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May Day Holiday; Entry -Exit Tour Author of this article: Zhihui 2024-05-05 22:55:56
The middle and long line tours are enthusiastic, and Southeast Asia is popular
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The travel boom of May Day holiday is in full swing,Data of the data of major online travel platforms,This year's travel enthusiasm is higher than previous years。Beijing、Hangzhou and other traditional tourism destinations are still favored,Entry -exit tourism also shows a significant growth trend。

With the increase of the number of days of holidays,Mid -long line tourism and outbound tourism markets ushered in rapid growth,The travel distance and number of tourists have been significantly improved。


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According to the prediction of the Ctrip platform,Beijing、Shanghai、Chongqing、Hangzhou、Chengdu、Nanjing、Xi'an、Wuhan、Guangzhou and Changsha have become the top ten popular tourist destinations during the 188bet Online Sports Betting and CasinoMay Day holiday。Once the train ticket is on sale,Beijing to Luoyang、Zibo、Tickets for popular routes such as Changchun will be sold out quickly,Train tickets from first -tier cities to core cities in the central and western regions are particularly popular。National Railway Group estimates,The railway passenger volume during May 1st this year is expected to exceed 133 million people last year。


Mid -long line tourism occupies a dominant position in the country。Ctrip released "2024 & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; Tourism Trend Insight Report" display,Domestic long -distance travel orders account for 56%,The data of Tuniu also indicates,Domestic long -term tour has become the choice of more tourists,Two -time travel accounts for 46%。



2. Entry -exit tour boom continues

The outbound tour market has also ushered in a substantial increase。Ctrip's report data show,Japan、Thailand、Korea、Malaysia、Singapore、The United States、Indonesia、Australia、France and Vietnam have become popular outbound tourists。At the same time,Saudi Arabia、Qatar、Uzbekistan、Tajikistan, etc.The year -on -year growth rate of orders in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative is also quite significant。East Asia and Southeast Asian destinations are still the first choice for most tourists to go abroad。



Forecast of the National Immigration Administration,The average daily entry and exit personnel of the nationwide ports of the May 1 holiday this year will reach 1.76 million people,increased by 40.5%year -on -year。The reservation volume of entry tour also increases significantly,Data display of Ctrip,May Day holiday in Shanghai's inbound tour booking volume increased by 117%year -on -year,The main source of ports includes Japan、The United States、Korea、Canada and Thailand。

Shanghai Pudong、Guangzhou Baiyun、Beijing capital、Chengdu Tianfu and Hangzhou Xiaoshan and other large international airports have steadily increased in and out,It is expected that the average daily immigration personnel will be 88,000、41,000、40,000、17,000 and 13,000 people。Thanks to the recovery and supply of international routes,The cost of outbound tour during May 1st this year has increased significantly last year。The data of the flying pig,The per capita purchase price of international air tickets during May 1st decreased by 19%year -on -year。



With the two -way flow 188bet sports betting app downloadboom of Hong Kong and Macao residents and mainland residents & ldquo;,In addition to the Hong Kong and Macao regions during May Day, a number of large -scale performing arts activities and fireworks performances will be held,It is expected that the traffic clearance traffic adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau will increase significantly。Shenzhen Luohu、Futian、The estimated daily immigration personnel on the Shenzhen Bay Port will reach 194,000 respectively、191,000 and 130,000 people,and Zhuhai Gongbei、Qingmao、The estimated daily entry and exit personnel of the Hong Kong -Zhuhai -Macao Bridge Port will reach 320,000 respectively、110,000 and 110,000 people。

In addition, large cruise ships such asMediterranean CruiseMSC Honor Number、The marine spectrum number of the Royal Caribbean Cruise also returns to China's mother port,With domestic cruise shipAida Mo CapitalAdd to China Merchants IdunIt is expected that the domestic cruise market will usher in a prosperous scene during the May Day holiday.

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