Explorer Park project is jointly invested by the Hami Municipal Government Investment Platform and the China Exposite Association's subsidiary、Operation。
Keeping Hui 2024-01-13
Ski Club seek new on the content platform
Keeping Hui 2023-11-28
Further improve the scale and quality of the sports tourism industry in Yunnan Province
China Net 2023-04-13
Meet the diverse sports consumption needs of the masses,Stimulate sports consumption power
Efforts to build a sports tourism integration economic development economic system
Here, let children find more companions and happiness.
Keeping Hui 2023-03-21
Promote the high -quality development of the sports tourism industry
A total of spring flowers in spring,Open the first camping in Spring in Nikko Valley!
Keeping Hui 2023-03-16
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Ctrip co -founder and executive chairman

President of the China Tourism Association Leisure and Holiday Branch、Chief Expert of the Expert Committee of the World Tourism City Federation

Mid -level cadres of large -scale cultural tourism group,Three non -best -selling authors,Trading seven reputation ginseng semi -scenic spots,After billions of dollars in the ups and downs。

The founder and CEO

Vice President of Jingyu Donkey Mom Group、Traveling Hundred People will initiates、Vice Dean of China Theme Park Research Institute、Director of the Creative Tourism Special Committee of the Shanghai Creative Industry Association。
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