Last month, Flying Pig launched the summer voyage MSC Honor Tong Tong Package,As of now, the turnover has exceeded 10 million。
Zhihui 5 days ago
Convenient cruise inbound visa -free policy undoubtedly injected new vitality into the development of Shenzhen cruise mother port。
Zhihui 5 days ago
After the festival, the hotel's booking price also decreases significantly,Among them, the average price of Samsung -level hotels decreases the most obvious。
Zhihui 7 days ago
This move is a key step in the growth strategy of Gulf Airlines in the international flight network。
Zhihui 26 days ago
Flying Pig data display,2023 Poor travel ticket reservation increases by nearly 1 times the year -on -year increase。
Zhihui 43 days ago
Resources based on both parties、Technology and brand advantages,Jointly provide convenient and comfortable passengers for Qinghai Airport、Industry leading aviation travel and value -added services.
Zhihui 49 days ago
As of March 27,The overall reservation of the trip during the May Day holiday rose nearly three times month -on -month,Outbound travel bookings rose obviously。
Zhihui 54 days ago
MSC Honor Honor China's first flight in Mainland China is a comprehensive restart of the business of the Mediterranean Cruise in China。
Zhihui 65 days ago
The first week after the Spring Festival,Domestic air tickets average fell 15%month -on -month,The average price of international air tickets decreased by about 10%month -on -month。
Zhihui 2024-02-21
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