Ctrip: "My Altay" drives Altay's tourism reservation 370%month -on -month
Grand Scenic Area 2024-05-17

May 14,Ctrip release data show,The TV series "My Altay" has been on May 7th,Platform Altay search heat increased by 1 times last month,188bet appReservation of vacation products increased by more than 370%。Ctrip in Kanas Village in Kanas Village in Altaybur County, averaging the average search and access volume increase of 293%,It is the highest growing homestay for the region,The average search volume of 4 boutique homestays increased by 88%。Ctrip has opened 5 resorts in the Altay region 188bet sports betting app downloadof Xinjiang and Yili Natati Tourist Scenic Area,Promote the upgrade of the local accommodation industry。With the arrival of the peak tourist season in Xinjiang,Ctrip plans to continue to open a new farm in Nalati。

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