Investor Hu Jiwen: Choose Dongcheng Group,The road to success in the convenience of the city for the city
Keeping Hui 5 days ago
The launch time of each "Ace" will be presented through countdown form,Global users can apply for booking through Airbnb Audemars Piguet APP。
Keeping Hui 14 days ago
The application of technology allows the homestay to better satisfy consumers outside the basic function of "living"
Keeping Hui 20 days ago
Both parties will be in brand marketing、Member rights、In -depth cooperation in the upgrade of the official flagship store of the brand and sales of omni -channel sales。
Keeping Hui 22 days ago
As of April 23,The hotel reservation rate of the May Day holiday this year has been flat at the May 1st holiday reservation rate last year。
Keeping Hui 23 days ago
As of April 12, 2024,The number of orange crystals in the camp has reached 194,The 200 stores are about to break through the store。
Keeping Hui 39 days ago
April 4-6,Huazhu's hotel entertaining guests over 2.66 million times,The overall closure rate increased by nearly 7%compared to April 1-3。
Keeping Hui 40 days ago
Nearly 50 people from Hubei、Hunan、The landlord of the homestay in Anhui and other places participated in the landing ceremony。
Keeping Hui 48 days ago
March 26,"Shangchun Mountain‘ enjoy spring ’” Taiping Lake Manfu Mansion Tasting Association was held in Huangshan, Anhui。
Keeping Hui 56 days ago
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Ctrip co -founder and executive chairman

Chairman of the China Tourism Association Leisure and Holiday Branch、Chief Expert of the Expert Committee of the World Tourism City Federation

Large -scale Cultural Tourism Group middle -level cadres,Three copies of non -best -selling authors,Traveling seven reputation ginseng semi -scenic spots,After billions of dollars in the ups and downs。

The founder and CEO

Vice President of Jingyu Donkey Mom Group、Tourist 100 people will sponsor、Deputy Dean of China Theme Park Research Institute、Director of the Creative Tourism Special Committee of the Shanghai Creative Industry Association。
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