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Cultural Tourism Huizhan; Cultural Tourism Enterprise; May Day Holiday Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-11 10:20:27
Cultural Tourism first -line information, in -depth analysis of a week
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As a cultural tourism industry,We all look forward to being able to move forward constantly、Each major event in the period of the cultural tourism era of continuous transformation、Each key node,There are more clearly in the heart,Know its change、Cold and warm and trend。

Here,Jianhui Out of Organization Analysis of the latest dynamics of cultural tourism,Try to find the latest events or information that is worth recording in each field from these fresh elements,Based on a certain framework、perspective or dimension,Come to analyze the development of them brought to the cultural tourism industry,Value point brought to us。

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Cultural Tourism Giant Quotes

Aip platform for launching a new classification of special experience & ldquo; Ace & rdquo;

Airbnb launched a new classification called & ldquo; Ace & rdquo;,The starting includes 11 special experiences,As inspired by "Flying House Travels" & ldquo; Flying House & rdquo; experience and night activities at the Ferrari Museum。Company CEO Brian Chesky representation,In today's increasing digitalization,Aipainer Ying hopes to provide travelers with a new exploration world perspective for travelers through & ldquo;,Turn the dream travel experience of tourists into reality。

Booking's first quarter revenue reached 4.42 billion US dollars

Booking Holdings, a global online travel booking platform, announced on May 3 that its financial report in the first quarter of 2023。According to the report,Booking's revenue in this quarter reached $ 4.42 billion,This number exceeds the market analyst's previous estimated $ 4.25 billion,Show the strong growth of the company's performance。As an industry leader,Booking's performance and market strategy have guiding significance for the entire online tourism booking industry,It also reflects the recovery situation of the global tourism market and changes in consumer behavior。

Investment 2 billion,Banyan Group Development Development Phuket's largest independent house

Banyan Group plans to invest $ 2 billion in large -scale residential communities in Phuket, Thailand,The project is close to the existing Phuket and Crusa Resort of the Banyan Group。The community aims to meet the needs of different customer bases,Cover from economy -like to luxury houses。Total is divided into lakeside、Lag Lake、Valley、Five theme areas of orchard and forest,It will become the largest independent residential development project in Phuket。The target customer group is mainly from China、Russia、UK、Australia、Middle and high -end families in countries such as Germany,Among them, Asian customers account for 50%。Banyan Group thinks,With the pursuit of quality of life and experience, it increases,Overseas property needs will continue to grow。

Sheraton Hotel signed a contract to settle in Dadukou, Chongqing

Recently,Chongqing Potential Industry Group and Marriott International Group cooperation signing ceremony was held,Both parties will work together to build the Sheraton Hotel in Dadukou District, Chongqing,This project is a key project for the improvement of urban functions and urban quality of Dadukou District。The hotel started in November last year,The project covers an area of ​​22.69 acres,Total construction area is about 100,000 square meters。According to the plan,Hotel covers an area of ​​25,000 square meters,The number of guest rooms is not less than 218 rooms,Big with different functions of different functions、、Small conference hall,No less than 1,000 square meters of large conference halls is not less than 1,It is expected to be completed by the end of 2025,In operation in 2026。

Last year, my country's cultural tourism -related enterprises registered nearly 20,000

Display data of the enterprise inspection,104,900 companies related to existing existing documents in my country,Last year,Related enterprises have nearly 20,000 registered volume,increased by 53.77%year -on -year,The second peak value of the nearly ten years。From the region,,Guangdong 188bet online sports bettingProvince ranked first with 8034 households,Shandong Province and Hunan Province are ranked 2 with 7,629 and 7275 households, respectively、Three -bit。This reflects the continuous increase in the popularity of the cultural tourism industry。

Guizhou Libo County and Gemei Group to create a cultural tourism performing arts town

May 7,Libo County, Guizhou Province signed a cooperation agreement with Gime Group,Work together to create a town of cultural tourism performers,This project is expected to improve Libo in cultural display、experiences in folk performance and leisure vacation,Promote the development of the night at the same time,Create a new tourist hotspot and enrich the local travel form。According to the cooperation agreement,Gemei Group will be responsible for the planning and design of the town,This cooperation is expected to introduce high -end accommodation and diverse catering services for Libo,Increase the stay of tourists,Injecting new vitality into the local tourism industry。

