and ancient countries,More than 100 Chinese youths in 1964 came to Cuba to learn Spanish,Since then from 2006 to 2016,More than 3,000 Chinese students participated in the "Chinese Youth Training Plan in Cuba"。

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