Lifeng culture is a creative plan、Planning Design、Production Implementation、Full Industry Chain Service Platform Enterprise, which is integrated with investment and operation。
Keeping Hui 33 days ago
Dezao Group reappears the determination to deeply cultivate the Asia -Pacific market through this investment,Business layout will be further expanded。
Keeping Hui 50 days ago
Last year, the total revenue was about 4.5 billion Hong Kong dollars,increased by 48%year -on -year; the total profit was HK $ 700 million,Turn a year -on -year loss to profit。
Keeping Hui 53 days ago
Last year, the service industry's contribution to GDP decreased nearly ten percentage points compared to the epidemic
Liu Zhaohui 69 days ago
In 2024 Government Work Report,"Vigorously promote the construction of the modern industrial system,Accelerating the development of new productivity "is put on the top ten tasks in 2024。This article will interpret culture in detail、What are the new productive elements and advantage industries in the field of radio and television and tourism。
In the past year,The project has trained more than 33,000 rural tourism talents,Among them, women exceed 18,000 people。
Keeping Hui 74 days ago
2024 is the competition of talents,It is also reflected in the competition of wisdom,Recruitment talents are more important than attracting investment。
Wei Xiaoan 2024-01-22
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Ctrip co -founder and executive chairman

Chairman of the China Tourism Association Leisure and Holiday Branch、Chief Expert of the Expert Committee of the World Tourism City Federation

Mid -level cadres of large cultural tourism group,Three non -best -selling authors,Mall seven reputation ginseng semi -scenic spots,After billions of dollars in the ups and downs。

The founder and CEO

Vice President of Jingyu Donkey Mom Group、Tourists will be promoted、Vice Dean of China Theme Park Research Institute、Director of the Creative Tourism Committee of the Shanghai Creative Industry Association。
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