Unique "riding system" brings a new dining experience
Keep Hui 6 days ago
Shanghai Pochi Culture's Treasure of Children is authorized to introduce the Pig Page Outside Park,Perform operation management。
Keep Hui 27 days ago
The company's revenue last year was 2.1 billion pounds,Tourist volume and tourism income increased by 13%and 8% respectively from 2022, respectively。
Keep Hui 54 days ago
Dafeng and the New Zealand National Treasure Enterprise Vita Studio jointly build Haikou International Duty Free City Aura: Skyrim Secret Forest Project。
Keep Hui 65 days ago
Tea Selected and promulgated the Asia Award every year,This award is known as the "Oscar" award in the global theme park industry。
Keep Hui 65 days ago
It is understood,Hasbaba and Pen Chi Culture will also announce the first Little Pig Page Outdoor theme Park in China。
Keep Hui 66 days ago
It is expected that some venues will be open at the end of this year,Full opening of the museum operation in May next year。
Keep Hui 75 days ago
The project includes the world's first Pig Page's indoor ice and snow world,and introduce the little horse Burry、Heat、Mr. Tudou and other popular IP。
Keep Hui 76 days ago
Forecast will bring a stable passenger flow of 3-5 million people per year after opening the park。
Keep Hui 79 days ago
This is the 20th milestone performing arts project under the impression of Sanxiang,It will also be a new business card from Meizhou Island Putian。
Keep Hui 2024-02-29
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