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    2023 Spring Festival ending, Ctrip:cross -provincial tourOrder increases 7%from the Spring Festival 2019

    February 16,Data released by the Ministry of Transport,Optimization of epidemic prevention policies after the adjustment of the first Spring Festival,National business passenger volume is about 1.595 billion people,Railway、Civil Aviation sent passengers to increase by 37.5%year -on -year,38.7%,Restore to 85.5% in the same period of 2019, respectively,75.8%。Ctrip platform data display,2023 Spring Festival Transport Cross -provincial Tour Order Ordinance increased by 7%compared to the Spring Festival in 2019。 Ctrip train ticket ...

    Grand Scenic Area

    Chuanhui 2023-02-16
  • 188bet  app
    Tuniu "2023 Spring Festival Travel Consumption": Go to the CCP to go to the 188bet app download"New Taste" ,Spring Festival tour warming and upgrading

    This year's Spring Festival holiday,Significant recovery in the tourism market。User travel distance and number of travel days have been greatly increased,More and more users choose to go out of the house,Mountains and rivers to the distance。Tuniu Travel Network "2023 Spring Festival Tourism Consumption Inventory" (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; inventory & rdquo;) display,Spring Festival holidays across provinces accounted for 68%,Nearly 50 % of users choose 4-6 days of travel itinerary,Selecting ...


    Chuanhui 2023-01-27
  • Tuniu "2023 Spring Festival Tourism Consumption Trend Forecast": The tourism market quickly warmed,cross -provincial tourushered in "opening the door"

    A few days ago,The Spring Festival in 2023 has officially kicked off,The tourism market ushered in continuous benefits,User travel willingness and travel confidence accelerate recovery。This year's Spring Festival holiday will return to consumer leadership,Tuniu Travel Network As of the current data display,In the Spring Festival holiday users,72%of users choose to travel across provinces。Compared to the Spring Festival 2022、National Day holiday,This year's Spring Festival holiday user travel distance and travel time are significantly extended,...


    Chuanhui 2023-01-12
  • Tongcheng travel inventory 2023 New Year's Day travel data,Ticket hotels "Quantitative price rise"

    188bet sports betting app downloadJanuary 2,Tongcheng Travel released "Report on the New Year's Day Holiday Travel Consumption Data"。Under the benefits of the recent release of multiple policies,New Year's Day Tourism Market quickly recovers,Ticket、The hotel is achieved in the New Year's Day holiday in 2020 & ldquo;。Luoyang、Harbin、Xishuangbanna and other popular destinations after getting rid of the impact of the epidemic,Hotel reservation increases more than 10 times year -on -year。Ice and Snow Travel ...

    Big traffic

    Chuanhui 2023-01-02
  • Tuniu: More than 50 % of the users under New Year's Day are young people under 35 years old,Hainan、Yunnan Leadingcross -provincial tourMarket

    2023 New Year's Day holiday is coming,As the first small holiday after the release of the new ten & rdquo;,New Year's Eve Travel has become one of the ways of many users to welcome the New Year。Tuniu "2023 New Year's Day Tourism Consumption Trends Report" (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; report & rdquo;) display,The surrounding tour around the New Year's Day holiday occupies the leading travel consumption,Order accounted for 64%,Holiday wine at the door of the house ...


    Chuanhui 2022-12-27
  • cross -provincial tourmajor good good! Intersection

    Recently,The Ministry of Culture and Tourism "Notice on Further Optimizing the Prevention and Control Measures of the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Institute of Culture and Tourism Industry Prevention and Control" (hereinafter 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoreferred to as "Notice") made the cultural tourism circle instantly boil,This,There are different opinions in the industry。 Especially in the "Notice" content on cross -provincial tourism business activities,There are even some differences in the opinions of the industry。 Travel agencies are missing upstream and downstream, dare not organize Notice: root ...


    Chuanhui 2022-11-18
  • Domesticcross -provincial tourWe ushered in the recovery signal Meituan Meituan cross -provincial and group tour orders increased by 255%

    November 15,The Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the "Notice on Further Optimizing the Prevention and Control Measures of the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Emotional Prevention and Control Measures to Precision Culture and Tourism Industry Prevention and Control Work" (hereinafter 188bet Online Sports Betting and Casinoreferred to as "Notice") to point out,Inter -provincial tourism business activities no longer implement linked management with the risk area,Cross -provincial tourists detect negative proof of negative trans from provincial transportation in 48 hours.。 Affected by favorable policies,Meituan Wine Travel Business Cross -provincial and Group Tour products recovers ...


    Chuanhui 2022-11-16
  • Cultural Tourism and Hui Daily 丨 Huazhu Group established six major regional companies; Inner Mongolia restores land border port citiescross -provincial tourBusiness

    Cultural Tourism Giant Quotes 1、Six major regional companies established by Huazhu Group,Appoint 6 areas CEO Recently,Huazhu Group adjusted the organizational 188bet online sports bettingstructure,Six major regional companies,respectively North China、Huaxi、South、East China、Huazhong、Six areas of the Northeast,and appoint 6 regions CEO,Report directly to the CEO of Huazhu Group。 2、Santewalk is expected to have a net loss of 5,000-65 million in the first half of 2022 Near ...

    Cultural Tourism and Huiyao

    Chuanhui 2022-07-21
  • Inner Mongolia restores the city of land border port citiescross -provincial tourand "Air Ticket+Hotel" business

    July 20,According to the website of the Inner Mongolia Cultural Travel Department,According to the notification requirements of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,From July 18th,Restore travel agencies and online tourism companies to operate cross -provincial team tourism and & ldquo; air tickets+hotel & rdquo; business,and incorporated into the inter -provincial tourism & ldquo; fuse & rdquo; unified management。 At the same time, culture and ...

    Cultural Tourism and Huiyao

    Chuanhui 2022-07-21
  • Cultural Tourism and F benefits,Interturecross -provincial tour"Follow" mechanism

    Cultural Tourism Giant Quotes 1、Shangmei Life Group officially renamed & ldquo; Shangmei Shuzhi Technology Group & rdquo; July 7,According to & ldquo; Shangmei Life & rdquo; public account news,From July 7th,& ldquo; Shangmei Life Group & rdquo; officially renamed & ldquo; Shangmei Shuzhi Technology Group & rdqu ...

    Cultural Tourism and Huiyao

    Chuanhui 2022-07-09
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