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Urban and rural map Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-04-24
For travel products,Opening sales is just the first step,Subsequent experience performance is the real challenge。
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April 24,Flying Pig announces & ldquo;,Creating the best single product sales record since the plan was launched。

July 2022,Flying Pig and Ali Public Welfare officially launched & ldquo;,It aims to help rural tourism development upgrade with the help of digital power to help rural tourism development,Including the opening of & ldquo; Yiqi Xunmei Tourism flagship store & rdquo; public welfare store、Landing rural agricultural travel talent training、Launched & ldquo; Send one more specialty & rdquo;、Line & ldquo;。In this project for Jingmai Mountain Tourism,Flying pigs and local merchants jointly complete the design of the goods,anchor from the Flying Pig Charity 188bet appAlliance、Promotion of Master's Public Welfare Products。

& ldquo; Touring & rdquo; Turned people Quickly Cai Cai is one of the tourists promoted for Jingmai Shan Public Welfare,He said,Promote sustainable travel、drive the income increase of local residents,It is the original intention of all volunteers including him,& ldquo; Put the flow to the place where the flow is really needed,Let more people see our beautiful countryside。& rdquo;

Jingmai Mountain is located in the southwest of Yunnan,The Lancang Lauli Autonomous County is located,It was one of the 27 deep poverty counties in Yunnan Province,officially removed poverty on November 13, 2020。

& ldquo; From the perspective of industrial domains and regions,The business of rural superimposed tourism we do is the weakest field with the weakest e -commerce foundation。& rdquo; Flying pig & ldquo; Yi Qi Xunmei & rdquo; He Dongchao, the person in charge of the rural tourism assistance plan,& ldquo; & lsquo; million items & rsquo; to us and inject confidence in the same dedication to expanding the rural tourism industry,No matter how far away the destination is、How little known in the past,Digital power 188bet appcan also make real users understand the countryside、Arrive in the village。& rdquo;

He Dongchao Introduction,For travel products,Opening sales is just the first step,Subsequent experience performance is the real challenge。& ldquo; Yiqi Xunmei & rdquo; The project team will be within one month in the future,Invite a group of experts with senior homestay resumes to go to Jingmai Mountain,Carry out offline public welfare training,To improve the experience quality of consumers' trip to Jingmai Mountain Tour,Keep the hard -won guests & ldquo; keep & rdquo;。

Jingmai Shan boutique homestay & ldquo;,Past,About 70%of guests who come to Jingmai Mountain are Pu'er tea culture lovers、30%is a niche travel enthusiast that has been planted by social media。And this event brought a different customer group to Jingmai Mountain,For example,Some parent -child consumers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, have also begun to plan their own Jingshan Tour。

& ldquo; We made a lot of preparations in the early stage。For example, we analyzed previous data,Selling a room alone,It is difficult to convince guests to come to Jingmai Mountain,But & lsquo; accommodation+play experience & rsquo; category products are more likely to be 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinowelcomed by consumers,Therefore, we designed the product as a wine set meal。At the same time,Considering the trouble of traffic transfer may & lsquo; persuasion & rsquo; a group of consumers,We added a car rental service in the package。Experience activities are also excellent selection,For example, the Brown tribe small tone singing、Fireang roast tea,All representative。& rdquo;

& ldquo; We want to present the best side to these new guests who have not met with Jingmai Shan Su。& rdquo; Cheng Yuting said。

Flying Pig revealed,As of now,Sichuan Kangding、Rural tourism products in many county destinations such as Kaihua, Zhejiang have also been launched in Flying Pig。

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