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May Day Holiday; County Tour; Taste Bud Tour Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-05 23:00:02
Different groups of gameplay are different, satisfying the taste buds to travel
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With & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;,The tourism market has ushered in an upsurge of comprehensive growth。Traveling from China to Outbound Tour,From traditional tourist hotspots to emerging & ldquo; Internet celebrity & rdquo; city,The popularity of tourism continues to rise。


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During May 1st this year,Cities below the county and below the fourth line have become new tourist highlights,received wide welcome。

Ctrip data show,Tianshui、Xuzhou、Zibo、Hefei、Nanchang、Diqing、Jingdezhen、Shijiazhuang、Small cities such as Yantai and Huangshan performed well in hotel booking。Hotel booking orders in the county market increased by 68%year -on -year,Ticket orders in scenic spots increased by 151%year -on -year,The growth rate is far exceeding the national average.Fourth -line and below cities in cities increased by 140%year -on -year,The growth rate is significantly more than first- and second -tier cities。


188bet sports betting app downloadAccording to the data of the same travel platform,April 29th and 30th to reach the third and below cities (including county -level cities), train tickets and air tickets to the hot week of the hot week increased by more than 200%month -on -month。Have a long history、Traditional architecture and characteristic experience & ldquo; small city & rdquo; gradually become the new favorite of many tourists。

Small town tourism is favored by tourists because of its cost -effectiveness.Survit for the price of popular urban holiday hotels and air tickets,The hotel in the small city is relatively low,About 400 yuan can stay in high -end or luxury hotels。From the perspective of price,Catering、Comprehensive costs such as transportation and shopping are also about half lower than big cities。


Taizhou Ziyang Street Source: Taizhou Cultural Tourism

The need to meet the taste buds is also one of the reasons for young people to choose a small city as one of the holiday destinations。Meituan data display,cities featuring foods like Tianshui、Zhengding、Zibo、Taizhou、Liuzhou、The accommodation reservation of Chaozhou and Yanji increases obviously。

As of April 24,Travel bookings such as accommodation and tickets during May 1st period of Taizhou area increased by more than 220%。From last year's Zibo to Tianshui this year,More and more young 188bet apppeople are willing to go to a city in order to taste local special foods。In addition to the hot Tianshui Spicy Hot,Liuzhou with the enthusiasm of snail powder lovers,with 180%of the heat increase, it became the top of the list of May 1 & rdquo;。


2. Different groups of gameplay are very different

In addition,This year & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; The tourism market in the holiday presents diversified and personalized characteristics。Data of the May 1st Travel Trends of Baidu Maps,The travel method of young people has changed from the traditional & ldquo; attractions & rdquo; punch card to & ldquo; hotspot & rdquo;such as & ldquo; Chengdu Disney & RDQUO;、Changsha Pozi Street Police Station、Jingdezhen's & ldquo; speechless bodhisattva & rdquo; and 8 million luxury toilets in Nanjing Deji Plaza,All are the enthusiastic punch locations of young people,Search popularity exceeds 190%。


Nanjing Deji luxury toilet. Source: Nanjing New Vision

Ctrip data show,Post -80s and post -90s, etc. & ldquo; workers & rdquo;。Become & ldquo at the music festival scene,Camping on the river with pets & ldquo; touch fish & rdquo;,Go to Bangkok to experience Muay Thai lesson & ldquo; Ali & rdquo;,or meet with friends to climb up and climb the mountain to become & ldquo; donkey friends & rdquo; ......

Self -driving or car rental has also become the choice of the majority of families.Ctrip's car rental data display,Family travel ratio reached 45%,The model reservation is mainly based on SUV and business cars,The reservation of RVs has increased significantly by nearly 7 times year -on -year。

Palace Museum、China National Museum、Nanjing Museum、Suzhou Museum、Yangzhou China Grand Canal Museum and other Wenbo venues,and Beijing Global Resort、Shanghai Disney Resort、Guangzhou Chimelong Travel Resort、Zhuhai Chimelong Tourism Resort and other theme parks,It has become a popular choice for free and self -driving users。

Concert、Concert Chasing Stars,and go to the TV series to check in,It has also become one of the purpose of travel during May 1st this year。Tongcheng Travel also launched the topic page of Xianxia drama punch,Help users quickly punch Ka Kaixian Drama。


TV series"And Fengxing"

In general,Thanks to the rapid spread of the Internet and short videos,The travel demand of May 1st this year has become more diversified and decentralized。


Picture source: Baidu Map

This not only indicates the prosperity and recovery of this year's travel market,It also reminds the cultural tourism departments in various places when the demand is increased,More in accordance with tourists' travel trends,Booking from tourists、Travel、Accommodation、Tourism 188bet app downloadand other whole processes considered,Design products and services that are more in line with tourist needs。

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