Inner Mongolia issued a plan to create a new business card of "Navigation+Cultural Tourism"
Grand Scenic Area 6 days ago

Recently,The General Office of the Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region issued the "Implementation Plan for the Development of General Aviation Industry",Plan to improve the low 188bet online sports betting-altitude travel route,Create air sightseeing products,Promoting the global development of low -altitude tourism,Support the establishment of low -altitude tourism brands such as Hulunbuir and other regions。At the same time,Promote the integration of low -altitude tourism and aviation sports,Development of aviation sports activities,Promote the upgrade of tourist 188bet appproducts to experience type,and use cultural creativity and publicity media to expand the influence of aviation activity,Promote the integration and development of the aviation industry。The launch of this scheme aims to develop low -altitude tourist routes、Special Aviation Flying Camp and & LDQUO; Navigation+Cultural Cultural Creative & RDQUO; Products,Create & ldquo; Navigation+Cultural Tourism 188bet app& RDQUO; New Business Card。

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