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    Joint Experts said | Detoxify from destination toCity Update: Traveling Conference, make the city better

    After the epidemic,The tourism industry is booming,Holding the Tourism Industry Development Conference in many places (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; Traveling Conference & ldquo;),Help the economic recovery。 The expert team of the China Youth Travel Union is based on rich experience,Use two wonderful contents,I will share the trick of running a travel conference from different angles。 Lianke expert said In recent years,The China Youth Travel Federation has repeatedly been Jiangxi、Shanxi、Heilongjiang、Shandong、Qinghai, etc. ...

    Urban and rural map

    Chuanhui 2023-10-19
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    Lianke expert saidCity UpdateIn the background, cultural tourism integration and development

    Lianke expert said For more than 40 years of reform and opening 188bet app downloadup,my country has experienced the largest scale in the world、The fastest industrialization、Urbanization process。 According to the results of the national population census in the 7th of 2021,The population living in cities and towns in the country accounts for 63.89%of the total population.,Unewal resource allocation、City crowded、The disadvantages of extensive urbanization such as poor living environment have begun to appear,& ldquo; Urban update & rd ...

    Urban and rural map

    Chuanhui 2023-06-13
  • Chengdu "Cluster Bridge Experience" renewed old city,"Micro Update" expands the new connotation of the city

    Development of high -speed urbanization,my country's current urbanization level has exceeded 60%。Urbanization development enters the second half,Urban update has also abandoned Demolition and Big Construction,Steering for the quality and efficiency increase of the stock。 & ldquo; 145 & rdquo; Planning and 2035 Far View target outline to be proposed,Accelerate the transformation of urban development mode,Coordinating Urban Planning Construction Management,Implementation of urban renewal operations,Promote the optimization of urban spatial structure ...


    Chuanhui 2022-12-17
  • New expansion after Zuo Yu's business restraint:City UpdateJianfeng shooting with the cultural business brigade

    Urban update is still heating,Recent Beijing、New action in Fuzhou,worthy of attention,reflect more deep -seated meaning。 July 12,The senior management 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoof the Beijing Municipal Government proposed,Beijing and relevant departments and relevant districts should vigorously strengthen policy innovation,Accelerate the legislation of Beijing Urban Update Regulations。At the same time,"Fuzhou City Update Special Plan (2021-2025)" was officially issued。 It can be seen that more cities are positive ...


    Chuanhui 2022-07-25
  • Qingming small long holiday,Cultural Tourism Giant Change,How does the "Old City" renewed "new machine"?

    According to the voice of cultural travel & rdquo; Recent news,The Ministry of Culture and Tourism released the Qingming Festival holiday culture and tourism market situation。Calculation of Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,3 days during the Qingming Festival in the Qingming Festival in 2022,75.419 million people traveling nationwide,decreased by 26.2%year -on -year,restored to 68.0%in the same period in 2019 by comparability; achieved domestic tourism revenue of 18.78 billion yuan,...

    Cultural Tourism and Huiyao

    Chuanhui 2022-04-09
  • Hainan: The establishment of a museum will give construction subsidies,The highest subsidy 20 million yuan

    Recently,According to the website of the Hainan Provincial People's Government,The General Office of the People's Government of Hainan Province released the "Opinions on the Development of Non -State -owned Museums in Hainan Province"。"Opinions" mentioned,Encourage social 188bet sports betting app downloadforces to establish museums,To stimulate social forces to actively participate in the development of museums in our province、Rich Museum Gate Category、Guide and encourage social resources to gather in the field of cultural relics and culture,Helping Hainan Free Trade Port and International Tourism Consumption Center is heavy ...

    Cultural Tourism and Huiyao

    Chuanhui 2022-03-30
  • Where can I go? Wenhe You Xiang left,Zuo Yu Xiang right

    Get a soft and peaceful fruit bureau and Universal Studios in Beijing's 100 -net red punching place for winning the prize。On the evening of December 6,The Beijing Municipal Cultural Tourism Bureau held the annual selection and awards ceremony。Peaceful Fruit Bureau project as a shortlisted cultural and artistic project,This is also the most authoritative official cultural travel award in Beijing。 Previous week,The Peaceful Fruit Bureau has received 100 cultural tourism experience bases selected by Beijing Cultural Tourism Bureau at the same time。 Peace Fruit Bureau ...


    Chuanhui 2021-12-10
  • Honor Moment | Double Happy! Lifeng Culture won "2021 Guangzhou Cultural Enterprise 30"、"Guangzhou's Most Potential Cultural Tourism Enterprise"

    December 5,It coincides with the 2021 Guangzhou Cultural Industry Fair (referred to as & ldquo; Cultural Fair & rdquo;),Lifeng Culture & LDQUO; Double Hippy Gate & RDQUO;,Winning & ldquo; 2021 Guangzhou Cultural Enterprise 30 & rdquo; and & ldquo;


    Chuanhui 2021-12-07
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development: Beijing and other 21 188bet sports betting app downloadcities to carry out the first batchCity UpdatePilot work

    Recently,The General Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development issued the "Notice on Carrying out the First Batch of Urban Renewal Pilot Work"。"Notice" proposed,To actively implement urban renewal operations,Decided to carry out the first batch of urban renewal pilot work in 21 cities (districts) in Beijing。The first batch of pilots began in November 2021,Time for 2 years。Pilot areas will focus on exploring urban renewal planning mechanisms、Explore urban update sustainable mode and explore ...

    Cultural Tourism and Huiyao

    Chuanhui 2021-11-07
  • City UpdateThe wave of waves,Cultural and Business Brigade market enters opportunities to challenge the "deep water period"

    City Update、Village revitalization,Is the current national strategy that is currently clear,The top -level design of their respective、Policy supporting, etc.,The corresponding outline has been clearer and displayed。 The intersection of these two strategic main lines,Land in the Peace Fruit Bureau。Since this year's National Day,The Peaceful Frozen Bureau regularly launched & ldquo; rural rejuvenation market & rdquo;,Preferably & ldquo; 832 & rdquo; agricultural and sideline products sales platform in poverty alleviation ...


    Zeng Jianzhong (Ethan) 2021-10-21
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