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Urban and rural map Author of this article: Jianhui 2024-05-16
Also launched a rural left -behind child experience flying activity,Meet more children's longing for good travel。
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Recently,Tongcheng 188bet app downloadTravel Union Jiangxi Airport Group、Oriental Airlines jointly launched aviation products benefit farmers to support rural revitalization activities,Subsidies for the construction of benefit farmers and aviation aviation travel,Help more rural residents start civil aviation travel。At the same time,Tongcheng Travel United Airport、Airlines also launched a rural left -behind children experience flying activity,Meet more children's longing for good travel。

In this event,Tongcheng 188bet app downloadTravel Union Jiangxi Airport Group、Oriental Airlines launched & ldquo; Village revitalization、Special Flight & RDQUO; Activity,Launch a special low -priced air ticket for the customer base of Jiangxi rural market,Rural residents take only 199 yuan for special air tickets for Oriental Airlines。Current,This event has been officially launched on the Tongcheng travel platform,Covering Zhanjiang、Huai'an、Boao、Nanning、Zhengzhou、Qingdao、Zhuhai、Enshi、Shanghai Pudong and other places。Follow -up,Tongcheng Travel will unite Jiangxi Airport Group、Oriental Airlines through omni -channel integration marketing methods,Touching the potential rural market group,Provide high -quality travel experience for rural travel groups。


From now until the end of May,Tongcheng Travel also launched a domestic air ticket voucher package worth 30 yuan for rural users in Jiangxi Province (available for over 199 yuan)。When buying a ticket to take the airport in and out of the provincial airport in the provincial 188bet appairport,,Tourists can use air ticket vouchers to deduct。At the same time,User WeChat search & ldquo; Tongcheng travel & rdquo; client,Click to scan the code to enter & ldquo; Village revitalization、Special Flight & RDQUO; Activity,You can check the low -cost aviation products in Nanchang in real time。

10 elementary school students from Qianfang Town, Jinxian County, Nanchang City participated in the left -behind children experience flying activities,Learn Aviation Safety and Civil Aviation -related knowledge,and boarding a flight from Nanchang to Beijing to arrive in Beijing,Visit Tiananmen Square and other well -known attractions。


In recent years,Tongcheng Travel is committed to helping the development of the travel industry through the application of innovative technology,Wide -service travel crowd。With the increase in the needs of rural residents' travel consumption,Tongcheng Travel will continue to pay attention to rural travel consumer groups in the future,Provide 188bet online sports bettingrural residents with richer travel consumer products and high -quality travel services,Continue to promote the development of the rural travel industry。

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