Online and offline force to meet the cultural needs of consumers
Keeping Hui 2023-08-09
Help Chinese parents easily realize omnipotent summer travel
Keeping Hui 2023-07-25
The supply and demand side of China's outbound tourism industry urgently needs to re -establish and reconstruct the industry ecology
Keeping Hui 2023-07-12
"Follow the textbook to check in" cultural depth experience tour,It is becoming a highlight of summer tourism consumption
Keeping Hui 2023-06-21
Promote the development of research tourism and help build the city of research
Solve the pain points to ensure the sustainable development of the research industry
Drive the development model and service model of the Wenwen Travel Industry Products
Research Tour gradually developed into an emerging tourism format,Market demand is getting larger and larger
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Ctrip co -founder and executive chairman

President of the China Tourism Association Leisure and Holiday Branch、Chief Expert of the Expert Committee of the World Tourism City Federation

Large -scale cultural tourism group middle -level cadres,Three copies of non -best -selling authors,Trading seven destroyed ginseng semi -scenic spots,After billions of dollars in the ups and downs。

The founder and CEO

Vice President of Jingyu Donkey Mom Group、Tourists will sponsor、Vice Dean of China theme Park Research Institute、Director of the Creative Tourism Commission of the Shanghai Creative Industry Association。
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