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Industrial Investment Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-20
Senior professionals from multiple fields explore "the infinite possibilities from travel to lifestyle"。
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May 18,Lianke Travel Chuang UTI brand release and the first Unitech Lohas Cultural Tourism Sisi Exchange was held at the Shenzhen China Forum。This press conference is & ldquo; Cultural Tourism & Middot; AI & Middot; Life Traveling Unbounded 丨 Wing Zhiyuan & rdquo;,Invite senior professionals from multiple fields,Joint exploration & ldquo; infinite possibilities from travel to lifestyle & rdquo;。

It is worth noting is,The successful holding of this event also aims to respond to the theme of this year's & ldquo; 519 China Tourism Day & rdquo;,Happy life & rdquo;,The organizer hopes to take positive explorations in the field of innovation and cross -border,Contribute your own strength to the upgrade of the domestic cultural tourism industry。

As the organizer of this conference,Chen Chuming, executive president of Lianke Travel 188bet online sports betting Chuang (Guangdong) Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd., said in his speech,Lianke Travel Create UTI as the explorer and testor of future travel methods,Taking a healthy and sustainable travel experience as the mission,In the future, it will integrate the global tourism resources,Provide vacation destination travel、Outdoor Adventure Travel、Four Global Travel Plan, including international research and international medical travel。

She explained at the same time,Lianke Travel Creation UTI's travel concept focuses on Unitech Lohas,Compared to the previously popular Lohas (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), that is, & ldquo; healthy and sustainable lifestyle & rdquo;, Lianke Travel Chuang UTI attempts to put intelligent technology、Slow travel natural、Humanities Travel、Experience Education、Incorporation of recreational and artistic creation,Create a new advocate Unitech Lohas。

Unitech Lohas can help more people break the travel space and method,Make travel is no longer 188bet app download a personal subjective enjoyment and experience,It is also a two -way running through the goodness of self and the world,Makes future travel unlimited possibilities。

Director/Vice President Yao Jie、Banyan Group's market sales leader Yang Jin and Executive Director of Youbixuan Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Lin also gave a welcome speech to the conference。

At this conference,Lianke Travel Create UTI for the first time & ldquo; LSC cross -border consultant & rdquo;。

Lianke Travel 188bet online sports betting Chuang (Guangdong) Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd. Vice President/Chief Brand Strategic Officer Plus Introduction,& ldquo; LSC cross -border consultant & rdquo; is a top benchmark consultant -style agent focusing on the characteristics and needs of high net worth customers,They can help customers choose and insist on unitech lohas lifestyles that are good for their health and environment。


Lianke Travel 188bet online sports betting Chuang (Guangdong) Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd. Vice President/Chief Brand Strategic Officer plus one flight to interpret the company's core strategy

Lianke Travel Chuang UTI will start two key tasks around & ldquo; LSC cross -border consultants & rdquo; on the one hand,Invest a large amount of resource construction brand tone、Visual、Media and Layout Channel,Vigorously promote the brand value proposition of Unitech Lohas,Help & ldquo; LSC cross -border consultant & rdquo; attract potential high -quality customers; on the other hand,It will try to create a product co -construction mode for the first time on the supply chain on the supply chain,Suppliers of different types and characteristics can bring the product elements on a large platform,from & ldquo; LSC cross -border consultant & rdquo; product design for customer needs、Production and service。

In order to improve & ldquo; LSC cross -border consultant & rdquo;, Lianke Travel Chuang UTI will provide & ldquo; LSC cross -border consultant & rdquo;、Efficient work support,Including a multi -city temporary work site、VIP meeting living room、Sales support system、Sales Tracking Tool、Online training、Insurance and other product services and procurement、Financial Services and Legal Aid Services。

Last,Lianke Travel Chuang UTI Welcome to join & ldquo; LSC cross -border consultant & rdquo; team。

Sharing the theme of the conference,Eight guests made wonderful sharing on how to practice Unitech Lohas claims:

Shen Shao, Director of the Public Art Research Institute of Shenzhen University of Public Art, Democratic Lecture "Between the scale,Detective Observation ",Teacher Shen as a cross 188bet app -border integration art、Business、Technology and other multi -dimensional elements with very successful artists,From a unique perspective to the audience, the audience brings a long way of thinking for thinking。

The Minister of Innovation and Development of Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research Institute Cui Ning said "From interaction to symbiosis,Exploration of Intelligent in Education Robot Design。

Bao Long, general manager of the Joint Marketing Center of Zhejiang Top Scenic Area Management Company.,Exploration of the scientific and technological scenes of Cultural Tourism Town ",As a well -known national IP scenic area manager, we showed us that they were upgraded by the cross -border integration technology of cultural tourism、Travel experience innovation、Advanced thinking and layout of tourism innovation and other aspects。


Bao Long, general manager of Joint Marketing Center of Zhejiang Top Scenic Area Management Company, speak

Manager Shen Xiaoli, the general manager of Man Travel, gave a lecture "Travel Life,From travel to lifestyle,From the perspective of the industry's head international high -end tourism media, we analyzed the future direction of the evolution of travel products。

ATTA World Exploration and Tourism Industry Association China Chief Representative Qin Zhen's "ATTA World Exploration Tourism Industry Association",Qin Zhen, on the one hand, objectively analyzes the development status and differences of exploration tourism at home and abroad,On the other hand, it also puts forward constructive planning and suggestions on the development of adventure tourism。