Intercontinental Hotel Group this year's Q1 financial report brighter

May 7,Intercontinental Hotel Group released the first quarter of 2024 financial report,Display according to the financial report,Each of the global sales revenue (REVPAR) increased by 2.6%year -on -year,Among them, the EMEAA market increased by 8.9%,Greater China increased by 2.5%。Although the American market declines 0.3%,But the average daily house price increased by 2.3%,Increased percentage point of the occupancy rate。The number of new open rooms increased by 11.1%year -on -year,The number of contracting rooms increased by 7.1%,Stock repurchase plans to complete 239 million US dollars,The number of stocks decreased by 1.4%。These achievements not only show the growth momentum of intercontinental hotel groups,It also injected confidence into the Wen travel industry。

Shiji Information increased by 6%in 2023,Net loss 105 million

Recently,Shiji Information Release 23 Annual Report,Display according to the annual report,The company's operating income last year was about 2.749 billion yuan,increased by 5.93%year -on -year。But,Net profit loss belonging to shareholders of listed companies is about 105 million yuan,Compared with the same period of the previous year, the loss was reduced。Company Director,Company Director、The total return of supervisors and senior management personnel is 8.5425 million yuan。

Jinjiang Hotel Layout Middle High -end Resort Hotel Market

May 8,Jinjiang Hotel (China) CEO Wang Wei announced a new brand strategy at the 2024 annual meeting,Key Development Resort Hotel Business。To adapt to the trend of leisure and vacation for the whole people,Jinjiang Hotel (China District) established an independent resort apartment division,and launched a number of new brands covering different market segments,Ruye Pavilion、Yunju series, etc.。At the same time,The company has also strengthened the layout of the mid -to -high -end market,Newly established mid -to -high -end business departments focusing on brand development and operation。

Junting Hotel plans to sign 60 hotels this year

Junting Hotel announced at the performance briefing on May 9th,2024 plan to sign about 60 hotels。The company's direct -operated store's revenue during the May holiday is close to 9 million yuan,increased by 20%year -on -year,Compared with 2019,The average actual revenue (REVPAR) for each room for rental rooms increases by 15%。In addition,Junting Hotel is expected to exceed the number of newly -opened hotels exceeding the number of new contracts,Junlan brand as the leading brand in the domestic resort hotel market,About 100 hotels are currently actively preparing for opening,Since the beginning of the year,Nearly 20 hotels have entered the preparation stage before the opening。

Travel Hotel Falls all the way, the turnover shrinks 

May 8,Travel hotel sector market is not good in marketing,Choice data shows that the travel hotel index (BK0485) closed 1.82%,Newspaper 13183 points,The turnover is 5.806 billion yuan,Has shrinking compared to the day before the day。Decoration Building Material Index (BK0476) also fell 1.61%,Newspaper 11126,turnover of 5505 billion yuan。Solid stocks,Lingnan Holdings (SZ: 000524) fell more than 4%,and China Travel Union (SH: 600358)、National Mai Culture (SH: 600640)、Junting Hotel (SZ: 301073)、Dalian Shengya (SH: 600593) and other stocks fell more 188bet sports betting app downloadthan 3%。The stock travel supply chain stocks are also poor,Shiji Information (SZ: 002153)、Emperor Out Home (SZ: 002798) fell more than 4%,Home (SZ: 000785)、Mengjie (SZ: 002397)、Songlin Technology (SH: 603992) and so on fell more than 3%。

Kebierski Hotel Group will open a new hotel in Vietnam

Recently,Keipipinski Hotel Group announced that it cooperates with Vietnamese developer ECOPARK CORPORATION,Development of Kaipinski Saigon River Hotel in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City,It is expected to open in 2026。Hotels from Kengo Kuma & Associates Design,90 rooms and 10 suites will be provided,and a 1500 -square -meter spa center。This project is part of 55 hectares of comprehensive real estate,Kebiong Group operates 82 hotels in 35 countries around the world,There are more than 28 still under construction。


Follow the giant market this week【Last year's registered registration volume of cultural tourism related enterprises in my country]

Since last year,China's cultural tourism market has shown a continuous growth trend,Especially & ldquo; New Chinese & rdquo; Travel,With its unique cultural experience and the characteristics of closeness to nature,Win the favor of young tourists。During May 1st,Hotels and scenic spots in small cities below the third line of northeast and west areas have increased by more than 100%year -on -year.,This phenomenon reflects the cultural tourism market is ushered in new development opportunities。

According to the data checked by the company,The number of existing cultural tourism related companies in China reached 104,900。For the past ten years,The registration volume of these companies shows a trend of growth as a whole。increased from 03,200 in 2014 to 1227,000 in 2022,The registration volume in 2019 reached 15,600,increased by 27.08%year -on -year,Creating the first registration peak in the past ten years。2023,With the further increase of the heat of cultural tourism,The registration volume of related companies is close to 20,000,increased by 53.77%year -on -year,Refresh the record for nearly ten years。

