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    CTCAS Summit,New upgrade of the integration of cultural and business travel

    January 2,from the Shanghai Tourism Industry Association、Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Association、Zhejiang Tourism Association and Anhui Tourism Association Guidance,Hosted by Kehui,"New Cultural Tourism、New Industry、New Life "is the theme of 2019 The 4th China Consumption Annual Summit and the" Dragon Bark Award "award ceremony in Shanghai。The conference gathers 200+ industry big coffees,500+ header,Nearly a thousand people from the competent department of cultural tourism、Travel Investment Group、Wen ...


    Chuanhui 2020-01-02
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    A batch of new tourism formats rose, and immersive tourism brings a new experience

    2019 China International Tourism Fair opened in Kunming, Yunnan.。In the exhibition area at the 188bet online sports bettingscene,Tourists can taste cultural and creative foods、Buy cultural and creative products,Can also participate in role -playing、On -site production of Yunnan characteristic handicraft,Rich and diverse cultural tourism experience,Let people linger forgotten、Screaming。These years,With the continuous deepening of the reform of the tourist supply side,A batch of sense of participation、New business formats with strong cultural flavor ...


    Wang Ke, Gao Yan 2019-11-20
  • "Gulangyu" cruise duty -free shop officially opened

    September 27,"Gulangyu" cruise duty -free shop officially opened。Chairman of China Tourism Group Wan Min、Director Du Jiang、Director Yuan Jiuqiang、Foreign director Liu Jinzhang、Deputy General Manager Li Gang,Director of China Ocean Marine Group、Deputy Secretary of the Party Group Sun Jiakang,Peng Hui, Chairman of China Travel Co., Ltd.,Member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Ma Fengguo and Captain Lars Bengetsson ...


    Chuanhui 2019-09-29
  • CCTV Network Review: The Wind of "Performance" in the characteristic town,Must be resolutely stop

    Multiple policies are good,In just a few years,Featured town has sprung up like a bamboo mushroom。Some local governments do it quickly,Building characteristic towns as "tickets and hats",The weight of the weight is not heavy,Seeking speed does not seek direction,188bet online sports bettingTowards the crooked road of "political performance"。In 2016, the relevant ministries and commissions proposed to cultivate about 1,000 unique features by 2020、Vibrant characteristic town。Subsequent level、Governments of various local governments have passed the Central Finance ...

    Grand Scenic Area

    Liu Zhe 2019-09-10
  • 2019iitczs conferenceSupply -side reformpositive effects

    August 28-30,from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism、Hosted by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province,Zhejiang Provincial Culture and Tourism Department、Hanging of the People's Government of Zhoushan City,Chuanhui、The 2019 International Island Tourism Conference co -organized by Fun Travel was held at the Zhoushan International Conference Center。This conference is "New Island、New scene、New momentum "is the theme,Starting from the Great Literary Travel Fair,Viewing perspective with the overall industry chain of the ocean,Around the systematic analysis and integration of islands that have been fixed in the general trend ...


    Chuanhui 2019-09-03
  • What are the characteristics of the night tourism market? "Night Tourism Market Data Report 2019" is released

    March 14,The "Night Tourism Series Research Achievement Conference" hosted by the China Tourism Research Institute was held in the southern district of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism。Zhang Jiayi, Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Tourism Economy, Culture and Tourism, 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoreleased the "Night Tourism Market Data Report 2019"。The full text of the report is as follows: With the increasing diversity of tourism consumption and the quality lifting of the tourism supply,Plus policy documents that have frequently introduced all parts of the country,Night Travel Positive Suction ...


    Chuanhui 2019-03-15
  • 2018CTCAS Summit

    December 18,Hosted by Chuanhui,Dream Oriental Chief Sponsorship,Zuo Yu and Yuanhe Capital Co -Organization,The theme of "The Third China Consumption Annual Summit and the" Dragon Bark Award "Awards Ceremony of the 3rd China Cultural Tourism Consumption Annual Summit and the" New Ecological Ecology · New Entertainment "is held in Shanghai Shanda。This summit brings together the Cultural Tourism Capital Fang、Cultural Tourism Group、Hundreds of senior practitioners including cultural tourism operators and content providers,Local product marketing around the target、IP cultural creative communication ...


    Duan Dongdong 2018-12-18
  • 雒: Travel urgently needSupply -side reform, the integration of cultural tourism is a strong combination

    Minister of Culture and Tourism, Shi Shu, just attended the "2018 Tourism Group Development Forum" entrepreneur seminar on the morning of the 10th and delivered a speech。He pointed out,Cultural Tourism Fusion,Whether it is a tourism company or a cultural enterprise,All are more support。Culture and tourism is a strong combination,It will make 188bet online sports bettingthe prospect of the cultural tourism market better and better。At the symposium,雒 seriously listened to Spring and Autumn Airlines、Donkey Mom、Caesar Travel、Snail Scenic Area Management Group ...

    Cultural Tourism and Huiyao

    Wu Ce, Yiding 2018-12-10
  • Marine Industry Forum,Help the marine economy

    June 11th,The "2018 First Ocean Leisure Sports Industry Development Forum" hosted by Jianhui Union Shamn Lan is held in Shanghai。The theme of this forum is "New Life Sea",The top think tank of the marine economic industry chain gathered,From capital to resource to product side,It aims to combine the maritime sports and lifestyle、Fusion of tourism resources and sports resources,and the transformation and upgrading of the traditional resort seeking solution,Help ...


    Chuanhui 2018-06-11
  • 2018CTCIS Summit

    June 7,Hosted by Chuanhui,Zuo Yu、Chunxiao Capital、Source and Capital and Pindu Group co -organized,The theme of "2018CTCIS 3rd Chinese Consumption Innovation Summit" with the theme of "Humanitarian · Muting Change" is held in Beijing。​​Conference from Cultural Tourism Poverty Alleviation、China European Tourism Year、Cultural Tourism Investment and Operation Innovation、Destination of Land Products Innovation and Marketing and Cultural Communication Innovation、Multi -dimensional such as integration and innovation of the cultural tourism industry、Multi -angle all -round decoding 188bet sports betting app downloadthe Chinese literature travel industry ...


    Chuanhui 2018-06-07
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