Hofo Public Relations co -founder Jing Ran lecture "Traveling with Life,Obstruction and long,Xingxing to Far ",The wonderful sharing of Teacher Jing Ran caused a strong resonance of guests present, especially female guests,Every constructive thinking about the cultural tourism industry has become a vivid story that Teacher Jingran has experienced in the mouth of Mr. Jing Ran,Let everyone deeply perceive the infinite possibilities from travel to lifestyle。

Li Qi, deputy secretary -general of the Shenzhen China Fund Ecological Environmental Protection Foundation, said "Running to the Wild,Seeds of Sowing Sprinkle Natural Education。Natural Education Integration Integrated Study Travel,Whether for the next generation of educators、Participants 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casino of Natural Research、Industry practitioners or natural environmental protection organizations,It has extraordinary meaning。Children get happy growth in close nature,Industry practitioners continue to improve their rich knowledge reserves in the travel industry based on higher service standards,Natural protection NGO organizations can obtain continuous external funds to continuously expand the results of natural environmental protection。Organic travel flourish,Not only meaning to the tourism industry,This influence is a profound impact of multi -dimensional density。

MSC Consultation founder and CEO Tan Yaxing speaking "Guidelines for Organic Travel China Industry"。Tan Yaxing has been committed to combining business practice with social value,Promoting enterprises to achieve long -term sustainable development,In ESG (Environment、Social and Governance) exploration is particularly prominent,The ESG concept he advocates,Help enterprises while pursuing economic benefits,Also pay attention to environmental protection and social responsibility,Contributions to building a harmonious society。In this event,MSC and the organizer of the event published the "Guidelines for Organic Travel China Industry",I hope that based on a large number of cultural travel industry data analysis and draw on advanced foreign experience,Put forward a combination of China's national conditions for the development of organic travel、Professional industry development standards for industry development。

Another,Except on the spot、Show、In addition to communication,The full version of "Guidelines for Organic Travel China" will be on May 21, 2024,Published through various professional media。

This conference also has three wonderful round table meetings.

In "Sustainable Development of Artificial Intelligence Education Integration Cultural Tourism,Challenges and Opportunities of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises at the round table,Bao Long, General Manager of Joint Marketing Center of Zhejiang Top Scenic Area Management Company、Youbixuan Technology Co., Ltd. Strategic Investment and Financing Consultant/Strategic Development Vice President Houzong Fang、Cui Ning, Minister of Innovation and Development, Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research Institute、Zhejiang Qiangbrain Technology Brain Co Education Education Director Wang Yuzheng and Lianke Travel 188bet online sports betting Chuang (Guangdong) Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd. Vice President/Chief Brand Strategic Officer, Katai, jointly facing new opportunities facing Shenzhen science and technology enterprises under the new situation Explore in -depth discussion with the new challenge。


"Sustainable development of artificial intelligence education integration cultural tourism,Challenge and Opportunities of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises "round tables

In the "Risk and Reward of Adventure Travel,Balance of Travel and Health "at the round table,Qin Zhen, chief representative of the China Exploration and Tourism Industry Association、Chen Jie, Vice President of Jinlim Group、Liu Tao, Executive CEO of Shenzhen Ai Beili Digital Health Co., Ltd.、Taiwanese health management expert、Guo Taiming Private Health Manager Yang Nongsheng、The host of the Shenzhen Radio and Television Group Zhou Yingjie and the partner of Lianke Travel (Guangdong) Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd. Liu Ye Jun made a warm exchange on the new thinking brought by the rise of the rush to the cultural travel industry around & ldquo;。

In "No Boundary,Acting far,From travel to Unitech Lohas; Digital Traveling Life and Female Traveler's Safety and Freedom ",Chairman of Le Life Life Ray、Hofo Public Relations Co -founder Jing Ran、Fan Pu Lian (Fan Pu Culture Development Co., Ltd.) General Manager Tu Haixia、Runbie Ecological Travel Forum Director Fang Lili、Founder of the Better Travel Consulting Company Zhou Jingjing and the Tourism and Rosewood Group Hotel Management Area Market Sales Director Zhao Chen also conducted a lot of interesting discussions around Unitech Lohas。

Last,This conference also held & ldquo; The launching ceremony of the global natural ecological travel plan & rdquo;,It marks the support and encouragement of the UNKEI Creating UTI brand with many partners,smoothly opened the pace of deep cultivation in the Chinese language travel industry,At the same time, it marks the successful success of the UNKEI brand UTI brand release and the first Unitech Lohas Cultural Tourism。

Lianke Travel Chuang UTI brand release and the first Unitech Lohas Cultural Tourism Sisi Exchange is sponsored by Lianke Travel (Guangdong) Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd.,Overseas Overseas Chinese Town China Forum,Top Group Group、Banyan Group、Porsche Asia Experience Center and MSC consultation as sustainable sponsor to support,WeWork China、Ai Beili Digital Health、Leader Life、Brain Co、Gao 188bet app download Ju Innovation、Yicin Technology and Xiaolun Health as an event sponsor to give strong support,This conference has attracted more than 100 companies from all over the country、Media、The person in charge of the research institution participated,The press conference has received great attention in the cultural tourism industry。

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