Enter 2024,The growth momentum of the cultural travel industry is still strong。Data display,The registration volume of cultural tourism -related enterprises in the first 4 months of 2024 reached 6614,It added 564 companies compared to the same period last year,Shows a positive situation of stable and increasing increase。In the area distribution,Guangdong Province ranks first in the country with 8034 cultural tourism -related enterprises,Shandong Province and Hunan Province followed with 7,629 and 7275, respectively.。Sichuan Province、Hubei Province, Jiangsu Province and other places also show the agglomeration effect of cultural tourism enterprises。

From the perspective of urban distribution,Chengdu ranks first with 3,232 cultural tourism -related enterprises,Shenzhen and Chongqing ranked first three with 3,144 and 3021 households, respectively。Changsha、Beijing and other cities also show the gathering and development of cultural tourism enterprises。These data not only show the booming development of the cultural tourism industry,It also injected new vitality into the local economy,Provides consumers with richer and more diverse travel choices。

Facing the vigorous development of the cultural tourism market,Cultural tourism enterprises need to continue to innovate service model,Improve the experience quality of tourists。At the same time,Government and relevant departments should also increase their support for the cultural tourism industry,Optimized policy environment,Promote the sustainable development of the cultural tourism industry。The rise of the new Chinese cultural tourism,It marks that the Chinese cultural tourism market is entering a new development stage。

Cultural tourism enterprises need to keep up with market trends,Deepen the cultural connotation,Create unique tourism products。By providing high -quality services and unique cultural experiences,Cultural tourism enterprises will be able to attract more tourists,Achieve sustainable development。


Destination investment barometer

Sichuan plan to add 9 4A -level scenic spots

Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism Recently announced,9 scenic spots including Muchuan Muchuan Zhuhai Tourist Scenic Spot in Muchuan County, Leshan City as national 4A -level tourist attractions。This assessment is based on the "Division and Evaluation of the Quality Grade of Tourist Scenic Area" and "Administrative Measures for Quality Level 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoof the Tourist Scenic Area",Recommended by the Tourism and Assets Commission of various places,Considering the Quality Assessment Committee of Tourism Resources Planning and Development in Sichuan Province。The publicity period is 7 working days,From May 6th, 2024 to May 13。The new 4A -level tourist scenic spot also includes the Cultural Tourist Scenic Spot of Qushi Manor, Lu County, Luzhou City、Baishui Lake Scenic Area, Anzhou District, Mianyang City,It aims to enhance the attraction of local tourism,Promoting the development of the cultural tourism industry。

Shanghai plan to launch 10+ innovative cultural tourism projects at the end of the year

May 8,Jin Lei, deputy director of the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau, proposed,The demand for cultural tourism for citizens and tourists is to high -quality products and in -depth exploration of traditional cultural transformations。For this,Shanghai will dig deep Chinese traditional culture,Expand the influence of cultural intellectual property rights,Follow the needs of different ages,Promoting personalized travel methods,and promote culture and business、Travel、Fusion of sports。Jin Lei also revealed,Focus on digital culture、Smart tourism and virtual performing arts,Planning to launch at least 10 innovative demonstration projects before the end of the year,Promoting the application of cultural tourism Yuan universe,and use artificial intelligence technology to empower the traditional cultural industrialization,Acceleration & ldquo; Art+Technology & RDQUO; Innovation Innovation。

Investment over 29.6 billion,Shenzhen Qianhai Hua Fa Snow Center Plan for trial operation next year

According to Binhai Baoan News,Shenzhen Qianhai Hua Haofa Super Snow Center (formerly Huafa Ice and Snow Center),It is expected to be trial operation in October 2025,It will become one of the world's largest indoor super snow centers。This project is located in the core area of ​​Qianwan, Shenzhen,Adjacent to the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center,Created by Zhuhai Huafa Group more than 29.6 billion yuan,Dedicated as a major project in Shenzhen。The center will use the theme of ice and snow as the core feature,Provide the global top indoor skiing experience,Supporting high -end hotels、Frozen theme business and vitality space and other facilities,It aims to build a new landmark of urban cultural tourism,Enrich the entertainment activities of citizens and tourists。

May Day Holiday personnel flow reached 1.36 billion people

May 6,According to preliminary statistics,,This year & ldquo; May 1 & RDQUO; The traffic volume of cross -regional personnel in the whole society is expected to be about 1.36 billion people。This number increased by 24.1%compared to 1.36 billion people in the same period in 2019,equivalent to more than 270 million people average daily。This significant personality growth reflects the current public demand for tourism and family visits.。At the same time,It also shows that the domestic tourism market is quickly recovering,People have enhanced confidence in travel。

& ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; The total number of two major airports in Beijing during holidays increased by 5.4%year -on -year

2024 & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo;,Flight operations of Beijing Capital International Airport and Daxing International Airport shows a growth trend。According to data from the North China Air Management Bureau,The total number of flights in and out of Hong Kong in the two major airports reached 10124 times,increased by 5.4%over the same period last year。Specifically,The number of flights at the Capital Airport is 5695 times,and Daxing Airport's flight volume is 4429 times。This growth reflects under the condition of the prevention and control measures of the epidemic,Passengers' travel demand shows an upward trend。Increase the number of flights to airlines、Airport operations and tourism may have positive impacts,Show the gradual recovery of the tourism and transportation industry。

Cuba implements visa -free entry on Chinese citizens

May 4,Cuba announced the implementation of visa -free policies for Chinese citizens。Cuba Tourism Minister Hu An & Middot; Carlos & Middot; Garcia announced at the closing ceremony of the Cuban Tourism Festival in 2024,Chinese citizens holding ordinary passports can enter Cuba without a visa。Garcia also mentioned,China will be selected as the main country of the Cuban Tourism Festival 188bet online sports bettingin 2025,At the same time,The direct flight between the two countries is re -opened on May 17th。Current,China has already included in Singapore、More than 20 countries, including Thailand, signed a general passport -free visa agreement,and reached a mutual exemption visa agreement with different passports with more than 150 countries。

Investment 180 million yuan,Jilin Huadian Second five -star hotel will be put into use

According to Jiangcheng Daily News,Huayu International Hotel, located in the bustling section of Huadian City, Jilin Province, has entered the internal decoration stage,It is planned to open on July 1。As the second five -star standard hotel in Huadian City,This project is invested by Huadian Huayu Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.,Occantly 6038 square meters,Building area 28950 square meters。Hotel will provide accommodation、Catering、Wedding and Exhibition Services,It is expected to have an annual reception capacity exceeding 100,000 people,Annual revenue about 52 million yuan,taxes of about 6.76 million yuan。Huayu International Hotel will cooperate with Jinjiang Group,It is responsible for operation management by Jinjiang Group。

Haichang Ocean Park & ​​ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; Cumulative reception of 700,000 tourists is more than doubled in 2019

May 6,Haichang Ocean Park announced & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; operation data,A total of 700,000 tourists were received in five days,increased by 7.7%compared to the same period last year,It is more than twice the same period of 2019。The total passenger flow of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park increased by 20%year -on -year,and reached 52,000 single -day highest passenger flow records on May 2。Zhengzhou Haichang Marine Travel Resort also set a new high for the number of people in the park on May 2,The whole & ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; Cumulative receptions of more than 165,000 people during the holidays。

Zhengzhou issued a charter travel award for the new policy

May 7,Zhengzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Television and Tourism Bureau and Zhengzhou Finance Bureau jointly released the "Zhengzhou City to accelerate the implementation of the implementation of high -quality development of cultural tourism and culture and innovation (trial)。It aims to promote the high -quality development of the cultural tourism industry through the tourist team charter reward。According to the New Deal,For the domestic charter team that meets conditions,That is the upper seat rate exceeding 60%、The number of people is not less than 100、At least one toll scenic spot and accommodation for two nights (including at least one night in the central city hotel),Each time can get 30,000 yuan reward。Overseas charter team (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) when met the above conditions,Each reward increases to 60,000 yuan。This measure is intended to stimulate the vitality of tourism,Help the cultural tourism industry recovery。

Shanghai Cultural Tourism Bureau jointly issued a reward policy with multiple departments

Recently,Shanghai Commercial Committee、8 departments such as the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau jointly launched the "Several Measures for Shanghai to further promote the linkage of business and sports exhibitions to expand consumption",It aims to deepen the linkage of business and sports and sports exhibitions,Attract and expand consumption。Policy proposed,Travel agencies have successfully attracted no less than 5,000 people to enter the country in Shanghai and stay in Shanghai for at least 2 days.,It will get a one -time reward of 500,000 yuan。In addition,For the online travel platform,If you can link to the domestic and foreign market -linking airlines、Hotel、Tourist scenic spots and other promotional activities,Cumulative attraction of not less than 1 million times during the year,and the proportion of overseas tourists is not less than 15%,It will get a maximum funding support of 5 million yuan。

Investment 284 million yuan,Gansu's first tourist destination service area for operation

The first multifunctional tourist destination service area in Gansu Province & mdash; & mdash; Tai Shi service area & ldquo; Luohe Ruyi Bay & rdquo;。The total investment of the project is 284 million yuan,Covering more than 100 acres,Ji Parcel Paradise、Food Street、Camp、Peony Garden and Water Sports and other formats。Relying on the advantages of highway,Combined with local natural scenery and cultural resources,The service area aims to provide parent -child travel、Water activity、A new experience for vacation tour and characteristic 188bet apptours。At the same time,As a development of Luyan Economy as Gansu Province、Create one of the first batch of the first batch of 100 billion -level industrial clusters,It will promote local economic development,Provide new travel choices for residents in Lanzhou and surrounding areas。

Zhangjiajie Tianxinhu Tourist Resort project signing,Total investment 160 million yuan

Recently,The signing ceremony of the project of Tianxinhu Tourism Resort was held,The People's Government of Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City、Zhangjiajie City Economic Investment Group Maoyan River Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and Hainan Yunjintian Tourism Management Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation development agreement。The total investment of Tianxinhu Tourism Resort is 160 million yuan,Planning land about 400 acres,Construction land is about 50 acres,Plan is divided into two phases、Completed in 3 years in use。The first phase will build a heart tower、Heart Road、Tourist Service Center and supporting facilities; the second phase includes Suxin Forest Wild Holidays、Global Umbrella and helicopter experience items。The project is located in the Maoyan River Tourist Scenic Area,With rich natural resources and folk culture,It aims to create a new landmark for tourism and tourism on the West.。


This week's destination investment in the barometer attention【May Day holiday personnel flowing 1.36 billion people】

With the end of the May Day holiday,The Chinese cultural tourism consumer market has shown an unprecedented boom。This year's May Day holiday,Not only a big test in the domestic tourism market,It is a significant sign of the recovery of cultural tourism consumption。According to the calculation of the data center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,The number of domestic tourism travel people nationwide reached 295 million,increased by 7.6%year -on -year,Compared with the same period of 2019, it increased by 28.2%。Tourism revenue also achieved 166.89 billion yuan,increased by 12.7%year -on -year,increased by 13.5%over the same period of 2019。

nationwide,major tourist cities and scenic spots have ushered in the surge in tourists。Beijing received 16.966 million people during the holidays,Realizing tourism income of 19.62 billion yuan,Compared with the same period of 2019,increased by 18.5%and 23.1%。Henan Province's tourism income reached 35.42 billion yuan,Receiving 61.681 million domestic tourists,year -on -year increased by 14.2%and 11.8%, respectively。Although Guangdong Province is affected by weather,But the total number of tourism income and the number of tourists still increased compared to 2019。

The county tourism market has become a new pet during this holiday。Hotel reservations in cities in cities increased by more than 100%year -on -year,It shows that small cities are gradually becoming a new choice for travelers。At the same time,Due to convenient transportation and policy support,Some short -distance outbound destinations are also favored by Chinese tourists。

In the group of young tourists,& ldquo; New Chinese & rdquo; The way of travel has become a new consumption hotspot。This way of travel emphasizes cultural depth experience,Including visiting the museum、Appreciate music performances,Exploring Gucun and Ancient Town,Let tourists be immersed in a rich cultural atmosphere in various places。Museum's cultural experience is particularly sought after,Ctrip data display,The order of the museum increased by more than 10%year -on -year,Emperor Qin Shi Mausoleum Museum、The Palace Museum, etc. become the most popular museum during the holidays。

Hotel B & B's budget quantity has also achieved double growth,Reflected the diversification of travel needs。Report on Tongcheng Travel Show,The city with the highest popularity in domestic hotels is Chongqing、Beijing、Shanghai, etc.,and hotel booking in the third and below cities increased by more than 100%year -on -year。B & B reservation also shows a growth trend,Data display on the Pig Homestay platform,Compared with the same period last year,Order volume increased by 102%。

In addition,Entry and exit market also shows signs of recovery。The data released by the flying pig,& ldquo; May 1 & rdquo; During the period of choosing outbound freedom, the proportion of booking accounted for more than 80%,The reservation of the outbound travel hotel has achieved a double -year -on -year growth。Thailand、Hong Kong, China、Japan、Malaysia and other 188bet online sports bettingdestinations have become the most popular choice。

Generally speaking,The Consumption Consumption of Cultural Tourism during the May Day holiday this year not only shows the vigorous vitality of the Chinese tourism market,It also reflects consumers' pursuit of deep cultural experience and the supply side of the tourism market、Structural changes on the demand side。With the continuous recovery of the tourism market,Cultural tourism enterprises need to continue to innovate service model,Improve the experience quality of tourists,To adapt to market changes and demand。

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